Cheese Spaetzle Recipe – Cheese Noodles Recipe from Germany original named Spätzle

Cheese spaetzle recipe by professional chef Thomas Sixt.
cheese spaetzle recipe © food picture Thomas Sixt

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Today I’ll show you my Cheese Spaetzle Recipe. Put a delicious Allgäu speciality on your plate and enjoy great cheese noodles with spicy cheese. The recipe presented here is very fast and based on the idea to use either Spätzle from the day before or finished Spätzle. You need about 15 minutes to prepare it, then your oven takes over. The cheese noodles are a popular fasting dish, I like to use a strong mountain cheese or a mature Emmentaler for the gratinated noodles. I wish you good luck and a good appetite!
Cheese spaetzle close-up, served with salad.
Cheese noodles served in a plate with leaf salads.
Cheese noodles served in a plate with leaf salads.

1. Cheese Spaetzle – Cheese Noodles Shopping List

For the simple cheese spaetzle you need the following ingredients… The exact quantities can be found further down in the recipe cheese spaetzle- cheese noodles…
Cheese spaetzle in the oven form © Foodfotograf Thomas Sixt
You can quickly prepare cheese spaetzle with purchased ingredients or you can prepare spaetzle and onions yourself. I will show you both variants in this post.
You can quickly prepare cheese noodles with purchased ingredients or prepare noodles and onions yourself. I will show you both in this article. © Food Photographer Thomas Sixt

2. Cheese Noodles Chef Tips

Since I have also worked as a cook in the Allgäu for a short time, I would like to give you some tips for the cheese spaetzle.

2.1 Cheese noodles with homemade fried onions

Roasted onions do not necessarily come from the deep fryer but from the pan 🙂 … You can supplement the recipe with fresh onions roasted in the pan. Cut onions into strips and sweat in a pan with a little oil light brown. Finally add some sugar to the onions and brown, caramelise the onions lightly.
Homemade fried onions.
Homemade, freshly prepared, fried fried onions taste great. If things can happen quickly, use purchased fried onions. © Food photographer Thomas Sixt
Homemade, freshly prepared, fried fried onions taste great. If it’s quick, you can use bought fried onions. Food Photographer Thomas Sixt

2.2 Making your own spaetzle for cheese spaetzle

I would like to add an original Spätzle dough recipe here. Maybe you want to make the Spätzle yourself… Spätzle dough recipe for 2 persons Ingredients Spaetzle dough: 250 g sieved flour 4 pinches salt 2 pinches of black pepper 2 pinches of nutmeg 3 eggs 80-100 ml lukewarm water Make spaetzle:
  1. Mix the ingredients for the spaetzle dough in a bowl in the order given.
  2. Beat the dough with a wooden spoon until it is thick and bubbles.
  3. I drive the dough through a grater directly through boiling salted water.
  4. Who it can scrapes the Spätzle from the board.
  5. If the Spätzle above swimming directly with the skimmer remove and in cold water quench.
  6. Mix the drained spaetzle with vegetable oil so that they don’t stick together.
Cheese spaetzle served with salad.
Cheese spaetzle served … these cheese spaetzle simply taste delicious.
Cheese noodles served… these cheese noodles simply taste fine. © Food photographer Thomas Sixt

3. My Cheese Spaetzle Recipe – German Cheese Noodles

Following my recipe with exact ingredients details. I wish you good success with your own cooking. If you have any questions about the recipe, please use the comment function at the bottom of the page. I am happy!

Cheese Spaetzle, German Cheese Noodles Recipe

Simple cheese spaetzle recipe with original information from the Allgäu Germany. All tips for perfect Chef Käsespätzle from chef Thomas Sixt.

Servings 2 Portions
Calories 1228
Total Time 45 Min.
Cheese spaetzle recipe for easy self cooking. I show you a fast variant and an original Allgäuer variant with homemade pan-roasted onions and homemade spaetzle. Good luck and a good appetite!

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Cheese spaetzle recipe by professional chef Thomas Sixt.
cheese spaetzle recipe © food picture Thomas Sixt


Preparation Time

15 Min.

Cook Time

30 Min.


Ingredients for Spaetzle

250 g Flour (The flour please freshly sieve...)
4 pinches Salt
4 pinches Pepper
4 pinches nutmeg
3 pc eggs
80-100 ml warm water

Cheese spaetzle Ingredients for simple, fast cheese spaetzle

100 g fried onions
120 g mountain cheese (I like to mix mountain cheese and Emmentaler)
50 g butter
4 pinches Salt
4 pinches Pepper
4 pinches nutmeg

Optional ingredients for pan-fried onions

2 pc onions
1-2 tbsp Sunflower oil
4 pinches brown cane sugar

Decoration and gifts

1/2 bunch Parsley


Make your own Spaetzle

Place the ingredients for the spaetzle dough in a bowl in the order given, stir and beat with a wooden spoon. The spaetzle dough should throw bubbles. Boil water in a large saucepan and season with salt. Drive the prepared dough through a spaetzle grater. Remove the floating spaetzle from the pot and cool quickly in cold water. Mix immediately with some butter, salt, pepper and nutmeg.

Optionally prepare pan-roasted onion

Peel the onions, cut off the root, halve the onions and cut them into strips. Sweat the onion strips with the oil until light brown, finally add some sugar and caramelise the onions lightly. Make the onions ready for the cheese spaetzle.

Insert cheese noodles

Brush an oven dish with butter. Sprinkle in the bought or homemade spaetzle. Optionally sprinkle in the pan-roasted onions, the roasted onions and grated cheese. In this scheme fill the oven dish. Finish filling with roasted onions and cheese.

Cheese spaetzle to prepare and arrange

Cook the cheese noodles in the oven at 170°C hot air for 30 minutes. Arrange the cheese noodles on plates. The ideal side dish is a leaf salad with a simple vinegar oil dressing.

4. Calories Cheese noodles

5. Note on gluten-free nutrition

You can prepare the spaetzle with gluten-free flour.

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