Christmas Recipes

Every year I look forward to the silent part of the year, to Advent and Christmas. Then it is finally time again to spend time with the family and loved ones. Cooking together, a punch with friends, a great meal as a menu, buffet or brunch, everything is wonderful. Christmas is a Christian feast and we celebrate the birth of Jesus Christ on 24 December. The winter solstice on 21 December makes the days longer again and we prepare ourselves for the turn of the year. Christmas time is also the time for inner reflection. To find some peace from the stressful everyday life, to think, to let the soul dangle. In this sense I have prepared some wonderful recipes for you for the most beautiful and peaceful time of the year. Let yourself be inspired and enjoy being!

Christmas hors d'oeuvres - Christmas Starters and Appetizers

Recipes for Christmas Appetizers and Christmas Starters for your Christmas Menue

Delicious appetizer ideas for Christmas: Shrimps in a crispy cover. Alternatively tofu in a crispy winter coat ūüôā
…go to the recipe

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Martin¬īs Goose¬†the better Turkey for Thanksgiving ūüôā

Punch & mulled Wine

Mulled Wine

My favourite mulled wine consists of: 4 cloves, 1 stick of cinnamon, some anise, one capsule of cardamom, 2 oranges, 150 ml orange juice, 1.5 l white wine or dry red wine, 6 tbs brown sugar or equal amount of honey. Place the spices in a pot, add the oranges cut into slices, add the remaining ingredients, bring to the boil slowly and leave to stand for 10 minutes. I refine the punch variant of this recipe to taste with Jamaica Rum.

Punsch Rezept f√ľr die Weihnachtszeit und Adventszeit


I refine the punch variant of this recipe to taste with Jamaica Rum.

Tip for mulled wine and punch: Due to the slow boiling the aromas can unfold very well, I sometimes put some fresh mint in the cup, it looks good and tastes great.

Christmas Soups

I like to cook the chestnut soup and the potato soup during Advent and Christmas. This soups are fantastic, creamy soups, they delights the palate and warms the soul…

Christmas Chestnut Soup

getr√ľffelte Maronisuppe, eine leckere Suppe f√ľr die Weihnachtszeit.

Maroni soup with truffle ingredients and preparation:
Sweat 150 g peeled chestnuts in a pot with 1 tsp butter, then caramelize lightly with 1 tsp brown sugar, then deglaze with 150 ml dry white wine, add 400 ml vegetable stock and bring to the boil, season with salt, pepper, nutmeg and cayenne pepper. Bring to the boil and add 200 ml cream. Let the soup steep for 15 minutes, mix with cold butter until frothy and serve.

Tip for The Maroni Soup:

Refine the soup with white truffle oil and truffle slices, this is a heavenly soup.

Christmas Potato Soup

Kartoffelsuppe angerichtet und dekoriert

The potato soup fits thematically into the season and is perfect for Christmas. Below are some tips for variations, a detailed recipe can be found here:  potato creme soup

Tips for Christmas Potato Soup:

  • The soup tastes good as a starter with homemade chips
  • Truffle oil and white truffle make this soup a gourmet experience
  • You can make the soup a stew and add potato cubes, celery cubes, carrot cubes to it
  • You can also add a¬†meatballs Fleischpflanzerl¬†to your Potato Soup
  • You can serve the soup with salmon cubes

Meatballs named "Fleischpfalnzerl" from Bavaria

Fleischpflanzerl Rezept meatballs form bavaria

The meatballs from Bavaria are called “Fleischpflanzerl”. Served with potato salad, the tasty small loaves are a popular Christmas dish. … go to the recipe meatballs

Vegetarian Recipes for Christmas

Maybe you would like to cook vegetarian for Christmas and do something good for yourself and your loved ones. Then I would have a vegan goulash or a potato salad with lamb’s lettuce and crispy strudel dough bag in the program or prepare a vegetarian Christmas menu: Combine the chestnut soup, the saffron risotto and the chocolate mousse. This is sure to be delicious and you’ll be able to create the menu in 1.5 hours.

