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Recipes for strawberries, simple baking recipes for strawberries by chef Thomas Sixt.

Strawberry recipes and a little story… Who would have thought? The strawberry belongs to the rose family and thrives wonderfully on sandy soil.

Strawberries picked by yourself or fresh wild strawberries taste best.

Domestic strawberries are available in Germany from May to July, depending on the weather.

The strawberry season begins in May and ends in July.

The ripe strawberry tastes pure with cream, on the strawberry cake, as a filling in strawberry strudel, mixed to a sauce or cooked to strawberry jam.
Process the strawberries quickly after picking.

Strawberries lose their aroma when stored in the refrigerator.

Following my recipes for strawberries I wish you good luck!

Here you find all recipes from the Bavarian Chef Thomas Sixt! 

Strawberry Recipes, Baking Recipes by chef Thomas Sixt