Making Apple Strudel with Strudel Dough or Puff Pastry, Recipe with many professional Tips for crispy Strudel

apple strudel with gingerbread a perfect dessert for christmas and a wonderful greeting from bavaria
Apple pie

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My Austrian apple strudel recipe I show you in this post. The following lines will show you how to prepare the apple strudel step by step. Optimally prepare strudel: You will get lots of tips and ideas about the strudel variations with strudel dough or puff pastry. You will find answers to the following questions: “What is important when baking apple strudel?” and “What goes well with apple strudel”. At the end of the page I have added an apple strudel cooking video as a guide for your kitchen. I wish you all the best!
Apple strudel with muesli arranged as a dessert
Elsewhere, I’ll show you an apple strudel with muesli.
Elsewhere, I’ll show you an apple strudel with granola.

1. Apple Strudel with Puff Pastry

The apple strudel with puff pastry succeeds very easily. You can find ready-made puff pastry in the refrigerated shelf or buy frozen puff pastry. The finished puff pastry is even used in star gastronomy and is seldom homemade. I personally prefer the puff pastry from the refrigerated shelf, the dough rolls can be processed directly.
Sliced appel for strudel
Prepare apple for strudel and cut. You can use apple peeled or unpeeled for strudel.
Prepare apple for strudel and cut. You can use apple peeled or unpeeled for strudel.

1.1 Baking Puff Pastry Tips

Puff pastry generally requires a high temperature during baking. The oven must be preheated to approx. 220 °C. Only when this high temperature has been reached should the puff pastry strudel or the puff pastry in general be placed in the oven. The explanation for the high temperature: The high temperature is needed so that the fat does not separate from the dough. The puff pastry gets its flaking property from the fat layers in the dough, which are produced during the puff pastry production by the so-called touring. A cold butter plate is wrapped in a flour dough, then folded several times and rolled out accordingly. The result is a dough with flour and a layer of fat that develops the familiar leafy layers when properly baked.

1.2 Puff Pastry Baking Time

The apple strudel with puff pastry has a baking time of approx. 15-20 minutes. The dough is only on the outside, because wrapping the dough makes no sense. The wrapped puff pastry would only become very doughy inside and not crispy.

1.3 Puff Pastry only Outside!

With my apple strudel, the dough is only on the outside. It is important that the dough seam of the strudel lies on the baking tray at the end. The weight of the Strudel keeps it in shape. Additional dough roughening before squeezing helps to keep the dough seam together. I’ll illustrate this graphically:
how to make apple strudel with puff pastry

2. Apple Strudel with Strudel Dough

I also like to use the finished strudel dough here, which is practical and reduces the preparation time of the strudel by more than half. Nevertheless, I present a strudel dough recipe in the recipe. When using strudel dough, there are two types of “wrapping”.

2.1 Strudel Dough only on the Outside, several Layers, becomes crispy and leafy

Spread melted butter over the whole strudel dough and sprinkle with sugar. The filling (apples at the apple strudel or other fruits) is placed in a sausage and then completely wrapped. The dough leaves a nice leaf during baking because butter and sugar separate the dough just as beautifully. Here’s the sketch:

2.2 Strudel Dough inside and outside, classic like Grandma’s, Inside Doughy

The dough is spread with butter, sprinkled with sugar and then the filling is spread over the entire surface of the dough (without edges). The Strudel is then rolled up, the Strudel seam should lie down again so that the Strudel holds. Now the dough is inside and outside, this is the typical granny strudel. In this variant, there are pieces of dough inside, which not everyone likes, but very often this is the classic way of preparing strudel, including apple strudel. Here’s the graphic:
instruction graphic for strudel-pastry-wrapping-in-dough-inside-and-outside-apple-strudel

2.3 Baking time Strudel with Strudel Dough

When using strudel dough, the baking time depends on the thickness of the strudel and which wrapping variant you choose. If dough is in, then the baking time is definitely longer so that the dough can cook. If the dough is only on the outside, then the cooking time is shorter, yet crispy and the filling may still bite. The cooking time is between 20 and 40 minutes, I always start at 210 °C preheated and reduce after inserting the strudel to about 185 °C hot air.

3. Strudel filling, what to consider

Apples and berries contain a relatively large amount of water, which is why, in addition to the fruits, some roasted breadcrumbs and almonds are always needed for filling. The almonds are for the taste, the crumbs for the taste on the one hand, for the binding of liquid on the other hand. In addition, the fruits should be cut finely so that a good binding is achieved by adding the breadcrumbs.

