Pan fish with parsnip puree, brilliantly simple salmon fry quickie

Panfish salmon with parsnip puree
Roasted salmon, pan fish served on a plate with parsnip puree and leek.

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Here I would like to show you my recipe for pan-fried fish. Today we serve our fried fish fillet with a fine parsnip puree.

Are you looking for an idea for your dinner or should it be a low carb dish? I can show you both here and I promise you wonderful culinary enjoyment!

Inspired by star cuisine, you can refine the puree with white truffle oil. The fine leek vegetables, which we use as a topping, accompany all the ingredients excellently.

Nevertheless, the different ways of preparing the fish are not neglected. This article tells you which way to prepare which fish in the pan. Of course, I will also present you with other suitable side dishes for this fish dish.

Have fun cooking, today again with cooking video, I wish you good success!

Salmon from the oven, served with zucchini-mushroom vegetables and tomato rice.
Salmon in the oven I will show you how to prepare it in another post. © Thomas Sixt Food Photographer

1. Pan-frying fish is pan fish, an overview of the variants

Great, before you join me in the kitchen, I’ll leave you with some valuable information about frying fish. In general, fish fillets can be divided into “easy to fry” and “difficult to fry”.

This sounds a bit funny and complicated, but I am quite serious. 🙂

The solution: Fish such as halibut, plaice, turbot and sole are types of fish that cook quickly in the pan. If you use the wrong pan or have little experience frying fish, the fish will fall apart.

For the fish mentioned in the above paragraph, I recommend preparing them in an egg coating, starting with fillets without skin.

Fish breaded in flour and egg cooks gently and that is a good idea with these types of fish. On the North Sea coast, fish is served this way in many restaurants.

At least dredged in flour, better still pulled through the egg, fillets of plaice, halibut, turbot and sole come out of the pan and onto the plate.

Panfish Tip from Chef Thomas Sixt
Halibut with Brussels sprouts
Halibut in egg shell roasted with Brussels sprouts is an example of gentle frying in the pan.

When frying salmon, you can do without flour and egg completely. To be honest, I always remove the skin first because it is not edible. You can dry-fry the salmon fillet directly in the pan with a little oil.

Salmon fillet whole
Frisches Lachsfilet von oben fotografiert. Hier handelt es sich nicht um Massenware. Fisch bestelle ich in höchster Qualität bei Firma Plotz in Glückstadt. —> Buy Salmon Online

Coated pans have proven their worth for frying fish in the pan. New stainless steel pans also have non-stick properties, iron and cast iron pans have to be baked.

Pan Tip from Chef Thomas Sixt
You can fry salmon in the pan without skin, flour and egg. The fillet remains relatively stable and tastes great when prepared this way.

2. Side dish ideas for pan fish

Pan-fried fish goes well with many side dishes. You’ll find lots of ideas here:

Fine mashed potatoes
Mashed potatoes is another popular side dish.

3. Recipe pan fish

Now let’s go into the kitchen and conjure up something delicious on the plate. With my step-by-step explanation, I will guide you to the perfect meal.

Pan Fish with Parsnip Puree

Pan-fry salmon and serve with truffled parsnip puree. A cooking pro's guide to pan-fried fish by chef Thomas Sixt.

Servings 2 Persons
Calories 884
Total Time 35 Min.

Pan-fried fish recipe with cooking video, Thomas shows you how to fry salmon and prepare parsnip puree today. Discover new ways of preparing fish in the pan. Chef tips and info here!

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Panfish salmon with parsnip puree
Roasted salmon, pan fish served on a plate with parsnip puree and leek.

Preparation Time

20 Min.

Cook Time

15 Min.



2 pc Salmon fillet
1 tbs sun flower oil (or rapeseed oil)
2 pinches Salt (I use Himalayan salt!)
1 pinch Pepper (I use white pepper here!)
1 pinch thyme

Parsnip puree

500 g parsnip
2 pc floury potatoes (I use optional )
200 ml Vegetable broth
2 pinches Salt (I use Himalayan salt!)
2 pinches Pepper
2 pinches nutmeg
20 g butter
1-2 EL white truffle oil

Decoration and addition to the sideboard

1/2 pc leek
100 ml Cream
1-2 pinches Salt
1 pinches nutmag
8 pc red pepper


Ingredients for pan fish
Pan fish ingredients and side dishes ingredients on a board.

Prepare the ingredients, peel the parsnips and optionally the potatoes.

Parsnips in the pot
Peeled and chopped parsnips in a saucepan with spices, prepared for the preparation of parsnip puree.

Cut the parsnips and (optional) potatoes into small pieces and place in a pot. Pour in the stock and season with salt, pepper and nutmeg. Cook the vegetables with the lid on until soft.

Leek cut
Leek cut into rhombuses photographed on a kitchen board.

Cut the leek in half lengthwise and wash. Cut the leek leaves into lozenges.

Blanched leek
Blanched leek on a colander.

Blanch the leeks briefly in boiling salted water, then cool them in a sieve under cold running water. Star chefs use ice water to cool the leeks to preserve their green colour.

Salmon fillet
Skinless salmon fillet on a kitchen board.

Place the salmon fillet on a board and cut off the skin by making a horizontal cut. I show you how to do this in the cooking video. Prepare the salmon for frying.

Press the parsnips into small pieces
Squeeze the cooked parsnips in the pot.

Press the soft boiled parsnips into small pieces with a potato masher. Whip with a hand mixer/whisk, adding cold cream and butter. Optionally, stir in the truffle oil and season to taste with salt, pepper and nutmeg.

Fish in the pan while frying, this is salmon.

Fry the dry salmon fillets in a pan with oil and, after turning, season with salt, pepper and optional thyme and finish cooking.

Prepare the leek vegetables
Blanched leek vegetables with butter and spices in the pan.

Heat the blanched leek in a pan with foamed butter. Season with salt, pepper and nutmeg.

Panfish salmon with parsnip puree
Roasted salmon, pan fish served on a plate with parsnip puree and leek.

Arrange the parsnip puree on hot plates. Add the salmon and leek, sprinkle with the red pepper and serve. Enjoy your meal!


4. Calories (kcal) and nutritional values

5. More fish recipes

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