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Salad Recipes from Bavarian Chef Thomas Sixt

Salad recipes and a little story: If I can bring you closer to the subject of salad with this chapter, then I have achieved what I have set out to do.

Let’s start with leaf salads, I love the different colours and slightly different flavours. Varied salad dressings conjure up tasty variations on your plate.

Watch your salad cleaning! I remember my first kick-off as a cook apprentice when I brought wet salad for an urgent order. The dissolution of history: Only dry lettuce can absorb the dressing well, so the lettuce is immediately dried or centrifuged dry after washing.

In this article I will show you how to wash and prepare leaf salads. Please also have a look at the lamb’s lettuce washing and preparing, the wonderful Vogerlsalat needs a special treatment, so that the tender florets come pretty on the plate.  

Then there is potato salad and the many other salads with rice, quinoa, lentils,… isn’t this a fantastic selection?  

Now I wish you a lot of fun while trying and tasting, below you find my salad recipes with picture and videos.

 Here you find all recipes from the Bavarian Chef Thomas Sixt 

Recipes for Salad

Recipes for Salads

Salad recipes by Thomas Sixt, discover here simple and tasty recipes for salads with picture and detailed Chef’s Guide. Here you will find salad recipes for grilling, salads for slimming, mixed salads and salad ideas for quick cooking. Let yourself be inspired and prepare salads like a chef.

Salad Recipes from the Chef

Looking for the best salad recipes to cook yourself? Then you’ll find the right salad tips here! Thomas Sixt accompanies you as your personal chef coach and shows you the best salad ideas of the star cuisine and the tips of the chefs. His Kochwikis convey the most important working steps as perfect cooking instructions. This starts with washing the right salad, Thomas will show you how lamb’s lettuce washing works differently and how preparing the lettuce correctly guarantees success.

The salad dressing prepare step by step instructions with the recipes lets you easily simple salad marinades and salad dressings succeed. Thomas has learned how to cook with nationally and internationally renowned star chefs, has held cooking courses with 10,000 customers, is a food photographer and is happy to pass on his cooking knowledge to you on this page.

Simple Salad Recipes

Simple salad recipes are very popular with fans of the Thomas Sixt cuisine. After all, you don’t always want to struggle for hours in the kitchen to get a quick dinner on the table. Whether you’re on a diet and looking for a slim salad idea or a salad recipe from Jamie Oliver that seems too complicated. Discover here simple salad recipes to cook yourself!

Delicious Salad Recipes

Delicious salad recipes are the result of expertise and a creative play with ingredients. Leaf salads must be well prepared, purchased in appropriate combination for mixed salad or green salad. Thomas likes to combine warm ingredients with salad, which can be fried vegetables, fish and meat or just freshly roasted herb bread cubes and cheese. Let yourself be surprised and try something new!

Salads Recipes for Slimming

Who wants to slim with salad needs many diet salad recipes. The variety on the menu is besides the positive taste experience the most important for the enjoyment. As a trained nutrition trainer and cook, Thomas will show you many practical ideas on how to store and prepare salad. In addition, you will learn creative cooking tips that will allow you to bring your salads to the table in a variety of ways.