Risotto Recipes

Risotto Recipes from German Chef Thomas Sixt. Category Picture.

Risotto Recipes from German Chef Thomas Sixt. You will find here delicious risotto recipes from the italian kitchen to cook yourself. Cook delicious risotti for you and your loved ones.

Risotto recipes and a little story… When I talk to people about risotto, there are always fans.

A risotto must be liquid and spread creamy on the plate. An Italian chef told me his risotto secret: “Onions only when mother-in-law comes!” He did not mean that seriously, but emphasized how important the balance of shallots, vegetables and rice is.

A good risotto is powerful on the palate and at the same time fine in taste.

The classic is a saffron risotto which I prepare without bone broth and marrow rather with a fine vegetable broth. The result is a light and fine risotto and the saffron can develop its aroma perfectly.

I like foam sauces on the risotto. The risotto froth is a fine and elegant layer on the rice. It is like a beautiful woman in bed, it is passionate and beguiling, the foam brings sensuality to the plate and pleases the eye and the palate.

Try the vegetable risotto with truffle foam, it is a heavenly dish!

Let my risotto creations seduce you and enjoy the recipes below. Good success!

Here you find all recipes from the Bavarian Chef Thomas Sixt 

Recipes for Risotto

Recipes for Risotto from German Chef Thomas Sixt

Risotto recipes with picture, cooking recipes for risotto by professional chef Thomas Sixt. Italian, tasty and simple risotto variations adapted to season and season. Discover extraordinary risotto with detailed step-by-step instructions. Chef Thomas Sixt shows you the best risotto dishes for your kitchen. Learn how star chefs prepare the perfect risotto and conjure it up on your plate.

Risotto Basic Recipe, Risotto classic Cooking

An Italian cook from Padova once explained to me: “Onions are only risottoed when the mother-in-law comes. With a funny argument he brought me closer to his risotto ingredients: He always cooked the risotto on the basis of butter, risotto rice, white wine, broth, parmesan and butter. Another basic risotto variant is a Sofrito. Root vegetables and onions are cut into fine cubes and then first sweated in butter. This vegetable base adds flavour to the risotto.

Risotto Recipes with Mushrooms

Risotto with mushrooms is a popular dish. Porcini mushrooms, chanterelles, herb mushrooms or mushrooms are ideal accompaniments to risotto. The mushrooms are usually first sweated in the pot with butter, sometimes even fried. This is followed by the risotto rice, which is steamed to a glassy consistency by briefly sweating. Covered with white wine and broth, the risotto can be cooked while stirring. With Parmesan and butter the risotto finds creamy perfection. Try my recipe porcini risotto, with cooking video I show you the optimal preparation.

Risotto simple

The simplest risotto consists of butter, risotto rice, white wine, broth and parmesan. By adding thyme and a little grated lemon zest it quickly becomes a thyme risotto. Another recipe shows the preparation of ingredients, which you usually have in the fridge at home. See my simple risotto recipe.

Vegetarian Risotto Recipes

The vegetarian cuisine has many fans in our time. The risotto cuisine offers wonderful variety and many good ideas. You can cook a thyme risotto, a herb risotto and a saffron risotto at any time using only vegetarian ingredients to make a delicious, balancing and healthy dish.