Wild Garlic Recipes

Wild garlic is a wonderful wild herb. At the edges of light woods it often smells of garlic in spring. This is the bear’s garlic, which tastes almost like garlic. At best you pick the leaves before the blossom and process them quickly in the kitchen. The wild garlic must not be confused with the optically similar lily of the valley leaves, these do not smell of garlic and are poisonous! The bear’s garlic is said to have many positive characteristics. Legend has it that the prehistoric man observed the bear eating wild garlic after hibernation and cleverly deduced that it must be an edible and healthy herb. Bear’s garlic has a digestive effect, as much has been proven today. It is ingeniously suited for a purification cure in spring. The bear’s garlic brings the digestion into balance, juices and waste products into motion. With chronic skin diseases it should lead to an improvement. Natural healers say that bear’s garlic has a blood-cleansing effect. Every year I am happy about the fresh wild garlic in the kitchen. The young leaves taste to me finely cut on a sandwich, bear’s garlic refines vegetable soups and salads suitably to the season. The wild garlic pesto and the wild garlic soup delight the eye with a wonderful and fresh green and the palate with a light and exquisite garlic taste. Have fun trying out the following wild garlic 🙂 bear’s garlic recipes and good luck! …find all Recipes from Bavarian Chef Thomas Sixt here…   

wild garlic soup with inlay tofu and muesli coat

Wild Garlic Soup easy to prepare with Cooking Video, Recipe with Chef Tips for Foam Soup and Cream Soup

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Preparing wild garlic soup is what I show with this recipe step by step with cooking video and many tips and tricks. The bear’s garlic cream soup is introduced, as well as the bear’s garlic foam soup and the preparation of the soup with bear’s garlic pesto. I answer the question how a bear’s garlic soup stays nice and green and how it gets tasty and delicious on the table. Good luck!

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Herb Soup for Spring - Maundy Thursday Soup with fried Egg

Herb Soup for Spring – Maundy Thursday Soup with fried Egg

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Maundy Thursday soup and wild herb soup for spring, in this article I show you a wonderful herb soup with a fried egg. The soup is radiant and pleasing to the eye. The soup goes perfectly with a brunch around Easter! The preparation of the soup is easy and my chef tips will help you, as always, to cook it yourself. Good luck!

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