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Thomas Sixt Kochprofi Foodfotograf

Hello, I am Thomas Sixt, German chef and the voice and food photographer of this website. You can send me cooking questions directly by using the comment function on the recipe. Have fun and good luck!

Roast Goose

roasted goose with dumplings and red cabbage

The Saint Martin’s Goose is now back in high season…

So that the preparation simply succeeds I have for you…

A great recipe for goose roast with 9 cooking videos prepared. Good success!

Cooking Ideas for Christmas…

Recipes for Christmas Appetizers and Christmas Starters for your Christmas Menue

It’s already clear ? I’m early, but I can already see the first Christmas decoration in the shops.

We all want to prepare well for Santa Claus, the Advent season and the quiet time of the year, don’t we?

Discover here in the Cookblog delicious ideas for cooking in the Christmas season and follow the link…

New Recipe Ideas from German Chef Thomas Sixt

Try Now!

Brussels Sprouts fry

Vegetarian and fine: Roast Brussels sprouts

Hamburger Recipe picture

Cook Hamburger now ingeniously delicious

Sweets and Desserts

plum cake recipe picture

Easy and great Plum Cake

apple strudel with gingerbread a perfect dessert for christmas and a wonderful greeting from bavaria

Apple Strudel in Variants

We love the whole Year…

BBQ Recipes

Barbecue Recipes…

Grill and chill… Prepare everything well and then grill comfortably! You will find many ideas on the following page. Yes, there are lots of professional cooking tips and ideas for YOUR perfect barbecue.

Grill like a world champion, click on the next link, it’s fun!

BBQ Recipes…

german food and recipes

German Food

Discover here German recipes and traditional main courses from Germany.

Prepare German Roulades, Original German Sauerbraten, Meat Loaf with egg filling and the famous Koenigsberger Klopse with caper sauce deliciously.

German Food & German Recipes

Top Cooking Videos from Thomas Sixt

The most watched cooking videos from my Youtube channel. Have fun trying and enjoying!

… all recipes with cooking video by Thomas Sixt

Schweinebraten Rezept Bild, Schweinebauch knusprig beim Aufschneiden auf dem Brett. Bayerisches Originalrezept

Bavarian Roast Pork with more than 200,000 Views

Original Bavarian roast pork, this is how grandpa Loibl prepared the delicious pork roast with crispy “Krusperl”.

… to the recipe original Bavarian roast pork

Gualsch Rezept Bild Kochrezept Bild zu wiener Saftgulasch

Goulash Preparation, more than 120,000 Views

My goulash recipe is a Bavarian original with Viennese accents. Try my recipe, let it taste you!

… to the recipe for Austrian goulasch with spaetzle by Thomas Sixt 

Forelle im Ganzen in der Alufolie zubereitet mit Weißwein und Gemüse. Rezept Bild zum Kochvideo mit Kochrezept.

Fish prepared in Aluminum Foil, over 80,000 Views

Practical: The fish is cooked whole with vegetables and herbs in aluminium foil. The top fish recipe for quick cooking!

… to the recipe trout in aluminium foil, fish quickly prepared

Recipes by categories

Discover great recipe with picture and chef’s guide!

Welcome to the Website thomassixt.de/en

I’m glad you stopped by… This is my personal cooking website, my name is Thomas Sixt, I am a professional chef, food photographer and author.

This page is about delicious home-cooking, find inspiration for great dishes and impressions from the kitchens of different countries, discover your new favorite recipe.

This is the professional chef Foodblog with more than 350 detailed cooking instructions and thousands of photos, cooking videos, exciting and interesting stories about cooking, enjoying and spending time together.

Good food flatters body and soul. Here you will find professional support, personal and from the chef.

Koch-Zeitschrift lust auf Genuss thomas sixt kocht mit Prominenten: Ulrike Kriener

Cooking with Ulrike Kriener – I cooked with the likeable actress in Munich for the cooking magazine Lust auf Genuß.

Thomas Sixt… Chef and Food Photographer

Personal ideas are always sooo difficult… Nevertheless a few words about me….

I learned the craft of cooking more than 20 years ago with Alfons Schuhbeck (1 star and 19 points in Gault e Millau). My wandering years led me into the German and international star gastronomy, stations were well-known restaurants like the Tantris in Munich (Hans Haas, 2 stars) and the residence Heinz Winkler (2-3 stars) in Aschau im Chiemgau.

