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Here you will find a selection of recipes for the asparagus season. Good luck!

Tips for cooking asparagus

You can find cooking tips for asparagus below:

Peeled white asparagus.

Peel asparagus

Asparagus vegetables in a pot with butter.

Frequently asked questions about the Cooking asparagus

Asparagus soups

The asparagus soup tastes delicious, here are some fine variations of the cream and foam soup:

Green asparagus soup with caramelised asparagus pieces and strips of raw asparagus tips

Green Asparagus Soup

Cream of asparagus soup with salmon.

Asparagus soup with salmon

Asparagus soup with coconut milk recipe Picture.

Asparagus soup with coconut milk

Asparagus soup with asparagus and wild garlic pesto. Recipe Image.

Asparagus soup

Asparagus soup with prawns.

Cream of asparagus soup with prawns

Asparagus soup simple with mushrooms and asparagus pieces.

Simple asparagus soup

Asparagus stock cover Frequently asked questions about asparagus soup

Frequently asked questions about asparagus soup

Asparagus according to preparation method

You can prepare the popular vegetable in a variety of tasty ways:

Preparing asparagus sous vide

Asparagus Sous Vide

Asparagus fresh from the oven.

Roasted asparagus in the oven

Fried asparagus that is deep-fried.

Asparagus deep fried

Asparagus in the oven in foil.

Asparagus Oven

Grilling asparagus made easy.

Barbecue asparagus

Sauces for asparagus

Classic and new, matching cold and hot sauces can be found here:

Preparing hollandaise safely

Hollandaise sauce recipe

Hollandaise sauce Blender

Hollandaise puree

Thermomix Hollandaise Sauce

Bernaise sauce with herbs.

Sauce Bernaise

Wild garlic pesto

Wild garlic pesto

Pesto with basil

Pesto alla Genovese

Pesto from the greens of carrots

Pesto with carrot greens

Asparagus classic

You can find some of the classics of asparagus cuisine here:

Asparagus with smoked salmon and hollandaise sauce.

Asparagus with smoked salmon

Asparagus with ham and hollandaise sauce.

Asparagus with ham

May plaice with asparagus

May plaice with asparagus

Dorade with asparagus

Oven-baked gilthead with asparagus

Asparagus risotto with white asparagus

Asparagus risotto white asparagus

Asparagus risotto green asparagus

Asparagus risotto green asparagus

Trout Müllerin style with asparagus

Trout in the oven with asparagus

Pasta with asparagus and tuna

Spaghetti with asparagus and tuna

Salmon cream sauce with rice and asparagus

Salmon with cream sauce, green asparagus and rice

Lemon risotto with halibut and asparagus

Lemon risotto with asparagus

Salads with asparagus

Asparagus salads modern and newly interpreted follow here:

Bread salad with asparagus

Italian bread salad with asparagus

The beef salad with asparagus

Beef salad with asparagus

Asparagus with strawberries and balsamic ice cream.

Asparagus salad with strawberries

Quinoa salad with asparagus

Quinoa salad with asparagus and strawberries

Couscous salad with asparagus and strawberries

Couscous salad with asparagus and strawberries

Goat cheese with asparagus and salad.

Goat cheese with asparagus and strawberries

Scallops and green asparagus

Scallops with asparagus

Salmon with asparagus, potatoes and hollandaise sauce

Salmon with asparagus

How to recognise good, fresh asparagus?

When you go shopping for asparagus, please pay attention to the origin.:

Organic asparagus and local asparagus are preferable to cheap imported goods.

  • You can recognise fresh asparagus by its appearance: shiny skin, closed heads and no brown spots.

How to store asparagus

  • Wrap the asparagus in damp cloths and store in the refrigerator, sealed.

What is contained in asparagus?

Asparagus contains many vitamins and minerals:

  • Vitamin C
  • Vitamin E
  • Beta-Carotin
  • B-Komplex Vitamines
  • Folic acid

Folic acid is extremely sensitive to heat. Therefore, enjoy asparagus finely chopped as a raw vegetable in a salad every now and then!

Asparagus health effect

Asparagus is a delicacy medicine for heart and kidneys. In the past, asparagus was even listed as a medicinal plant in the official pharmacopoeia and was available in every pharmacy.

Today, asparagus is often found as an ingredient in kidney and bladder teas.

Besides the wonderful appearance and taste, asparagus is simply a very very healthy vegetable.

Hieronymus Bock referred to asparagus as “Lovely food for foodies”.…

Asparagus history

There is evidence that asparagus has been eaten for 5,000 years and it only came to us in the Middle Ages.

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