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Soup Recipes from German Chef Thomas Sixt. Find ideas for great Soups here!

Soup recipes and a little story… The soup itself has something magical about it for me.

All I knew from my childhood was the noodle soup and the chicken soup. When I was first allowed to look over the shoulder of Heinz Winkler, a 3-star chef from Bavaria, it was a revelation for me as a future chef.

I was just 15 years old, walked towards the staff entrance in the morning and there was a special fragrance in the air. At that time I could not yet assign this fine and extraordinary fragrance, quickly I hurried into the kitchen… A supplier had brought white truffles and these stood between the amazed cooks and spread their bewitching scent.

Later in the day these truffles were sliced very thinly onto a velvety, creamy and tasty perfect potato soup and served to the guests. After more than 25 years I can still remember the taste of the soup and the smell of the truffle today… WOW. Thank you Heinz.

Since then, I have loved soups in their various forms. I especially like the concentration of taste in the soup.

Solid becomes liquid: Physically simple and yet it is an incredible act when a fine soup is made from celery, potato and pumpkin. Here you will find my soup recipes and I wish that the soup spark also jumps over on you.

Good luck and have fun!

Here you find all recipes from the Bavarian Chef Thomas Sixt   

Recipes for Soups

wild garlic soup with inlay tofu and muesli coat

Wild Garlic Soup easy to prepare with Cooking Video, Recipe with Chef Tips for Foam Soup and Cream Soup

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Preparing wild garlic soup is what I show with this recipe step by step with cooking video and many tips and tricks. The bear’s garlic cream soup is introduced, as well as the bear’s garlic foam soup and the preparation of the soup with bear’s garlic pesto. I answer the question how a bear’s garlic soup stays nice and green and how it gets tasty and delicious on the table. Good luck!

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Carrot soup - carrot cream soup recipe picture

How to prepare Carrot Soup fantastically fine, Recipe with many Tips for Carrot Cream Soup in different Variations

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Recipe for carrot soup, intelligent recipe with basic recipes and variants of the popular carrot cream soup: With cream, with coconut milk, with curry, with ginger, vegan and with orange juice. Detailed description and kitchen story from the professional chef. I show you ingenious soups with carrot.

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preparing chicken soup in a pot

Chicken Broth Recipe with Chef Tips and Cooking Video for delicious Chicken Soup

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Recipe chicken broth and chicken soup with step by step instructions. Kochwiki with many chef tips and cooking video. Prepared as a kitchen story you get the optimal instructions for the preparation of the popular soup. In addition to the basic recipe, I show you many variations for the preparation of a classic chicken broth, a chicken soup that helps with colds and give spice recommendations from international cuisine. Additionally you will learn how to cook a fast chicken soup and how to use the remains of the fried chicken for a soup.

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Herb Soup for Spring - Maundy Thursday Soup with fried Egg

Herb Soup for Spring – Maundy Thursday Soup with fried Egg

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Maundy Thursday soup and wild herb soup for spring, in this article I show you a wonderful herb soup with a fried egg. The soup is radiant and pleasing to the eye. The soup goes perfectly with a brunch around Easter! The preparation of the soup is easy and my chef tips will help you, as always, to cook it yourself. Good luck!

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Bouillabaisse french fish soup

Bouillabaisse, the French Fish Soup with Rouille, made by yourself

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Bouillabaisse recipe with step by step Wiki. The well-known French Mediterranean fish soup is presented in detail in this article. We look over the shoulders of star chef Paul Bocuse and adopt his findings for our own fish soup. My variant for a simple bouillabaisse is ideal because you get the ingredients easily. Let yourself be inspired and develop the recipe further.

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classic noodle soup

Noodle Soup classic or gluten-free prepare with Video, simply delicious and healthy

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Noodle soup recipe with step by step instructions. Beside the classic noodle soup I show the chicken soup, prepared with gluten-free rice noodles or spaghetti. In addition there is the variant of the Pho Ga, that is the well-known rice noodle soup with chicken from Vietnam. Two cooking videos help you to cook yourself. All tips and ideas for noodle soup at a glance and clearly summarized. Good success and have fun cooking soup!

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Recipes for Soups from German Chef Thomas Sixt

Soups recipes by cook coach Thomas Sixt. Discover exciting, delicious and simple soup recipes with detailed professional chef instructions. Many beautiful cooking ideas for cold and warm soups, cream soups, foam soups, clear soups and vegetable soups.

Soups Recipes simple

You want to make fantastic soups? Then you’ll find the ideal soup recipes here and you’ve come to the right place! Cold soups and warm soups, soup recipes for parties, fish soup, simple soups, quick soups, soup recipes to slim and vegetarian soups presents your personal cook coach Thomas Sixt. In his detailed cooking stories and cooking wikis Thomas shows you inspiring soup recipes which you can easily recook yourself. Cooking videos also help you to cook yourself, you get special preparation steps shown separately, so you can implement the professional tips directly yourself.

Recipes for hot and cold Soups

Here in the Kochblog you will find soup recipes for every season. Pumpkin soup for autumn and winter, potato soup in various variations, wild herb soup and herb soup as well as wild garlic soup for spring, asparagus soup, cold cucumber soup and gazpacho accompany you in summer to refreshing taste experiences. Warm soup recipes and cold soup recipes accompany you throughout the year and delight the palate. Thomas Sixt stirs up creative soups for you again and again, sometimes even in Thermomix. Put great soups on your table and plates, you will find the optimal support on this website.

Soups Recipes to slim down

Soups are excellent dishes for losing weight. The soup fills the stomach, balances the fluid balance, reduces hunger and is easily digestible. Soups make it easier to lose weight and stick to your diet. The variety on the daily menu is the most important thing for the enjoyment besides the positive taste experience. The diet with soup should be fun after all. Thomas Sixt is a trained nutrition trainer and chef who will show you many practical ideas for great soups. In addition, you will receive creative cooking tips to help you make soup.

Soup Recipes for Parties

Soups are an ingenious party food. You can fill your soup into small cups, then serve the soup for drinking. It doesn’t even take a spoon. We recommend a cold gazpacho or iced tomato soup in summer, pumpkin soup or truffled potato soup in autumn. You can then do without large inlays so that the soup remains easy to drink. Inspire your guests with exciting, unusual soup recipes, which you can find here in Thomas Sixt’s cookery blog.

Quick Soups Recipes

A good base of vegetables such as potato, pumpkin, tomato, chestnut or celery is sweated with butter, deglazed with dry white wine and vegetable broth, finally refined with cream and mixed up. Finish with salt, pepper, nutmeg and cayenne pepper. With a little practice you can conjure up dreamlike soup on your plate and soup bowl.

Soups Recipes vegetarian

Ideas for vegetarian soups are popular and create balance. With lots of vegetables and the right spices and aromatics, tasty soups are made without any animal protein. Even cream soups are not a big challenge, because soy cream and coconut milk are ideal substitutes for cow’s milk and the soup is a great success. All tips and recipes for soup cooking can be found here!