Jaegerschnitzel Recipe with Step by Step Photos for Preparation

Schnitzel hunter style with mushrooms and mashed potatoes

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The recipe Jaegerschnitzel I show you in this post. The Schnitzel hunter’s escalope is called “Escalope chasseur” in French. Classically you prepare the popular schnitzel with pork or veal. You also need a good gravy, shallots, mushrooms and butter. Most questions about this preparation relate to the sauce… How you can get a great sauce on your plate I will describe below. Step by step photos accompany you while cooking, I wish you good luck!
veal escalope
Meat for hunter’s schnitzel, classic with pork schnitzel or veal schnitzel, rarely with turkey schnitzel.

1. Prepare an original Hunter’s Schnitzel

The naturally roasted Schnitzerl with mushrooms is prepared in different regional ways and put on the plate. Here I present you my variant: For the sauce you need a veal stock from a glass or another simple gravy. Please do not use beef gravy, it is too strong in taste. The preparation is very simple: I have preparation, mushrooms first roast and then only the Schnitzerl, turned over. So the ingredients can unfold their wonderful taste when browned evenly.
morel sauce on base veal stock vealjus gravy with morel
Self-cooked veal stock that you boil down with veal sauce is a good idea.
Hunter’s schnitzel with morel jus, a gourmet schnitzel… The preparation based on veal stock I’ll show you somewhere else.

2. Ideas for Side Dishes

My supplements recommendations to the Schnitzel after hunter kind here in a practical list… The schnitzel, prepared without cream, goes well with many classic side dishes.
Cream schnitzel recipe picture
Cream schnitzel with chanterelles, spaetzle and cranberries.
I’ll show you the cream schnitzel with chanterelles, spaetzle and cranberries elsewhere. © Foodphotographer Thomas Sixt

3. Recipe Jaegerschnitzel

Here now for your kitchen the step by step photorecipe. Wish you good luck…

Jaegerschnitzel Recipe

Prepare a hunter-style schnitzel with mushrooms and sauce. A professional cook’s guide by Thomas Sixt with step by step photos.

Servings 2 Persons
Calories 726
Total Time 20 Min.
Jaegerschnitzel recipe with step by step photo instructions and many tips. In this article I’ll show you how to get a hunter-style schnitzel with a great sauce on your plate. Good luck!

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Schnitzel hunter style with mushrooms and mashed potatoes

Preparation Time

5 Min.

Cook Time

15 Min.


1 pc shallots
10 pc Mushrooms
40 g clarified butter
2 pc veal escalopes (or pork schnitzel)
2 pinches Paprika noble sweet (my secret ingredient!)
250 ml gravy (roast pork juice or veal stock)
1 tsp butter


Ingredients hunter schnitzel
Ingredients for hunter-style schnitzel.

Make the ingredients available, think about a side dish, I have prepared mashed potatoes as a side dish.

Cut the onion into fine cubes.
Cut the onion halves into cubes.

Cut the shallot in half, peel and dice finely. Alternatively, you can use a yellow onion.

Mushrooms in a pan when frying.
Fry the mushrooms in a pan.

Clean the mushrooms, cut them into slices or slices and fry them in a pan with clarified butter. The mushrooms may take on colour. Next, add the prepared shallots and sauté until colourless. Put the onions and mushrooms from the pan in a bowl.

Plate the schnitzel
Plate the schnitzel between foil.

Gently tap the slices of meat between the cling film with a plating iron. Please do not use a classic meat chopper, otherwise you will leave marks on the meat.

Fry the schnitzel
Schnitzel when frying in the pan.

Season plated escalopes with salt and pepper and fry on both sides in a pan. Add onions and mushrooms to the pan.

Jäger schnitzel in the pan
Jägerschnitzel with mushrooms in the pan with sauce.

Season the preparation with a little sweet paprika, add the gravy immediately and cook for a few minutes with the lid on. You can serve a veal escalope lightly pink, please cook the pork and turkey.

Jägerschnitzel with mashed potatoes
Jägerschnitzel served with mashed potatoes and sauce.

Arrange the hunter’s schnitzel with the desired side dish and serve. Enjoy your meal!

I have found the flouring of the schnitzel before browning in many recipes. I don’t like the flour-fried schnitzel very much and prefer to bind the sauce with some cornflour or with a raw and finely grated potato.

4. Calories (kcal) Hunter’s Schnitzel, the Nutritional Values at a Glance

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