Chanterelles Recipes

Pfifferlinge frisch gesammelt

Wash and clean Chanterelles, so you bring Mushrooms without dirt into the Pan!

Mushrooms from nature usually come with luggage into the kitchen.

Sand, needles, moss and insects are unwelcome companions.

The type of fungus plays a subordinate role here. Tube mushrooms such as bay bolete and porcini mushrooms, lamellar mushrooms such as chanterelles and meadow mushrooms… all mushrooms naturally have a cuddly surface.

I have found that forest dwellers of all kinds are magically attracted to mushrooms. I think they actually meet under the umbrella!

Cooks don’t like to wash mushrooms so much, the cooking guild is a few as an exception: During washing, the hat journeymen lose their aroma.

It would be a full evening discussion to find out how much taste is lost in the wash. Or is it perhaps even the forest companions that make up the typical taste of mushroom dishes in the end?

A simple statement… If the mushrooms are very dirty, please wash them. If the dirt can be removed easily with a brush, then please do without washing.

Following the instructions in detail, have fun reading and bathing mushrooms!

cream schnitzel recipe

Cream Schnitzel Recipe for the simple Kitchen

Today I show you my fast Cream Schnitzel recipe. You need fresh pork schnitzel or veal schnitzel, turkey schnitzel are also ok.

For the vegetarian version I recommend a smoked tofu. You will certainly find some spices in your kitchen…

Please also get onions or shallots, mushrooms, white wine, vegetable broth, flour and cream.

As a simple side dish, potatoes or… spaetzle.

This dish can be conjured up in various variations in a short time on the table. Let yourself be inspired now and enjoy the anticipation of a great dish with this article. 

If you have any questions, please use the comment function. Good luck!


Jaegerschnitzel Recipe with Step by Step Photos for Preparation

The recipe Jaegerschnitzel I show you in this post. The Schnitzel hunter’s escalope is called “Escalope chasseur” in French.

Classically you prepare the popular schnitzel with pork or veal. You also need a good gravy, shallots, mushrooms and butter.

Most questions about this preparation relate to the sauce…

How you can get a great sauce on your plate I will describe below.

Step by step photos accompany you while cooking, I wish you good luck!

vegetarian goulash with side dishes

Vegetarian Goulash – Veal Cream Goulash goes Veggie :-)

Here is my great recipe for Vegetarian Goulash, which comes very close to a veal cream goulash.

You can also prepare the goulash completely vegan. The advantage of the veggie goulash is obvious: The preparation time is about 35 minutes compared to a goulash with meat with a preparation time of at least 1.5 hours.

Vegetarian cooking is absolutely trendy and meatless days are good for body and soul.

Let yourself be inspired and surprise your loved ones with a great dish – even hardcore meat eaters will find this goulash delicious!

Potato Salad Recipe with Lamb’s Lettuce and Pumpkin Seed Oil, served with Porcini Mushrooms in Crispy Strudel Dough, a Starter for Connoisseurs

My recipe Potato Salad with Lamb’s Lettuce and Porcini Mushrooms in Strudel Dough I show you in this article.

I love potato salad with lamb’s lettuce and seed oil. Now I show you an exciting starter with this potato salad.

I combine the traditional potato salad with porcini mushrooms in a strudel dough as a small bag. You can also use mushrooms, herb mushrooms or chanterelles instead of porcini mushrooms.

The dish is vegetarian with egg, hints for a vegan variation are included in the recipe.

As a true Bavarian, I find the Austrian version of potato salad exciting and varied. 

Please cook this and share it with your friends on Facebook. Thank you!

Poached Fish: Recipe Cod poached with Chanterelles, Kochwiki-Instructions with Chef Tips

Poached Fish: Recipe Cod poached with Chanterelles, Kochwiki-Instructions with Chef Tips

Today I’ll show you my recipe to poach Fish. The fish poaching is in the combination with cod and chanterelles a fantastic way of preparation.

Hans Haas from the restaurant Tantris in Munich has prepared a similar dish with the St. Peter’s fish in this way and therefore I have the idea to combine chanterelles with fish.

This recipe is easy to prepare and very tight. The fish poach cooking video accompanies you during the preparation. 

I wish you good luck!