Ham Noodles vegetarian, a simple Pasta Dish

Ham noodles vegetarian
Recipe picture ham noodles vegetarian, presented on the plate.

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Today I show you my recipe for vegetarian Ham Noodles. The food from childhood days, quickly prepared as a meat-free variant.

As a parent you have a maximum of 20-30 minutes to prepare a tasty and healthy meal according to the wishes of all family members. Noodles are often the meal of choice for children and teenagers, although some are already in their “meat-free” phase. It is also possible that you yourself, especially as a young person, are using your wings in the world and that “animal welfare” for you is not compensated by stroking your pet.

That is why I suggest a really good meal here, which will also taste good and give you strength.

I think you are excited now. I wish you joy in the preparation and a good appetite.

Pasta Salad Recipes
Pasta salad and pasta salad recipes category image.
Noodle salad as a popular dish, I will show you the recipe in another article. © Food Photographer Thomas Sixt

1. Tofu as Enrichment in the Menu

The central component of this recipe is tofu. Tofu is known to be made from soybeans. Our soy quark is obtained using a process similar to that used in cheese production.

Tofu is a low-calorie source of protein and therefore not only interesting for vegans and vegetarians. A diet can be supported by tofu. Intolerances to soya fortunately occur rather rarely.

Sliced smoked tofu
Sliced smoked tofu. A great ham substitute!
Smoked tofu cut. A great ham substitute!

Tofu is available in several varieties in Europe:

Today we use the smoked tofu. The ham-like taste makes it a favourite for our ham noodles.

2. Homemade Pesto

Homemade pesto in a glass photographed from above.
Pour homemade pesto into a screw-top jar.
Homemade Pesto, how to do this I’ll show you another post.

I personally like to produce pesto in stock and I almost always have a glass of it in the refrigerator. I think the small effort for a homemade pesto is worth it.

Our fine Pesto Genovese is the topping on the pasta. It is an additive and not a necessary ingredient in our ham and pasta recipe. But delicious…

3. Vegetarian Ham Noodles Recipe

Ham Noodles vegetarian

The vegetarian variant of ham noodles with professional cooking tips for ingenious pasta with tofu instead of ham.

Servings 2
Calories 763
Total Time 18 Min.
Ham noodles vegetarian recipe with many tips. Cook and enjoy meat-free Italian food. Have fun and good luck!

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Ham noodles vegetarian
Recipe picture ham noodles vegetarian, presented on the plate.

Preparation Time

10 Min.

Cook Time

8 Min.


250 g noodles (Spirelli)
80 g smoked tofu
1 pc red onion
1 pc white or yellow onion
2 pc clove of garlic
1-2 tbs oliv oil
40 g finely grated parmesan (or pecorino)
4 pinches Salt
3 pinches Pepper


Noodles, pasta while cooking in the pot with salted water.
Cooking pasta for pasta salad.

Place a large pot with plenty of water on top and bring to the boil. Salt the water for the noodles well – it should taste like sea water.

Add the spiral to the boiling water and cook until it is firm to the bite, about 6-10 minutes. Stir once with a wooden spoon in between.

Pour the cooked pasta into a sieve and shake well.

Cut the smoked tofu
Frying tofu in strips would be an option instead of fish. I like the smoked tofu, it brings an exciting taste to the soup!

Remove the smoked tofu from the pack and drain off any liquid. Prepare the tofu in slices.

Cut smoked tofu into fine strips
Smoked tofu

Then cut the tofu slices into fine strips with a knife.

Onion, parsley, garlic
Professionals like to cut on wood, here I have a Bamus board in use.

Chop the red and yellow onion into strips and garlic. Finely chop the parsley.

Tofu, onion and garlic in the pan

Fry the onion, garlic and tofu with a little olive oil in a hot pan. Add chopped parsley at the end.

Ham noodles vegetarian

Quickly arrange the vegetarian ham pasta on warm plates, drizzle with olive oil and sprinkle some parmesan. If you like, add some Pesto Genovese as a supplement.

Bon appetite!

The pesto does not come on the plate in the original! I have added pesto to the dish and find it delicious. Just try a homemade pesto and enjoy it…

4. Calories and Nutritional Values

5. More Ideas for Home Cooking

Original Ham Noodles

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