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Recipes for strawberries, simple baking recipes for strawberries by chef Thomas Sixt.

Strawberry recipes and a little story… Who would have thought? The strawberry belongs to the rose family and thrives wonderfully on sandy soil.

Strawberries picked by yourself or fresh wild strawberries taste best.

Domestic strawberries are available in Germany from May to July, depending on the weather.

The strawberry season begins in May and ends in July.

The ripe strawberry tastes pure with cream, on the strawberry cake, as a filling in strawberry strudel, mixed to a sauce or cooked to strawberry jam.
Process the strawberries quickly after picking.

Strawberries lose their aroma when stored in the refrigerator.

Following my recipes for strawberries I wish you good luck!

Here you find all recipes from the Bavarian Chef Thomas Sixt! 

Strawberry Recipes, Baking Recipes by chef Thomas Sixt

Strawberry Cake simply prepared as Strawberry Crumble, Kitchen Story with many Chef Tips

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Strawberry cake simply, this cake will inspire you and give you real pleasure. The strawberries are prepared with special sprinkles and that makes for a great taste explosion. You can bake the cake in the casserole dish, on the baking tray or in the souffle dish. In this article I give lots of tips for strawberry cake variations and a dessert idea for a strawberry variation forms the conclusion. Good success!

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strawberry shake recipe picture

Strawberry Shake in different Variations, Wiki Article with Recipe and many Tips

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Strawberry shake and its relatives strawberry shake with ice, strawberry shake without ice, strawberry milk shake, strawberry smoothie and strawberry classic are explained in this article with a refined recipe. Please try it yourself and quickly share it with your friends!

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strawberry ice cream

Make your own Strawberry Ice Cream with or without Ice Machine or Thermomix, Kitchen Story with Video Instruction and Recipe

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I show in this article how to make a strawberry ice cream yourself. Beside the preparation of the vanilla ice cream mass I describe how you can make strawberry ice cream in the ice cream machine, strawberry ice cream without ice cream machine and strawberry ice cream in the Thermomix yourself. Good luck!

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