I am not only familiar with cooking in gastronomy, as a cooking trainer I have cooked with more than 10,000 customers in cooking courses and cooking events in the past.

So far I have been able to publish four cookbooks with well-known publishers, and I have also produced my own apps and iBooks.

Today I prefer to write online to get as many people as possible enthusiastic about good cuisine.

It’s exciting to look into the pots of celebrities and lesser known cooking colleagues. Paul Bocuse, Eckart Witzigmann, Jamie Oliver, Tim Mälzer, Roland Trettl, Hans Haas, Heinz Winkler and Alfons Schuhbeck are sometimes mentioned.

Let’s cook together! On my page you will find a large collection of recipes with photos and step-by-step instructions.

Kochbücher von Thomas Sixt, Kochprofi und Foodfotograf

So far published cookbooks by Thomas Sixt.

Virtual Chef Cooking School

Cooking together is fun! You’ll find many ideas for your kitchen here in the cookery blog.

Cook down-to-earth dishes for every day or dare to try the dishes of the big kitchen. In any case you will find what you are looking for…

In general, I always try to make it as easy as possible for you to prepare even the most elaborate dishes. Should a cooking question remain unanswered, please write me a comment.

My photo recipes are extensively written and designed. I explain cooking terms to you directly and without detours. I have really put myself into it for you: The creation of an article takes about 10-12 hours, sometimes even longer.

Online cookbooks are very popular, after all, cooking stories, kitchen stories and photo recipes are the ideal instructions for cooking at home.

Digital cooking instructions are super practical! Many photos show you how to select and prepare food. You can watch the most important tricks in cooking videos and cook perfectly for your loved ones at home.

Erdbeermarmelade selber einkochen

Digital cooking instructions for strawberry jam on your bread.

Perfect dinner, huh?

Why don’t you ask the professional chef? Because if your Mercedes is broken, you do not go to the hobby screwdriver … 🙂

For your perfect dinner menu you can have a look around here and discover the suitable dishes.

In contrast to hobby cooking bloggers, I learned the craft of cooking from scratch. That’s why I have a wealth of experience through my previous activities, which I would like to share with you.

Paellapfanne direkt vom Ofen auf den Tisch

Paella with seafood, a great dish for a perfect dinner with friends. You can discover the original from Spain with step by step instructions here.

Kochvideos Headcam Kochen

Here you can find cooking videos of my self-produced cooking show Head-Cam-Cooking, Staffel I,II und III, which was broadcasted over 3 years on Vienna’s city television. Produced 2010-2013.

Watch me cooking over my shoulder… Headcam Cooking: I wear a camera on my head, these are videos shot from the chef’s point of view.

So far there are 190 episodes of Headcam Cooking. Currently I am concentrating on food photography and writing here in the Kochblog.

Ideas for new cooking formats I have many… TV stations as well as food producers are welcome to contact me for an exchange or for a new production. Recipe sponsoring and paid blog posts are possible, contact me.


What moves me so…

I love the traditional country cuisine. Nationally and internationally I always look for pearls. It’s not just about gourmet or star cuisine, but about authentic, good cooking, eating and drinking.

Sometimes I prefer an old cast iron pan to a modern stainless steel pot, I only use the microwave to heat up the plate, I only use pressure cookers if there is no other way …

I have been photographing my own food for 20 years. After the meal the plate is finally empty. Therefore it makes sense to take a photo 🙂

In the beginning I just wanted to add photos to my internal cookbook, after all customers and publishers became aware of my work through presentations and I was able to sell the first pictures commercially.

My kitchen and food photography has evolved over the years. Today I can smile a bit about some food pictures or dishes… and get wiser and wiser 😉

Kalbsschnitzel in der Pfanne mit Kräuter und Knoblauch.

Cast pan is sometimes better than stainless steel pan. Here is an early work from the year 2004, which always tastes good.

Culinary Art

The art of cooking begins with me in the kitchen and sometimes it creates a picture on the wall. My thanks go to the interior designers and furnishing specialists who are friends with me, who love and appreciate my paintings and integrate them into the design of modern living spaces.

