Strawberries Recipes

NY Cheesecake with strawberries

New York Cheesecake, original Baking like in the USA

Here I want to show you my NY Cheesecake recipe. Bake a creamy fine cheesecake lightly – with success guaranteed.

There are many nice baking recipes in Germany, including recipes for delicious juicy cheesecake. You can justifiably claim: In my home country, cheesecake is one of the most popular cakes ever!

Today, however, I would like to look beyond the German cheesecake scene to America with you. Because, for the NY Cheesecake I simply melt away! 

If you ask yourself: What is the difference between these two cake worlds? I will give you the answer in chapter 1.

So let’s get in the kitchen quickly so we can get started.

Erdbeermarmelade selber einkochen

Strawberry Jam Recipe, the fruity delicious Summer Fun brought into the Glass

My Strawberry Jam recipe will please you. Everyone loves the aromatic red fruits.

When the sun shines, when the strawberry fields invite you to pick them yourself, then the best time to get the sun in your glass is for an extension of the oh too short strawberry time.

So I set off and got the red berries straight from the field to show you how to cook jam.

Well, it’s true, I also wanted a delicious spread of bread. I succeeded in doing that and how, that’s what I show you here.

It follows my step by step instruction with many photos. I wish you good luck!

Strawberry tart as strawberry cake

Strawberry Tart Recipe, how to bake a fantastic Strawberry Cake…

Super genius, here I show you my recipe Strawberry Tart. This is a great strawberry cake based on shortcrust pastry with cream filling.

I prefer to use small cake tins. The mini look is doubly pleasing. The motto for every guest is a cake, and the impression of eating less sweets is also created 😉

Caramelized strawberries: If you want to bake something special, please take a closer look at the following instructions. I think you have found what you are looking for… Serve the strawberry dessert as dessert or serve it in the afternoon with coffee.

For a great baking experience, I have put together a step-by-step guide for you. 

On geht´s, now quickly into the bakery… I wish you every success!

Couscous mit Minze, Spargel und Erdbeeren, erfrischender Salat

Couscous Salad with Mint, Asparagus and Strawberries – A Refreshing Summer Party Recipe

Couscous salad is on the menu today. I’ll show you my recipe for couscous with mint, asparagus and strawberries.

This salad has something refreshing and I bring the couscous to the table with a lemon-honey-mustard dressing. In addition to strawberries and asparagus, mint plays an important role in the taste.

This couscous salad tastes good on hot days, it is a great surprise and change for the next barbecue.

You can easily replace the strawberries with cocktail tomatoes, experiment with the ingredients, couscous succeeds, let yourself be carried away to cook now and use the following recipe as a guideline for your own kitchen.

Step by step photos accompany you while cooking….Questions to the recipe I answer you gladly over the comment function at the end of the page. Good luck! 

Goat cheese salad colourfully arranged

Goat Cheese Salad Recipe with Asparagus and Strawberries

Today I’ll show you my recipe for goat cheese salad with asparagus and strawberries.

Goat cheese, green asparagus and strawberries are a wonderful combination of taste and colour. 

For this salad you need a goat cheese roll. It is available in the supermarket like all other ingredients.

Surprise your loved ones with this dish. I wish you good success! Questions I answer to you gladly over the comment function at the end of the side.

Asparagus salad with strawberries served with balsamic ice cream, which is boiled down and greatly reduced balsamic vinegar.

Asparagus Salad with Strawberries, Recipe with a Secret Ingredient

Today I’ll show you my recipe for asparagus salad with strawberries. This is a wonderful dish because green asparagus with strawberries harmonizes perfectly.

Green asparagus is twice the fun in the kitchen. It tastes great and is prepared very quickly, because the green asparagus can only be peeled briefly on the underside. 

I cook the asparagus briefly after preparation, then the asparagus is put into the grill pan.

As a secret ingredient to the asparagus with strawberries I have chosen balsamic vinegar. I cook the balsamic vinegar briefly in a pot at high heat. The reduced balsamic vinegar is then a balsamic ice cream. This “thick” balsamico sauce tastes very strong and hardly melts on the plate, harmonizes perfectly with strawberries and asparagus.

The asparagus salad with strawberries is a great starter. Surprise your guests and your loved ones with this dish. Good luck! If you have any questions, please use the comment function at the bottom of this page.

Strawberry risotto recipe picture. Fantastic risotto with strawberries to prepare yourself.

Strawberry Risotto Recipe, this Risotto with Strawberries tastes fantastic!

