Bavarian Cuisine

Chef from Bavaria 

I myself come from Bavaria and grew up in Bavaria.

So I soaked up the liver sausage, the veal sausage with pretzels and the roast pork on Sunday with my mother’s milk.

Bavaria is not only Munich, FC Bayern Munich and Oktoberfest.

Bavaria is an incredibly beautiful country with friendly people who like to live and enjoy.

Many of my recipes are influenced by my apprenticeship as a cook at Alfons Schuhbeck and yet today I do a lot differently.

This category deals with Bavarian cuisine and the Bavarian recipes of my homeland.

Discover Bavarian potato salad, Bavarian roast pork in many variations, dumplings, roast goose, fruit and pretzel dumplings.

I like to serve a wheat beer with these culinary delicacies, because a good Bavarian beer is at home in Bavaria and in the world.

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