Vegetarian and Vegan Goulash

Veganer eintopf als Gulasch mit S√ľ√ükartoffeln

The vegan goulash is a wonderful stew in the cold season and ideal for Christmas if you don’t want to spend much time in the kitchen. Click here for the vegan goulash recipe…¬†

Potato Salad with crispy Strudel Dough Bag

Erdäpfel-Vogerlsalat mit Seitnpilztascherl, eine österreich Vorspeise

Potato salad is a popular dish in Bavaria during the Christmas season. I like to combine it with crispy strudel dough bags filled with mushrooms or with a herb quark cream. Such a dish gives pleasure… crispy strudel dough bags with potato-lambs lattuce

Saffron Risotto


The saffron risotto will definitely fit into a vegetarian menu. You can make the chestnut soup (see above) as a starter and then the saffron risotto as a vegetarian main course. Recipe saffron risotto 

Vegan Dessert for Christmas

Veganes Schokoladenmousse dekoriert mit Minze, Erdbeere, Granatapfelkerne

As a vegan dessert I recommend my chocolate mousse, refine it in the Christmas season with some cinnamon and gingerbread spice (1/2 tsp), it tastes delicious and is a crowning finale in a vegetarian or vegan Christmas menu. Recipe vegan chocolate mousse…

Fish Recipes for Christmas

Fish recipes have a tradition in the Christmas season. Christmas carp is a popular recipe. Let the fish dealer prepare the carp fillet for you well, then bread it in flour, whisked egg and fine breadcrumbs and bake it floating in the fat. Therewith fits potato salad or parsley potatoes. For a change, I recommend the following fish dishes, additionally think of mussels: blue mussels in white wine and mussels in curry foam are a real highlight and offer a great culinary variety during the Christmas season.

Trout M√ľllerin Style

Forellenfilet knusprig gebraten mit Wurzelgem√ľse und Meerrettichschaum, Kochrezept Bild Thomas Sixt.

The crispy fried trout fillet on root vegetables and horseradish foam is a great fish dish for Christmas.

Recipe for Trout prepare with Cooking Video…¬†

Practical and tasty: Fish in Aluminium Foil

Fisch in der Alufolie zubereiten Rezept Bild Forelle in der Alufolie mit Gem√ľse und Wei√üweinsauce mit Thymian und Tomaten

A practical dish for Christmas is the fish in aluminium foil. It is a very aromatic dish, preparation time 15 minutes!

Recipe for Fish – Trout in Aluminum Foil…

Meat Recipes for Christmas

Meat recipes for Christmas, we immediately think of the roast goose. ¬†I would like to recommend you¬†Z√ľricher geschnetzeltes – Zurich Ragout, a Fillet Wellington, Bavarian Meatballs – Fleischpflanzerl or a nice¬†Steak au Gratin.¬†For those who prefer it easier, simply prepare a Roasted Duck Leg with Vegetables in the Oven, the recipe shows the preparation with cooking video step by step.

Christmas Roast Goose

Rezept Bild zu Gänsebraten, knusprige Martinsgans mit Knödel und Rotkraut

The preparation of roast goose I show in a detailed article and recipe with many cooking videos. goose Purchase, prepare roast goose, fill goose, fry goose, trigger and carve goose, prepare red cabbage, prepare napkin dumplings, prepare goose sauce and prepare and serve goose with crispy skin. You can watch the new cooking videos in peace and quiet and put your perfect Christmas goose on your plate!

To the recipe roast goose…

Christmas Desserts

With the desserts for Christmas I am a fan of chocolate mousse and apple strudel, a wonderful tart made of biscuit dough has also really impressed me. The following Christmas dessert recipes are simple, you don’t need much time. Finally, sweets for the soul. Good success…

Apple Strudel with Gingerbread


The Christmas apple strudel recipe is from my apprenticeship. I show you in the recipe with video the preparation with strudel dough and in the contribution additionally with puff pastry.

Austrian Apfelstrudel – Apple Strudel with gingerbread as Christmas dessert

Tarte made of Biscuit Dough with Fruits and Marzipan

Fr√ľschtetartes lecker und schnell zubereiten, Rezept Bild Tartes mit Zwetschgen oder Pflaumen

I love tartes with fruits! Puff pastry, thin marzipan and fruits according to season put on it and off in the oven. The tartes taste with ice and bring this wonderful warm and cold to the plate. I have prepared the following tartes with christmas cookie dough. That’s something different, goes fast and is an excellent Christmas present! Recipe with cooking video, preparation time under 30 minutes!

Tarte with fruits with puff pastry or special dough for Christmas

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