Making Fried Onions yourself

roasted onions
Fried onions recipe picture.

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We know the crispy, Fried Onions as a classic addition to fried liver. The delicious decoration gives the mashed potatoes a super taste kick. We chefs like to serve them with burgers and other meat dishes. On vegetarian dishes the crispy fellows conjure up a hearty finish.

What do you want to serve the crispy onions for? I would be happy if you leave us a comment at the bottom of the page. I will be very happy to answer your cooking questions. Maybe you also find it exciting to discover new ideas and let all chefs participate here 🙂

Let us now ask ourselves how the onions succeed perfectly in the preparation process. I have put together a lot of photos and instructions for you to answer this question. For now, I wish you a lot of fun while reading and good luck later on!

Recipe picture onion roast from Thomas Sixt
Also delicious is roastbeef with onions and spaetzle. This classic is often served with fried onions. © Thomas Sixt Food Photographer

1. Ingredients and impressions

There was a landlord in our village, in my Bavarian homeland. Ingrid, the innkeeper’s wife, cooked the meals in the kitchen. Ingrid was a wonderful cook. The food was simple, traditional and always well seasoned. There was no fuss on the plate – it was simply excellent home cooking.

I still remember her Viennese schnitzel and the stuffed breast of veal from her kitchen. The crowning glory was always the steaks that the “Berg” – that was the name of the innkeeper – kept in the cold store and carefully brought to the kitchen according to their degree of ripeness. They were the perfect team.

By the way, this was a time in my youth when vegetarian cooking did not play any role at all. No one had given it any thought then, and there were no people with food intolerances or other “culinary” problems. Sometimes I feel a real longing for that time. There were no hostility at the table, the good food was served and we could enjoy. It was uncomplicated and beautiful.

The steaks from the Ingrid were at least as good as everything I later tried in the starred kitchens of this world. The Ingrid made her roasted onions fresh every day. There we have the first secret:

Fresh and crispy fried onions taste best. You can also keep the onions warm.

Preparation tip from chef Thomas Sixt

To prepare the fried onions you need

The onion rings are coated with flour and paprika to give them an initially dusty and later crispy coating. Let’s have a look at some photos to get to the preparation very quickly.

Onion rings adding flour and paprika
Mix the onion, cut or sliced into rings, directly with flour and paprika. Do not water the onions, as this will sweeten them.
Prepare onion rings for deep-frying
Please mix the flour and paprika just before deep-frying. The rings will then become crispier and do not draw water. So heat the fat beforehand. You can deep-fry in a pot or deep-fryer.
fried fried onions
Frying is best done at a temperature of 175°C. Pay attention to the colour of the onions and use a deep-frying basket.

The optimum temperature for frying the fried onions is approx. 170°C

Tip from chef Thomas Sixt

2. What do the fried onions go with

I will leave some ideas for the use in your kitchen orchestra 🙂

3. Recipe fried onions

Fried Onions

Cooking idea with many tips, step by step instructions for fried, crispy onion rings cooked, photographed and written down by chef Thomas Sixt

Servings 4
Calories 406
Total Time 30 Min.

Making roasted onions yourself, instructions with many tips for crispy onions and fried onion rings. Chef “How To” article by chef Thomas Sixt.

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roasted onions
Fried onions recipe picture.

Preparation Time

15 Min.

Cook Time

15 Min.


4-6 pc onions (I use medium yellow onions)
2-3 tbs Flour (I use gluten-free flour)
1 tbs sweet pepper
1,5 L sun flower oil
1 tsp Salt (I use primal salt)


Prepare the onions

Cut the onion rings
Cut or slice the peeled onion into rings.

Zwiebel vorbereiten

Peel the onions and cut them into 2 mm thick rings with a chef's knife or plane.

Raw onion rings
Raw onion rings in a bowl.


Prepare the onion slices in a bowl and pick them into individual rings with your hands.

Onion rings adding flour and paprika
Mix the onion, cut into rings or grated, with the flour and paprika. Please do not water the onions as this will make them sweet.

Mehl zugeben

Add sifted flour and paprika to the onion rings.

Prepare onion rings for deep-frying
You do the mixing with flour and paprika shortly before deep-frying. The rings will then be crispier and will not draw any water. So heat up the fat beforehand. Deep-frying goes in the pot or in the deep fryer.

Zwiebelringe mischen

Mix the onion rings with flour and paprika.

Prepare fried onions

Fry the onion rings
Make fried onions yourself and fry them yourself.

Zwiebelringe frittieren

Heat the oil to 175°C and put the onion rings coated with flour into the deep-frying basket and shake them out. Then deep-fry in the hot oil.

fried fried onions
Deep-frying works best at a temperature in the range of 175 ° C. Pay attention to the color of the onions and use a frying basket.

Zwiebelringe abtropfen lassen

Drain the crispy light brown fried onions in a frying basket.

roasted onions
Fried onions recipe picture.

Röstzwiebeln salzen

Season the crispy onions with salt and serve to taste or use as an ingredient or for decoration as in the contribution.

Tip: For especially fine gourmet roasted onions you can use shallots as a base!


4. Calories and nutritional values at a glance

5. More cooking tips from the online cooking school

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