4. Breadcrumbs to bind the Strudel Filling

For the crumbs, fine baker’s breadcrumbs are roasted in a pan without fat, then refined with sugar and lightly caramelised. After cooling, the roasted crumbs can be added to the strudel filling. Please be careful when roasting breadcrumbs! In the beginning nothing happens for a long time, but then it happens very quickly. The crumbs must be “stirred” well so that they brown evenly and do not burn.
Tip: The apple strudel always tolerates a little more breadcrumbs, as the red berries are always quite juicy.
Toasted breadcrumbs
Breadcrumbs roasted in a pan with sugar are added to the strudel filling as a binding agent.

5. What goes with the Apple Strudel

Apple strudel with a beautiful decoration is a well-known and popular variation, you can also add vanilla ice cream. Very nice is a variant with vanilla mirror and decoration as shown in the picture. That’s ideal if you serve the Studel for dessert!
apple strudel nice arranged on the plate - the perfect dessert for a nice dinner party
Apple strudel recipe picture served with sauce as dessert.
At Christmas time you can also fill your strudel with gingerbread, just add 5 pieces of gingerbread without wafers, finely cut into the filling.
apple strudel with gingerbread a perfect dessert for christmas and a wonderful greeting from bavaria
Apple pie

6. Apple Strudel Recipe

Apple Strudel

Apple Strudel Recipe by Thomas Sixt in the Variants Puff Pastry and Strudel Pastry.

Servings 6 Portions
Calories 550
Total Time 55 Min.
Making apple strudel made easy. I will show you the variants with homemade strudel dough, bought strudel dough and puff pastry. Strudel baking is a sure success here and all the important tips are summarised in an article with a recipe.

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apple strudel with gingerbread a perfect dessert for christmas and a wonderful greeting from bavaria
Apple pie

Preparation Time

15 Min.

Cook Time

40 Min.


Strudel Dough selfmade

250 g wheat flour
100 ml Water (lukewarm)
1 tbs Sunflower oil
2 Prisen Salt
1 tbs butter (fluid)

Ready to bake Strudel Pastry

1 pc strudel dough sheets

Ready to Bake Puff Pastry

1 pc puff pastry


250-300 g apples
5 tbs roasted almond flakes
5 tbs roasted breadcrumbs
2 tbs brown cane sugar


150 g butter (for coating, inside and outside)


1 sachet vanilla pudding
1 cup Cream (200 ml)
some leaves fresh mint


Strudel Dough selfmade

Sieve the flour into a mixing bowl and add all the ingredients for the strudel dough except for the butter. Mix for 8-10 minutes with the kneading hooks of the hand mixer to a smooth, elastic dough. Form the dough into a ball and coat with butter. Cut a cross with a sharp knife and wrap the dough in cling film and let it rest at room temperature for 2 hours. Roll out the dough on a floured, large cloth, then put the back of your hand under the pond and pull out the dough thinly.

You can also use puff pastry or ready-made strudel pastry.


Wash and peel the apples, cut them into quarters and cut out the core. Cut apple pieces into fine slices. Place apple slices in a bowl and mix with almond flakes, breadcrumbs and sugar.

Fill Strudel Dough

Spread the strudel dough on a cloth, spread with liquid butter and sprinkle with sugar. Apply the filling according to taste (see article on variants and doughs), leaving out the edges of the dough generously. Roll up the strudel with the help of the cloth and place it on the baking sheet with baking paper with the seam facing downwards. Spread the strudel generously with liquid butter.

With puff pastry, an additional roughening of the dough at the seam would be necessary. Furthermore, the puff pastry should be squeezed well with the fingers.

Strudel Baking

Place the strudel in the preheated oven, strudel dough 210°C, puff pastry 220°C. Reduce the oven temperature for the strudel dough variant directly to 190-200°C for the puff pastry, maintain the high temperature for half the baking time, then, depending on the browning of the strudel, reduce to 180°C if necessary.

Depending on the thickness of the strudel, the baking time of the strudel is 18 minutes for strudels with a diameter of approx. 5 – 7 cm and up to 40 minutes for strudels with a diameter of 8 – 12 cm.


Remove the baked strudel from the oven and allow to cool lukewarm for some time. Carefully portion and arrange the strudel with an electric knife or a bread knife.

7. Calories Apple Strudel, the Nutritional Values

8. Cooking Video: Preparing Apple Strudel

I show the strudel preparation in this video:

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