Refreshing and Exotic: Crispy Duck with Mango Glass-Noodle Salad

Refreshing and Exotic: Crispy Duck with Mango Glass-Noodle Salad

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In this recipe I present an exotic and gluten-free dish: Recipe Duck Breast on Glass Noodle Mango Salad. Salad with duck breast is exotic in appearance and refreshing in taste. Asian food is very trendy. This dish is easy to prepare and ready in about 30 minutes. From experience I can tell that we often don’t dare to prepare Asian food. “Just like my favourite Asian from next door, I can’t do it anyway,” some people think. With this recipe I would like to take away your shyness, because it is really easy to cook! In the video salad duck breast on glass noodles I show you everything step by step. Good success!

1. How to cook glass-noodle mango salad with duck

If you take a look at Asian recipes, we often notice that we need many different ingredients. This paste, that herb – we see a never-ending list and often we have to buy the ingredients in a special Asian supermarket. With our duck recipe, we have most of the ingredients at home or they will be available in every well stocked supermarket.
With Asian dishes you always need so many ingredients! That’s wrong – for this dish you will have almost everything at home.
Before we start cooking, we prepare everything we need. First I roast the sesame and keep it warm in a pot by putting the plates on top of the pot. The advantage is that both, the plates and the sesame are warm.

2. The secret of the crispy duck breast

For this recipe I cook the duck breast as a whole. There is a similar dish where I cut the duck into pieces to reduce the cooking time. The reason why I prepare the duck breast first is that it takes more time. We like it crispy and pink-roasted, so we have to be a little patient with our duck. The duck I use is called a barbarie duck breast, this duck type is not really typical for Asian dishes but you can buy it in every supermarket – and that is what’s important for us. It is important that you cut the duck lengthwise and diagonally, but don’t make the cuts too deep. Why cutting? Only with these cuts can the meat release fat while browning so it gets really crispy. Then we can salt the duck and start to sear it in a pan. Now I will tell you a special cooking tip for a crispy duck:
The crisp formula is: short – long – short
What do I mean with short-long-short? We first sear the duck with the skin facing down for a very short time at a high temperature (4-5 minutes). The duck gets a nice color. Now we turn the meat and cook it long (10-12 minutes) at reduced heat. Shortly before serving, we turn the duck breast again to sear shortly (2-3 minutes) skin down. That’s the secret of the crispy duck. Before you sear it for the third time, you salt the meat again. Salt is also important to make it even more crispy. In my video I show a version with just a little salt. Pouring over the gravy makes the dish even more delicious.
The acidity in the dressing goes great with the sweetness of the mango

2.1 Quick duck breast

Besides the fact that we don’t need many ingredients, the short preparation time is really cool. In about 30 minutes the dish is ready for serving. So it is possible too cook the duck during your lunch break or in the evening after a long day. Please watch my video for further cooking advice!

3. Spicy dressing for glassnoodle salad, meet hot and sweet

The dressing for our mango salad is really special – and really easy. The mango is a very sweet fruit, that’s why I don’t sweeten the dressing. Also I save sugar. I only use lime juice, soy sauce, oil and chopped coriander for my dressing. The acidity of the dressing in combination with the sweet mango is really interesting and tastes amazing.

4. Cooking video: Glass-noodle mango salad with crispy Duck

5. Recipe Glass-noodle mango salad with crispy Duck or fried King Prawns or veggie food with tofu

glass-noodle salad with mango

Great recipe for salad with glass noodles and mango. Option for Crispy Duck breast, fried King Prawns oder smoked Tofu. Thomas Sixt is a German chef and nutrition trainer and he shows you a gluten-free recipe with picture and cooking video. Great tips for self cooking. Enjoy! Good luck and good appetite!

Servings 2 servings
Calories 584
Total Time 30 Min.
Great Recipe for Glass Noodels Salat with mango. In the cooking video I show you this fantastic exotic, tasty salad with crispy duck breast. Test this salad also with fried King Prawns or with tofu. best is with smoked tofu…

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Refreshing and Exotic: Crispy Duck with Mango Glass-Noodle Salad

Preparation Time

10 Min.

Cook Time

20 Min.


1 pc duck breast (or king prawns or smoked tofu)
80 g glass noddles
1 pc carrot
2 pc limes
1 Bund Coriander (fresh)
3 tbsp corn oil
3 tbsp Soy sauce
150 g Mango
1 EL Sesame


Prepare the duck breast, cut an X in the skin of the duck and brown slowly in a pan. If you make king prawns oder tofu, you kann fry this later in the pan!

Prepare the glass noodles following the instructions on the package. Peel the carrot, cut it into strips and add to the glass noodles until they are firm to the bite.

Prepare the marinade: mix lime juice, chopped coriander, oil and soy sauce.

Important information: brown the duck breast slowly until crispy. Brown until serving with the skin facing down. Watch the cooking video for more details.

Peel the ripe mango and slice it, put the mango into the marinade.

Strain the glass noodles and the carrots, then add to the the mango and the marinade. Mix well.

Salt the duck breast and put it aside for a moment.

Prepare the mango glass-noodle salad and place the sliced duck breast on top. Decorate with sesame.

6. Calories and nutritional values




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