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Prepare Hamburgers like a Professional Chef

Today I’ll show you my Hamburger recipe for cooking yourself. Step by step many photos lead you through the preparation.

Making your own burgers is such a boy’s thing and yet the female guests are especially happy about the finesse.

The popular “fastfood” is not only for the Superbowl announced, the sandwiches warm rolls fit perfectly to the barbecue and when guests come. 

You can prepare hamburgers perfectly and put them on the table with meat or without meat. 

In this article I’ll tell you a lot about the tasty variations and you can expect exciting burger sauces and lots of collected chef tips.

I wish you a lot of fun and a little later – enjoy your meal!

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Fischburger Rezept Bild

Fishburger prepare deliciously

Today I’ll show you my Fishburger recipe. The delicious fish between warm bread roll slices gets along without breadcrumbs.

Because salmon is sooo popular I have decided for a salmon fillet! Captain’n Iglo becomes pale with envy…

The first fast food experiences are very different. With me the powerful sauces got stuck in the culinary memory. Because there are better things, I always work on the sauces and give you the ideas gladly further 🙂

Maybe I can seduce you to cook yourself. I wish you a lot of fun and good luck in your kitchen!

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Burger insight

Easy Step-by-Step Preparation of Vegetarian Burger

It’s burger time and now comes my Vegetarian Burger recipe for the temptingly delicious cheeseburger, which also weakens meat eaters.

My first experience is in my childhood at a time when McDonald´s and Co. had not yet appeared on the horizon in the small German town where I grew up.

To my delight, there was an American crew in the town, who also held a small annual fair with Easy Dunker and Disco. To the meal there were huge portions of ice cream for small money, corncobs and also hamburgers, which one could garnish oneself with onions, sauces and cucumber slices.

For me as a teenager, the first hamburger was like a streak of light in the grey soup of my everyday life in a small town!

Nowadays there are many variations of the meatball rolls everywhere. That is why I would like to introduce you to some delicious specialities.

Let me guide you into your kitchen! My vegetarian version comes into play with great port onions. This is something very special!

Much joy with the preparation and above all good appetite!

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klassischer hawaiitoast

Toast Hawaii, the ultimate Recipe for the 50’s Classic by the Chef

Here comes my recipe Hawaiitoast. The still popular combination “sweet plus hearty with cheese baked on bread” comes from the German economic miracle years.

In 1955, actor and TV chef Clemens Wilmenrod, who had no cooking training at all, introduced the fast snack to German TV viewers. There were only 3 channels 😉

Why Hawaii? Until the 50s Hawaii was the main producer of canned pineapples (Dole Food Company) and was then replaced by the Philippines and later Thailand.

Accordingly, Mr. Wilmenrod should have called his toast creation “Toast Philippines”.

Undisputedly, Hawaii sounds more melodic and you immediately have pictures of beautiful Hawaiian girls dancing hula in mind.

That’s a nice picture when preparing and enjoying the toast…

We both capture the thought and I send you hip-swinging into the kitchen. 

Aloha, I wish you good luck and a good appetite!

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Potatoes from the oven with herbs. These halved early potatoes taste very good as baked potatoes.

Baked Potatoes Recipe with Step by Step Photos

My Baked Potatoes recipe I show you in this post. The step by step instruction with many photos accompanies you cooking yourself.  

The potatoes from the oven are a popular side dish or as crispy finger food, instead of French fries, with various dips and cold sauces worth a try.

The preparation time is about 5 minutes and the preparation time about 30 minutes.

Forgotten the side dishes? Then quickly read on and prepare delicious, healthy potato wedges yourself.

By the way, I answer cooking questions via the comment function. For now already good success and a good appetite!

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Barbecue sauces recipe for 5 cold sauces for the next barbecue

Barbecue sauces for your next barbecue evening, 5 cold sauces to quickly prepare

My recipe for Grill Sauces – recipe for Barbecue Sauces shows you how to quickly prepare five cold sauces for grilling. As a professional chef, I want to make cooking easier for you and enrich the culinary part of the event.

Discover a fine tomato dip, a basil pesto, a mustard sauce, a herb sauce and a sauce tatar. With a little skill, you can prepare the sauces in less than an hour. The quantities are for about 6 people.

Inspire your loved ones and friends at the next barbecue evening with fresh, homemade cold sauces. Read More »Barbecue sauces for your next barbecue evening, 5 cold sauces to quickly prepare

fondue sauce eight recipes picture

8 Fondue Sauces Recipes based on Mayonnaise also for Raclette!

My recipe 8 fondue sauces I present to you in this post. Delicious ideas and recipes for fondue sauces are in demand for Christmas and New Year’s Eve.

The recipe for fondue with shopping list can be found elsewhere. A fondue is a good idea, if many guests come, let the preparation make it easier for you.

You’ll find here a great summary and ideas on how to quickly prepare different fondue sauces from mayonnaise. The sauces go just as well with a raclette and offer a variety of flavours.

YES! That’s a great thing because you can conjure up tasty cold sauces on the table. 

The cold sauces are great dips for grilling, please note! 

Let yourself be inspired and enjoy the great sauces for fondue and raclette!Read More »8 Fondue Sauces Recipes based on Mayonnaise also for Raclette!

make your own mayonnaise article with video and step by step instructions for perfect mayo

Making Mayonnaise with the Mixer, Recipe with Cooking Video Instructions

My recipe Mayonnaise shows you one of the most popular cold sauces and this tastes best homemade.

With this recipe for mayo I give you a simple and sure to succeed guide. The modern preparation with the stirrer is quite successful.

The video mayonnaise with the mixer prepare shows you everything step by step.

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