Potato Casserole Recipe – Cleverly prepare a quick Gratin

Potato casserole fermented in the casserole dish. Recipe picture.
Potato casserole recipe image © Thomas Sixt Foodfotograf.

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In this article I show you the fast Potato Casserole Recipe. It comes from my first cookbook: Der Minutenkoch – schmeckt.schneller. I have optimised and refined the dish many times in recent years.

In addition to potatoes as the main ingredient, courgettes are also added to the casserole. With a little skill you can prepare it in less than 15 minutes. Then the oven does the work and you can dress up for dinner.

I wish you all the best and look forward to your comments at the end of this page.

potato gratin
Potato gratin in a porcelain baking dish.
Gratin dauphinois Original from the star kitchen, the potato gratin I show you elsewhere. © Thomas Sixt Food Fotograf

1. Shopping List

You need for the potato gratin:

Potato gratin potato variety: Use a waxy potato variety for potato gratin and potato gratin.

The exact quantities can be found at the bottom of the page.

Potato casserole close-up
The potato casserole looks delicious. The preparation is very easy and you quickly get a good, home-cooked meal on the table.
The potato gratin looks delicious. It is easy to prepare and you will quickly get a good, home-cooked meal on the table.

2. Vegetarian Gratin and Side Dishes

You can tell by the shopping list This potato gratin is vegetarian and creates variety at the dining table.

I like to serve a colourful leaf salad with the potato gratin. So the creamy preparation with cream finds a refreshing addition.

Always wash the salad thoroughly, then spin dry and marinate with a simple vinegar-oil dressing. Tomatoes, radishes and other vegetables are an excellent accompaniment.

3. Prepare Casserole, Professional Cooking Tips

Please observe the following preparation tips during preparation:

4. Recipe Potato Casserole

Here is the recipe for the wonderful gratin. I wish you success and a good appetite. Comments are welcome, write me at the end of the page.

Potato Casserole

Recipe for potato gratin with vegetables, a cooking recipe of cook professional Thomas Sixt. Prepare potato gratin like a star chef.

Servings 2
Calories 824
Total Time 60 Min.
Delicious potato gratin recipe with many tips for preparation. Potato gratin with vegetables, ideas for cheese, gratin with potatoes perfectly prepare yourself. This casserole is a great main course, vegetarian, gluten-free and a great side dish with meat or fish.

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Potato casserole fermented in the casserole dish. Recipe picture.
Potato casserole recipe image © Thomas Sixt Foodfotograf.

Preparation Time

20 Min.

Cook Time

40 Min.


2 pc clove of garlic
1 pc onion
0,4 l Cream (you may also use soy sauce)
1 pc vegetable broth cube
1 tsp Salt
6 pinch white pepper
4 pinch nutmeg
3 pinch Cayenne pepper
2 pinch curry (yellow Madras Curry gives a tasteful depth)
6-8 pc Potatoes (I use a waxy potato variety)
25 g butter (soft)
1-2 pc Zucchini
150 g grated Emmentaler (cheese is optional! also Gouda, blue cheese, Parmesan, Pecorino)


Preheat the oven to 200°C. Peel and chop the garlic and onions.

Put onion cubes and garlic cubes in a saucepan. Add the cream, vegetable stock cubes, salt, pepper, nutmeg, cayenne pepper and curry and bring to the boil. Mix the cream stand with a hand blender and leave to stand for 5 minutes.

Cut the courgettes into long, thin slices or plane them evenly. A thickness of 2 mm is ideal.

Peel the potatoes. Cut the peeled potatoes into 3 mm thick slices.

Spread a casserole dish with the butter.

Place a layer of potato slices in the buttered casserole dish in a fan shape, then a layer of courgettes. Finally, place a mixed layer of zucchini slices and potato slices in the oven dish.

Pour the cream stand through a sieve over the potato gratin and distribute the liquid by shaking lightly.

Put the potato gratin in the oven for 25-30 minutes. Reduce the oven temperature to 175°C. Then optionally sprinkle with the finely grated cheese. Cook the potato gratin for another 10-15 minutes.

Cooking test: Pierce the potato gratin with a meat fork without resistance, and the potato gratin is ready!

Remove the potato gratin from the oven, portion and serve.

The potato gratin is a fully-fledged main course and goes just as well as a side dish with roast meat and fish as with roast lamb or beef.

5. Calories and Nutritional Values at a Glance

6. More ideas


Side dishes:

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