Recipe Woodruff Punch – delicious May Drink with Woodruff from the local Forest

Woodruff punch with fresh woodruff
Woodruff punch a great May punch with fresh green woodruff

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Recipe Woodruff Punch – delicious May drink with the recipe simple woodruff punch shows you my suggestion for a seasonal drink with an ingredient directly from the forest in front of your front door.

The season for woodruff and woodruff punch is in Germany and Austria from April to the end of May.

During the last woodruff walk on a beautiful, sunny day at the end of April I could not resist and I started collecting woodruff.

The May punch is a typical spring punch from fresh woodruff. It is a delicacy that will surely taste good to your treasure or your guests.

This is how “homemade” goes – we welcome spring!

1. Preparation and Ingredients for the Woodruff Punch

The woodruff’s name is cleaver. Typical are the square smooth stems with several whorls on the elongated leaves. The woodruff prefers to grow in the humus soil of a deciduous forest. From about May onwards, the woodruff flowers with numerous white flowering stars.

The lancet-shaped leaves of the forest master form small wreaths around the square stems of the woodruff.
Woodruff grows along the roadside in deciduous forests and forms a delicate green carpet of many woodruff plants under the trees.

I have seen woodruff not only growing wild but also already in sales. Maybe you will find what you are looking for at your vegetable dealer…

A short explanation of the use of woodruff/cleaver:

2. Recipe Woodruff Punch

Below I show you my recipe for the classic May punch with cleaver. Recipe for woodruff punch with and without alcohol. Let’s greet spring with a delicious drink…

Recipe Woodruff Punch

Woodruff punch recipe with fresh green cleaver. Variation with or without alcohol. A bowl recipe by professional chef Thomas Sixt.

Servings 6
Calories 247
Total Time 45 Min.
Woodruff punch green and freshly prepared by yourself. With fresh woodruff – with or without alcohol. Step by step I show you a wonderful May punch that welcomes spring and celebrates life. Have fun making it yourself!

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Woodruff punch with fresh woodruff
Woodruff punch a great May punch with fresh green woodruff

Preparation Time

15 Min.


30 stems fresh woodruff (picked by yourself from the forest or purchased)
1 l semi dry or dry white wine
1 l Prosecco or dry sparkling wine


Let woodruff wither before use.
Woodruff wilts and releases coumarin.

Roughly select and clean the woodruff, pat dry and leave to wilt for a few hours.

Woodruff upside down to pull in the wine.
Wilting woodruff upside down in the vineyards. and let it go.

Pour into a tall glass of dry white wine and dip the wilted woodruff upside down. The ends of the stems must not be in the wine.

Let the woodruff infuse the wine for max. half an hour. For the storage a brown glass bottle is suitable or one uses the woodruff essence immediately completely in the punch.

Woodruff pouring essence into wine
Woodruff bottle with essence in wine in a dark glass bottle with funnel.

Fill the wine brew with the spirit of the woodruff into the glass bottle and put it in a cool place or use it immediately for the punch.

Fresh woodruff punch in a glass
Woodruff punch, a fresh May punch that celebrates spring!

Woodruff wine essence in a bowl or individual glasses. Fill with well chilled dry sparkling wine, prosecco or champagne.

Wine Info: Riesling, Chardonnay, Pinot Grigio… ALTERNATIVE: As an alcohol-free alternative you can also use naturally cloudy apple juice.

As a non-alcoholic alternative for Sparcling Wine and Prosecco you can use non-alcoholic sparkling wine or mineral water.

3. Calories and nutritional values

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