I have been working for Food-Art since 2005 and today I am delighted to have clients from all over the world.

Please let me know if you would like to redesign your kitchen or a dining area. I will bring your favourite dish to the wall as a unique item.

Pasta and Dreams Food Art by Thomas Sixt. limited works of art

Limited Food Art by Thomas Sixt “Pasta and Dreams”.


Aprikosenkuchen auf schwarzem Hintergrund.

Apricot cake with shortcrust pastry on a black background photographed rich in contrast. I like the picture and the cake. 🙂 © Food Art by Thomas Sixt


Donut Krapfen Lichtinstallation Kunstwerk Food Art Eat Art

“Donut” light installation, limited work of art by Thomas Sixt.

My vision of cooking and enjoying…

We live in a time of chicken nuggets culture. The founder of Mc Donalds, Ray Kroc, left us his questionable culinary heritage.

Almost everywhere in the world, restaurateurs serve the pressed meat nuggets. I have seen ski instructors protest in the kitchen, demanding nuggets again for the children from the ski course, because the children refused freshly cooked food, healthy vegetable ice cream and salad, even freshly breaded chicken.

Backhenderl mit Beilagen alias original bayerische Chicken Nuggets.

Making fried chicken instead of chicken nuggets, in the article you will find all the tips from the professional kitchen.

I like real, handcrafted cooking. I like to look over the shoulder of Nepalese women preparing momos. I prefer to eat boquerones fritos instead of molecular cuisine.

Momo Zubereitung, Teigtaschen in Nepal

Nepalese women preparing the traditional Momos. The dumplings with a meat filling of goat and chicken meat are particularly popular in Nepal, Tibet and in northeastern India.

If I can, I prefer to cook myself or together with and for people.

Through appealing and exciting cooking stories I would like to encourage you to cook yourself.
Instead of a ready-made pizza, I prefer a homemade pizza, kitchen instead of couch potato, great food cooking instead of cooking with a chip bag.

Kleine Kuchen mit Obst

Small cakes from the French bakery. Tart with apricots, caramelized strawberries, lemon tart and cherry tart. Baking it yourself is fun!

Rediscover your favourite Recipe and enjoy cooking!

On this cooking website you can rediscover your personal favourite recipe. Dishes for various occasions such as Christmas, Easter, birthday party or seasonal themes in the year such as pumpkin, strawberries, chanterelles, wild garlic are numerous.

The cooking recipes are always passionately cooked with fresh ingredients and prepared with many professional contents to enable you an optimal and varied recooking.

Various categories help you to make your choice:

  • Soups, because soup is always good.
  • Main courses, because everyday life needs a change.
  • Vegetarian cooking, because it’s good for the soul.
  • If you cook for guests, it is advisable to stop by for starters. After all, the evening should be a beautiful one.
  • For the festive kitchen and for holidays there is meat and poultry to discover.
  • The popular risotto and pasta dishes offer a good change.
  • For the sweet end, please check out the dessert section. Here you will always find a happy ending.

Discover the classics of German Cuisine… Meatloaf, Wiener Schnitzel, Currywurst, goose roast and pork roast and cook the dishes like a professional.

Hackbraten angerichtet

False hare without filling served with potatoes and caper sauce. German cuisine in a new design.

Personally I am interested in LOW CARB diet kitchen and gluten-free diet. You will find many healthy ideas here.

Services for Companies, Publishers and Online Portals

Thomas Sixt offers catering for trade fairs with show cooking and cooking events from conception to implementation. Services for companies include recipe development with food photography, marketing support for food brands, catering advice and menu advice for hotels as well as gastronomic change and quality management.

Extract of references and customers

Miele, Zepter International, gorenje, Küppersbusch, bulthaup, Joya, Kronenöl, Ceres, Rieber, efko, Diamant, mymuesli, Kaiser Bonbons, Microsoft, VFI, Thermomix, MSC.org.

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This website is available in German and English.

It is important to me to convey mindfulness while eating: Discover the newly developed ICON DIET and the FOOD ENERGETICS concept. FOOD ENERGETICS offers you the opportunity to recognize food that strengthens you – and food that weakens you. Until we get to know each other personally, I wish you lots of fun trying out the recipes, good success and a pleasurable time.