Today I show you an extraordinary recipe for Strawberry Risotto. It is a real eye-catcher that tastes great. This recipe has favourite recipe potential! 

The strawberry risotto preparation I will show you below step by step. In addition, there are tips on how to bring your strawberry risotto to the table in perfect taste and colour.

Be careful, this risotto takes less than 30 minutes and you will definitely need a Crème Brûlée burner to make it really easy!

I wish you all the best!

strawberry pie

Strawberry Cake, make it yourself, Recipe with dessert Tip

The preparation of a simple and fast strawberry cake is shown in this article with my recipe Strawberry Cake.

It is not a classic strawberry cake but small tartlets.

You need high, small moulds or you use coffee cups or small glasses.

Practical is, every guest gets his own cake and the cake is not cut open.

This strawberry tart is very easy to make. Wish you good luck! 

Erdbeerkuchen als Crumble - Strawberry Crumble

Strawberry Cake simply prepared as Strawberry Crumble, Kitchen Story with many Chef Tips

I love strawberry cake and have developed a recipe Strawberry Cake that can be implemented very quickly. I bake the strawberries with sprinkles in a casserole dish.

The cake tastes delicious and is very light and easy to prepare. The recipe can be supplemented at will. So you can also use an additional base of shortcrust pastry or puff pastry when you pre-bake it.

You can find the recipe Strawberry Cake at the end of the page. I wish you every success with my strawberry cake and would be happy if you share the article on Facebook.

strawberry shake recipe picture

Strawberry Shake in different Variations, Wiki Article with Recipe and many Tips

This article explains the recipe Strawberry Shake and deals with the delicious strawberry shake, strawberry milk shake, strawberry smoothie and strawberry lassie.

My detailed recipe shows all mentioned variants at a glance.

In summer on the terrace and in the garden… prepare a great shake with strawberries and delight your treasure or your loved ones with a refreshingly delicious drink.

Good luck!

strawberry ice cream

Make your own Strawberry Ice Cream with or without Ice Machine or Thermomix, Kitchen Story with Video Instruction and Recipe

Make your own strawberry ice cream, I will explain the preparation step by step with my recipe Strawberry Ice Cream in this article.

I’ll give you tips on how to make your own ice cream with or without the ice cream machine.

Find short instructions for making strawberry ice cream in the Thermomix, strawberry ice cream in the ice cream machine and strawberry ice cream without the ice cream machine!

So that it is practical for you, everything in an article with headings for easy finding.

The strawberry ice cream recipe can be found at the bottom of the page. I wish you good luck and would be happy if you share this article with your friends on Facebook and Co.

Strawberry Strudel with Strudel Dough or Puff Pastry, make your own Recipe with many Professional Tips for Crispy Strudel

My new recipe Strawberry Strudel gives you a safe guide to baking strudel. I’ll show you how to prepare strawberry strudel step by step here. You will get lots of tips and ideas for strudel variations with strudel dough or puff pastry.

The questions: “What should I pay special attention to when baking strawberry strudel?” and “What goes well with strawberry strudel” are answered here.

I wish you all the best with strudel baking. I am looking forward to your comments and questions. Please share this recipe on Facebook!

strawberry muffin as a great dessert

Strawberry Muffin Kitchen Story and Recipe with many Tips for easy Preparation

Muffins are the unguarded relatives of cupcakes and the preparation according to my recipe Strawberry Muffin is easy for you to implement.

The Cupcake is a little more effort in the preparation and usually comes a topping or freezing as a cap on top.

The muffin comes directly “naked” on the table or is decorated with a little sweet cream or cream. I have prepared an ingenious combination for you, this is an Amarettinimuffin with strawberries. The almond-flavoured muffin mass is very special and harmonizes perfectly with strawberries.

I wish you all the best! I would be happy if you try it out and share the article on Facebook with your friends! 

Erdbeeren mit Blätterteig

Puff Pastry with Strawberries, Recipe with professional Tips to make Strawberry Puff Pastry yourself

The following delicious recipe Strawberries with Puff Pastry shows you the perfect combination of the sweet aromatic fruit surrounded by the tender dough shell, which is a bite when biting it.

The crispy baked dough goes very well with the strawberry and allows many more variations.

You can combine puff pastry and strawberries with pudding, mascarpone, cream cheese and quark and in this article I’ll show you the different variations and what you have to consider when preparing puff pastry puff pastry.

Good luck! I would be happy if you comment on this article and share your experiences here. Tell a friend on Facebook explicitly welcome!