Recipes for Chanterelles

chanterelles fresh from market in the kitchen

Recipes for chanterelles by chef Thomas Sixt. In Europe we have different names for chanterelles: Eierschwammerl and Reherl, also: Eierschwamm, Gelbschwamm, Gelbschwammerl; volkst.: Gelbling, Gehling, Rehgeiß; österr.: Re(c)hling, Recherl

Recipes chanterelles and a little story… I love chanterelles and look forward every year to the chanterelles season.

In Europe the chanterelles season runs from June to November.

Washing chanterelles

I rarely wash the tender mushrooms. Carefully cleaning with a kitchen brush is the best method.

But sometimes the mushrooms are so dirty that they just have to be washed in water.

Washing mushrooms works as follows:

  • Pour cold water into a bowl
  • Add the flour and lemon juice and mix well.
  • Wash the chanterelles briefly in a mixture of flour, water and lemon juice.
  • Then wash the mushrooms under running water and dry them.

What’s happening? The flour binds the dirt in the water, the lemon juice removes the surface tension from the water.
So dirty mushrooms become clean.

Following my recipes for chanterelles, wish you good luck!

Recipes from Bavarian Chef Thomas Sixt…    

Recipes for Chanterelles