Salmon in the Oven exciting Recipe with Cauliflower for Low Carb Gourmets

Recipe salmon wrapped in cauliflower leaves
Salmon gently cooked in the oven with cauliflower leaves wrapped in it.

Hi, I am a German Chef and Food Photographer. The imparting of cooking knowledge is my great passion. Everyone can cook for himself and with this website I would like to contribute to its success. Cooking questions I answer you gladly at the end of the articles. Have fun and good luck!

Today I would like to recommend you my recipe Salmon in the Oven with Cauliflower. This dish impresses with new ideas for a dish with little effort and Star Kitchen quality.

I am an advocate of the holistic use of all ingredients of the kitchen, wherever possible. That’s why I find it a pity that some parts of plants, such as the cauliflower leaves, are often simply disposed of. Because they are in fact a culinary and visual enrichment on the plate.

All in all, I use the entire cauliflower in this recipe. Even the sweetish cabbage juice is included. This is great! To avoid wheat products, I crown the finely cooked cauliflower with an almond topping.

You can cook my recipe 1:1 as part of a low carb diet. Also satiation side dishes with carbohydrates, as you know it, can be part of your personal dish. I would personally find boiled potatoes or mashed potatoes ideal.

At the happy end, our plate will be overflowing, rich in vitamins and an incredible treat!

We now start with the preparation, which I will show you step by step in my recipe. If you have any questions about this dish, please feel free to ask me using the comment function. I am looking forward to reading from you. Have fun and good luck!

Preparing salmon in the oven. Cooking recipe picture
Recipe picture to prepare salmon in the oven. Served, gently cooked salmon with tomato rice and zucchini vegetables with mushrooms.
The more easy Salmon in the Oven Recipe I show you in another post. © Food Photographer Thomas Sixt

1. Prepare Salmon Fillet in the Oven

You can buy salmon fillet in different states.

I myself do not take frozen goods. Fresh I can see the quality of the fish better. Therefore, for me, only fresh is perfect!

You can buy the salmon fillet with skin or without skin.

For the perfect preparation of a fresh salmon fillet I would like to refer to my article Salmon in the oven, which is already linked above. There I show you all necessary steps with picture and description in detail.

Salmon with cauliflower final
A heavenly judgment is our goal. This salmon with vegetables is low carb and gluten-free on your plate. © Thomas Sixt Food Photographer
A heavenly meal is our deal. This salmon with vegetables comes low carb and gluten-free on the plate. © Thomas Sixt Food Photographer

2. Salmon from the Oven wrapped in Cauliflower Leaves

Sliced salmon fillet
The gently cooked salmon in a cauliflower leaf coat looks so beautiful.

Cauliflower leaves are not only popular with rabbits. I have also discovered the great green cauliflower leaves as an enrichment on my menu and I am happy to share my joy about it with you.

Without stalk and blanched I can use the leaves wonderfully in the kitchen. Here I present you a variation as a coat for the fish.

Other ways of preparing cauliflower leaves: Blanched and tossed in butter in a pan, in casseroles like vegetable lasagne, as green puree, as cauliflower leaf salad…

Laughs raw on cauliflower leaves
Wrap the salmon fillet in cauliflower leaves to create a coat that is both visually and tastefully wonderful.
Salmon fillet in a coat, here you can see the blanched and prepared cauliflower leaves while wrapping. © Thomas Sixt Food Photographer

3. Preparation Cauliflower

The hero of the hour is your cauliflower, pay attention to the look and freshness when shopping.
This is what our star looks like when he enters the kitchen still shyly in his natural form.

In addition to the great green leaves of the cauliflower, we also want to devote ourselves just as passionately to the white florets.

I’ve been thinking,

Use all of the cauliflower in the dish. It doesn’t get any better than that!

4. Crispy Crust of ground Almonds, the Topping for Better Eaters

I love almonds. It’s true! I like them sweet or savory.

For a gluten-free cuisine and also a low carb diet, almonds are ideal. Vegans also appreciate almond paste as a cheese substitute for gratinating.

Well, that’s why my topping for the cooked cauliflower is: Ground almonds roasted in a pan with butter.

5. Salmon in the Oven Recipe

Prepare Salmon Filet in the Oven with Cauliflower

This article shows with many tips and step by step photos the preparation of fish fillet in the oven and the holistic use of cauliflower in the kitchen. A recipe from the cooking professional Thomas Sixt.

Servings 2 Persons
Calories 734
Total Time 45 Min.
Prepare salmon in the oven, a detailed recipe with side dish tips. In the article I show you a great and practical fish dish prepared in the oven at low temperature. Prepare fish fillet, skin fish fillet, prepare fish fillet… many step by step photos will accompany you while cooking by yourself. Wish you success!

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Recipe salmon wrapped in cauliflower leaves
Salmon gently cooked in the oven with cauliflower leaves wrapped in it.

