Mussels in Curry, Recipe with Video and Kitchen Story with Step by Step Instructions

You will find plenty of mussels with curry and other ideas here.

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In the mussel time I look very often for a Recipe Mussels with Curry developed.

The mussels with curry have an exotic touch, I use ginger, coriander and curry for the mussel stock.

I show the preparation step by step in the Cooking video Mussels with Curry.

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1. Preparing Mussels properly

Buy fresh mussels, wash thoroughly, change the cold water several times. Clean the mussels and then process them further. Since I have written a very detailed article on this subject, I would like to draw your attention to the article mussels in white wine – there is every conceivable mussel info in detail: mussels season, mussels clean, how do I recognize good and bad mussels?

Clean the mussels, please use plenty of cold water.
Clean the mussels, thoroughly, please!

2. Mussels with White Wine dry

Mussels simply need white wine and it should be dry. I like to use Prosecco for the preparation of mussels. It would be ideal to use the same wine for cooking as for drinking afterwards.

mussels with curry asian
Mussels with curry, the curry foam is fantastically delicate.

3. Mussels with Curry

As written at the beginning, sometimes it needs a little change. But my recipe for mussels with curry, ginger, coriander and cream is great. Not everyone likes coriander, you can also use parsley.

4. Which Curry is the right one for Mussels?

You can use green curry paste, which we know from Thai cuisine, or curry powder, the spice mixture. Mild or spicy is up to you. I prefer the mild curry, which flatters the mussels very much.

4.1 Curry and Mussels what is important?

Where curry is in it, I always add some sugar or honey. Just like the tomato sauce, the sauce with curry also tolerates some sweetness and thus becomes finer and more balanced on the palate. So put some neutral honey (no forest or meadow honey, it is too strong) in the curry stock or take brown or white sugar.

5. Decoration for my Curry with Cream and Mussels

I like it colorful, the curry makes the stock nice yellow, with green parsley or the coriander is almost a round picture. I additionally sprinkle red berries, also falsely known as red pepper, over the mussels. The red berries are sweetly spicy and go well with curry and mussels.

red berries which are often referred to as red pepper.
Red berries are ideal as decoration for curry dishes.

6. Recipe Mussels with Curry

Mussels with Curry and Coriander

Mussels in curry recipe by Thomas Sixt.

Servings 2
Calories 1174
Total Time 45 Min.
If you are looking for a change from mussels in white wine, this is the place for you. The recipe mussels in curry is an exotic variant, garlic, ginger, lime juice and a secret ingredient in the decoration join the popular spice mixture. Recipe with photos and surefire with cooking video. Have fun!

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You will find plenty of mussels with curry and other ideas here.


Preparation Time

15 Min.

Cook Time

30 Min.


1 kg Mussels fresh
1-2 bunch Soup vegetables
1 bunch Coriander
2 pc young onions
1 tbs red berries
some Chili
1 tbs curry
250 ml Vegetable broth
2 slices Ginger
2 pc clove of garlic
3 tbs peanut oil
1 pc Lime
150 ml soy cream
100 ml white whine
1 tbs honey


Prepare all ingredients as listed in the list.

Place the mussels in cold water for about 10 minutes, then drain on a sieve.

Bring the vegetable stock with finely chopped ginger and garlic to the boil to form the flavour.

Soup vegetables consisting of carrots, yellow beets, parsley root peel and in fine Julienne cut.

Sweat half of the prepared vegetables in a wok with peanut oil, then add the rest of the vegetables and add the mussels.

Deglaze the mussels with the white wine and the sieved vegetable-ginger-garlic broth.

Cook the mussels for 8-10 minutes with lid.

Strain the mussel stock, bring to the boil, season with cream, curry, lime juice, chilli and honey and mix.

Mix the mussel stock and pour over the mussels. Serve the mussels decorated with coriander and red berries.


7. Nutritional Values Mussels in Curry

8. Side Dishes with Mussels in Curry Cream

As side dishes to this mussel dish with curry pasta fresh baguette, lukewarm sushi rice, basmati rice, boiled potatoes, boiled bananas (the boiled bananas), caramelized bananas, chickpeas, rice noodles, flat bread.


Banana caramelized on the grill. Ideal with curry.

A caramelized banana tastes excellent with curry with mussels. It can also be prepared in a pan! 

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