Fillet Steak on Fennel, a quick, summery Steak Recipe

Fillet steak with fennel, I'll show you how to prepare it with a cooking video.

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The recipe Fillet Steak on Fennel shows you a very wonderful dish. This is guaranteed to please even food combining friends. Every now and then you have to pay attention to the slim line, or create balance, then I use this recipe. Just when I’m preparing a menu for guests, this steak recipe is just right. The video steak with fennel helps you with your preparation step by step. Good success! I wish you a lot of fun cooking it yourself!
Fillet steak with fennel, ideal for guests, in the menu, or the evening for two!
It is a light dish, healthy and light, great for a nice summer evening. Since I refine the fried fennel with raisins, the steak with side dish has on the one hand a Mediterranean and on the other hand a slightly oriental and sweet taste. If you’re looking for something more hearty, here’s my recipe rump steak with bacon beans and fried potatoes.

1. Tender Fillet steak without Meat Ripening

I love fillet steaks because the meat is always tender and I can spare the weeks of ripening of the steaks in the fridge. The ripeness of the steaks is always the problem. I always buy rib eye steak, rump steak and hip steak close to the expiry date and then leave the meat in my fridge for another 10 days. At best you buy vacuum-packed steaks, then you don’t have to worry any more. If the product comes fresh from the butcher, then it is time to marinate it in oil. The meat should always be covered with oil. So that this works simply put a piece of cling film on the meat sprinkled with oil and on top again give oil. Herbs like rosemary, thyme, bay leaf and peppercorns influence the aroma a little. I don’t expect any storms of enthusiasm from my side, because I prefer to add the herbs and aromatics when roasting and consider them more effective there.

2. How was Meat stored and prepared for Maturing in the Past?

In the past, steak meat was dipped in liquid lard and then hung in the cold store. The pork fat seals the meat airtight and it can ripen perfectly and lasts a few days longer. For home use, this variant is only of limited use and makes little sense.
Buy Rib-Eye-Steak, Rumpsteak and Hüftsteak near the expiry date and let them ripen in your own fridge!

3. Fry Fillet Steak properly

Steak roasting has recently become a science in its own right. I now do it again as I learned from star chef Alfons Schuhbeck in Waging am See: Dry the meat, season with salt and pepper, fry all sides in a little oil to the desired cooking degree. I can’t understand the talks about burnt pepper and I think the meat tastes better if it is seasoned before roasting. In the video I show it with seasoning after the roast, but now I do it the other way around again. At least nobody can say that I haven’t tried it 🙂
Steaks shortly before the roast season, this is my variant and tastes good!

4. Prepare Fillet Steak in the Pan or on the Grill

The most important aspect of steak frying and grilling is the heat. The meat should be cooked at high heat so that as little meat juice as possible escapes. If the heat is too low, the meat boils and the result is not the desired one. We cooks have learned that the pores of meat close when it is fried. In new, popular scientific books this is now again and again taken up and refuted. Also the Internet is full of smart people who now know that meat has no pores. Be that as it may, in the end it all comes down to the same thing, whether pores close or the surface proteins of the outer cells are caramelized, it doesn’t matter at all. Frying and thus caramelising is important for the taste. This so-called Maillard reaction provides the tasty crust.
Fry the steak well, with little heat-resistant fat, that’s how it gets tasty!

5. Cooking Degrees and Core Temperature of Steaks

It’s not half as tricky as they treat it. Below is a table of cooking degrees and temperatures:
Gargrad BezeichnungKerntemperatur
Medium Rare50-54°C
Medium well60-72°C
Well done73-85°C
In principle most steaks are served rare, medium or welldone, everything in between is already science and I would like to concentrate on these three cooking degrees. Option one is the safest, take a thermometer and check the temperature carefully. The pressure test is a little less accurate. Very “soft” in pressure is “rare”, slightly “springy” is “medium” and “very firm” in pressure is “well done”. In the case of Gargrad Medium, additional meat juice beads are visible on the surface of the steak.
Fillet steak medium on fennel, recipe picture by Thomas Sixt.
This steak is how it looks like “medium-rare”.

6. Fillet Steak with quick Garnish

The great advantage of this dish is undoubtedly its quick preparation. All you need is a pan, prepare the fennel first and then put it in a bowl. Wash the pan briefly and fry the steaks. I love this dish because it’s quick and easy.
One pan is enough for this dish – a quick steak with vegetables!

7. Recipe Update!

I season the fennel with a little cinnamon and some cayenne pepper, add a little lemon juice to the seasoning and use rosemary and garlic oil I have prepared myself. The fennel tastes excellent lukewarm!

8. Cooking Video of the Fillet Steak with Fennel

9. Recipe Fillet Steak with Fennel

Recipe Fillet Steak with Fennel

Juicy fillet steak with tasty grilled fennel from Thomas Sixt.

Servings 2 Persons
Calories 411
Total Time 20 Min.
Tips and tricks for a juicy fillet steak with tasty grilled fennel with detailed information from Thomas Sixt.

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Fillet steak with fennel, I'll show you how to prepare it with a cooking video.

Preparation Time

5 Min.

Cook Time

15 Min.


500 g fennel tuber
20 g oliv oil
30 g raisins
300 g fillet of beef (in two slices)
2 twigs fresh rosemary
pinch Salt
some Pepper (roughly chopped)


Clean the fennel, remove coarse green and save for soup. Cut the fennel tuber in half and cut into fine slices or cubes.

Brown the fennel pieces in olive oil, let them take colour, add the raisins and season with salt, pepper and olive oil.

Fry or grill the fillet of beef in a pan with a little olive oil and cover to the desired cooking degree..

Season with salt and pepper shortly before serving.

Arrange fennel vegetables, place steak on top, decorate with rosemary sprig – finish with olive oil – serve quickly.

Instead of raisins you can also use goji berries. The fennel vegetables can also be seasoned with 1 teaspoon lemon juice and 1 tablespoon olive oil.

10. Calories (kcal) Fillet Steak with Fennel, the Nutritional Values

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