Preparation Time

15 Min.

Cook Time

25 Min.


Salmon in the oven

2 pc salmon fillets
1 pinch Salt
1 pinch Pepper (I like to use black pepper!)
5-6 pc cauliflower leaves
2 tbs melted butter

Cauliflower vegetables, once cooked plus once fried

1 pc cauliflower (whole, with leaves for the salmon)
1 tsp Salt (for the cooked cauliflower)
1 tsp Salt (for the cauliflower roasted in the pan)
2 pinches Pepper
3 tbs butter


125 g ground almonds
100 g butter
1 tsp Salt


Prepare salmon fillet in cauliflower leaves

Remove the cauliflower from the leaves
Cut the cauliflower head out of the leaves with a knife.

Separate the cauliflower from the leaf. We’ll deal with the florets later.

Cauliflower leaves

Preheat the oven to 100° C hot air.

Bring a pot with 3 l water and 1 teaspoon salt to a boil.

Wash and dry the cabbage leaves.

Remove the cauliflower leaves stalk

Using a sharp knife, remove the stalk of the cauliflower leaves through a long V-cut.

Blanched cauliflower leaves

Blanch the cauliflower leaves in boiling water for about 2 minutes. Then quickly remove from the water and rinse in ice-cold water. Drain in a sieve.

Cauliflower leaves on the kitchen towel

Place the drained cabbage leaves next to each other on a clean kitchen towel. The laid out area should be sufficient for 2 fish fillets.

Roll the petal mat

Cover with the kitchen towel skillfully or use another clean kitchen towel so that the leaves are covered. Roll flat with a rolling pin.

Cauliflower cauliflower leaves mat for the fish coat

Remove the upper covering of the cabbage leaves.

Salmon fillet on cauliflower leaves
Salmon fillet in a coat, here you can see the blanched and prepared cauliflower leaves being wrapped. © Thomas Sixt Food Photographer

Now place the raw salmon fillet on the leaf surface to match. Add a little salt and pepper.

Wrap Laughter in cauliflower leaf
Wrap the salmon fillet in a cauliflower leaf coating.

Roll up the fish with the cabbage leaves and coat it sufficiently.

Salmon fillet wrapped in cauliflower leaves

Place the coated fish fillets ready. Heat 2 tablespoons of butter so that the butter melts.

Brush salmon into cauliflower leaf with butter

Use a flat oven mould. Place the fish in the oven dish and brush with melted butter.

Cook the coated salmon fillets for 8-12 minutes in the preheated oven on medium heat.

Prepare cauliflower (cooked and fried)

Clean the cauliflower
Next, cut out the stem in a circle so that the florets can be easily separated from the stem.

Clean the white cauliflower.

Cut the cauliflower into florets
Divide the florets into smaller or larger sizes depending on how you want to prepare them.

Cut the cauliflower into suitable florets. This is where the wheat is separated from the chaff: 1. put the most beautiful florets of similar size aside for cooking. 2. roughly cut the remaining parts and stalks with a knife for the frying pan.

Cut the stem of the florets in a cross shape
Cut the stems of the cauliflower florets in a cross shape. This will cook the vegetable florets evenly.

Cut the beautiful well-formed florets for the pot crosswise on the stem with a knife.

Boiled cauliflower

Now place the cauliflower florets in the boiling water and cook until they are slightly soft and still firm to the bite – about 6-8 minutes.

Roasted cauliflower scraps in the pan
Fry cauliflower, fry the chopped florets directly in hot oil, if your cabbage florets are bigger, cook with a little water and cover (stew) at the beginning, then let the water evaporate without the cover and fry the cabbage as desired.

The cauliflower cutlets of the 2nd batch are roasted in parallel in the pan with 3 tablespoons of butter, pepper and salt.


Topping for cooked cauliflower
Almond flour and butter are a great topping for the cauliflower and at the same time a gluten-free substitute for breadcrumbs.

Roast 125 g ground almonds, 100 g butter and 1 tsp salt in a frying pan.


Slice the salmon diagonally

Take the ready cooked fish fillets out of the oven.

Sliced salmon fillet

Cut the salmon pieces diagonally.

Salmon with cauliflower final
A heavenly judgment is our goal. This salmon with vegetables is low carb and gluten-free on your plate. © Thomas Sixt Food Photographer

Place the roasted cauliflower from the pan on the plate. Place the fish fillets on top.

Cover the cooked cauliflower with the roasted butter and almond topping.

My tip: Garnish with pink pepper berries (Schinus fruits). Bon appetit!

Steam or boil cauliflower?

I personally cook cabbage in boiling salted water, which makes the vegetables more digestible. Steam cooking is possible in principle, if you have a sensitive intestine please cook or blanch!

6. Calories and Nutritional Values

7. Further, suitable Fish Recipes

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