Boil eggs – soft, waxy and hard. Instructions with ideas for breakfast and brunch


Gekochte Eier im Glas serviert

I like to serve boiled eggs in a glass in different variations. From left to right: with chives, with caviar and with sprouts.

Today we are going to cook eggs. Boiled breakfast eggs and snack eggs can be cooked soft, waxy or hard. Everybody has his own ideas here :-).

Besides the egg cooking instructions from the professional kitchen you will find many ideas for serving eggs for breakfast, brunch and Easter.

Please take some time, I promise you exciting insights and wonderful pictures as an inspiring basis for plundering the egg nest… Have fun!

Ei kochen Titelbild zur Anleitung

Soft boiled egg, try blue volcanic salt and Himalaya salt.

1. Boiling eggs made easy

If you carefully stand in front of an egg shelf in the supermarket, you can get a real crisis… The modern industrial egg is available in different sizes. 

Weight classes chicken eggs in Germany:  
S: under 53 grams
M: 53 to less than 63 grams
L: 63 to under 73 grams 
XL: 73 grams and more

With organic eggs, thank goodness it’s different! Demeter writes on its packaging: 6 eggs of different sizes. I’m glad, these hens were allowed to lay eggs in different sizes, I appreciate that! 

Tip from the cook: Organic eggs taste better and make chickens happy!

Demeter Bio Eier

Demeter organic eggs in packs, these are the best eggs of different sizes.


2. The step by step guide

  1. For cooking, please use eggs without cracks in the shell. A damaged shell is not good, it lets the egg white leak out during cooking.
  2. How do you recognize cracked eggs? Here is the test test: Carefully beat two eggs against each other. However, the optical test for the intact shell is usually sufficient.
  3. Please place refrigerator eggs in lukewarm water for at least 10 minutes. In this way the rise in temperature reduces the risk of the shell breaking. By the way, piercing the shell is not a variant with a 100% success guarantee. 

The eggs must always be covered with water when cooking for a good result!

Eier vor dem Kochen in warmes Wasser legen

To prevent the shell from bursting, please place the refrigerator eggs in lukewarm water for at least 10 minutes.

3. Boiling eggs – time?

Before we approach the topic scientifically a short overview, valid for a chicken egg of size M:

Soft-boiled eggs have a cooking time of approx. 6 minutes

Wax-soft boiled eggs have a cooking time of about 8 minutes

Hard boiled eggs have a cooking time of about 10 minutes

Boiled eggs and cooking states. From left to right: Egg boiled waxy, soft boiled, hard boiled.

Please quench the eggs under cold water after cooking, this is the only way to interrupt the cooking process!

3.1 Egg cooking formula

In fact, there is an egg cooking formula developed by the physicist Charles D. H. Williams. This formula takes into account, among other things, the weight of the egg and other factors such as temperature at the start of the cooking process. To understand this, you need at least a high school diploma or a neighbour who is a physicist. 

Egg cooking formula after Charles D. H. Williams

Egg cooking formula according to Werner Gruber

All right? Let’s keep it simple with the following egg cooking chart…

weich gekochtes Ei

Soft boiled egg, beheaded and perfectly served, you don’t need a formula for that!

3.2 Egg cooking times table

egg size/cooking condition at 250 m above sea levelvery smoothwaxyhard

4. Boiling eggs soft and ideas for serving

Brunch Eggs, Easter Eggs, Other Eggs here I have added some very popular variations for you to prepare. Use the following pictures as an idea spinner for your breakfast table and let yourself be inspired…

5. Eggs in glass

Eggs in a glass are a wonderful way to serve and arrange the boiled eggs. It is very easy to do:

  1. Prepare warm eggs for cooking
  2. Place refrigerator eggs in lukewarm water for 10 minutes  
  3. bring water to the boil
  4. Insert eggs and cook for 5-7 minutes if desired
  5. Quench eggs cold and then peel them lying down in a bowl of cold water or under running water.
  6. Arrange the eggs and decorate with chives, pesto, caviar and sprouts to taste and serve
Gekochtes Ei schälen

Carefully beat the soft-boiled eggs at the top and peel them under cold running water.

5.1 Ideas for eggs in glass

6. Delicatessen eggs and a short overview

So far we have only talked about chicken eggs, of course there are also seagull eggs, duck eggs and goose eggs, which we rarely eat.

Wachtelei frisch in der Schale auf Holzbrett. Foodbild (c) Thomas Sixt

Quail eggs photographed lying on a kitchen board, the delicious delicacy eggs are still preserved.

6.1 Seagull eggs

Seagull eggs were already “delicious” to the composer Richard Strauss. Until the mid-80s seagull eggs were considered a real delicacy. Collecting seagull eggs was a tradition on the North and Baltic Seas, in between the eggs were withdrawn from circulation due to their high pollutant content. Whether we will put seagull eggs on the table again will show the future. 

6.2 Duck eggs

Duck eggs were also considered a delicacy in the past and have completely disappeared from our table. The taste should be very intense, because of the “danger of salmonella” cooking for 10 minutes is recommended.

From Asia we know duck eggs prepared as “millennial eggs”. These fermented eggs can be kept for months after correct preparation and taste great. 

6.3 Goose eggs 

Goose eggs are known as a delicacy in Germany, especially in the Lower Rhine region. The goose eggs are relatively large with a weight of 150g and more. The cooking time starts at 10 minutes.

6.4 Quail eggs

Quail eggs need a cooking time of approx. 3:33 minutes for the cooking degree softly cooked. Depending on the location, it is worth cooking a test egg to get a perfect and desired result on your plate.

After cooking, I cut quail eggs in half and then carefully peel the eggs from their shells with a spoon. 

Vorspeisen Rezepte Kategorie Titelbild

Soft, half quail egg on the salad, here an aspic of crayfish with diced tomatoes and chive sauce

7. More ideas for the egg kitchen

8. Frequently asked questions

How do I cook hard-boiled eggs in a pot?

For hard boiled eggs, you can place the eggs in cold water, bring to the boil and cook for 12 minutes from the time of cooking. Afterwards, quench and peel the eggs.

Boil soft-boiled eggs?

Place the room-warm eggs directly in boiling water and cook for about 6 minutes. Then quench and serve. Cooking times of less than 6 minutes only affect eggs of size S, larger eggs are then very soft. Before cooking, place refrigerator eggs in lukewarm water for at least 10 minutes to ensure that the shell remains intact.

How do I boil waxy eggs?

Refrigerator Place eggs in lukewarm water for 10 minutes, then boil in boiling water for 7-8 minutes. The cooking time applies to eggs of size M

9. The perfect Easter egg recipe

For Easter I have thought of a special surprise egg recipe for you 🙂 For your Easter breakfast I have planned a: “Baked egg on truffled mashed potatoes with morel sauce”. The following pictures will be linked soon!


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