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ginger bread spice
Gingerbread spice post picture.

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I will show you how to make your own gingerbread spice in this article. It’s quick and easy and you’ll have a great supply for many occasions.

Did you know? The traditional spice mixture for gingerbread symbolises the praise of God. The three elements earth, air and water as well as the trinity earth, heaven and hell are supposed to be reflected in the spice mixture. The most common spices for this mixture are: Cinnamon, cloves, cardamom, nutmeg, allspice/clove pepper, coriander, aniseed, ginger and fennel.

Why make it yourself? Because it smells wonderful and the freshly ground spices simply have more aroma.

In the article, you will learn tips for the preparation and use of Christmas spices. Not only Christmas biscuits are happy 🙂 about the loving seasoning with freshly ground spices. It’s worth reading on! Have fun!

Gingerbread recipe picture
I just finished my homemade gingerbread, the recipe shows you a flourless version. © Thomas Sixt Food Photographer

1. Prepare spice for gingerbread yourself

The art of spice preparation needs to be learned and practised! I know of two ways of preparing spices:

I have tried both variants and am fine with the mortar and modern electric appliance combo.

Preparing the spice mix yourself conjures up Christmas aromas in your bakery and the taste is simply stronger.!

Tip from cook Thomas Sixt
Cinnamon in a mortar
Cinnamon sticks in a mortar, when crushing the sticks you can rediscover the wonderful aromas.

2. For which dishes you can use gingerbread spice

The spice is not only good for gingerbread but a real kitchen miracle. I have summarised some ideas for you in the table.

GingerbreadWas clear 🙂 or?
Sauces with red wineGently season to taste, goes well with beef and game meat
Pickle with red wineFor pickling beef and game.
Stuffings of duck and gooseGently season the filling to taste.
Desserts and chocolateMousse au Chocolat, Creme Brulee, usw.
CakeComplement chocolate cake with the angel food spice!

So that we don’t get stuck in the table, here are some very concrete ideas right away:

Try the spice mix for sauces and desserts. Season carefully and enjoy the wonderful flavours!

Tip from cook Thomas Sixt
Roast venison recipe picture with dumplings as souffle, braised carrots, gravy and cranberries.
Venison roast, game and beef in general, as well as roulades, are excellent with this wonderful spice.

3. Recipe gingerbread spice

Here are the step-by-step instructions with photos and video. You can send me a cooking question directly via the comment function!

Gingerbread Spice

Instructions by cooking professional Thomas Sixt with step-by-step photos and video.

Servings 10 Portions
Calories 42
Total Time 20 Min.

Gingerbread spice recipe to make yourself. Step by step instructions with photos and cooking video. Tips for using the spice mixture in the kitchen!

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ginger bread spice
Gingerbread spice post picture.

Preparation Time

5 Min.

Cook Time

15 Min.


30 g cinnamon (I use cylon cinnamon)
12 pc cloves (as a whole)
5 g cardamom (I use spice powder)
4 g nutmeg (as a whole)
5 g Allspice (as a whole)
3 g Coriander (I use spice powder)
3 g anis (as a whole)


Gingerbread spice ingredients
Ingredients for gingerbread spice arranged on the board.

Weigh the spices and have them ready.

Cinnamon in a mortar
Cinnamon sticks in a mortar, while crushing the sticks you can rediscover the wonderful aromas.

Crush the spices in a mortar and then grind them using a coffee grinder. Optionally, you can pound the spices in the mortar for a long time and then pass them through a fine sieve. The remains in the sieve are suitable as an infusion for a spicy tea.

ginger bread spice
Gingerbread spice post picture.

Empty the spice into a tin and store with a lid.


4. Calories and nutritional values

5. More ideas

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