Recipes with Cooking Videos by Thomas Sixt

Recipes with cooking videos and a little story… A few years ago I had an exciting shooting day with Ruth Moschner in Berlin.

While shooting with a big team I had the idea to make my own cooking videos. How do you do that without a budget, without a cameraman, without a sound engineer?

Quite simply, I put a camera on my head and Headcam-Cooking became my first self-produced cooking format.

That’s a lot of work! You can find 190 episodes of Headcam Cooking on Youtube and the matching recipes here on this page and in my cookbook.

I’m a little proud already, the show has made the leap into Viennese city television and I’m happy about that.

My invitation to you: Just look over my shoulder while cooking and let yourself be inspired to cook yourself!

Have fun… I’ll see you in your kitchen!

Here you find all recipes from the Bavarian Chef Thomas Sixt  

Recipes with Cooking Videos Headcam Cooking by Thomas Sixt

Headcam Cooking with Thomas Sixt

Recipe with cooking videos by Thomas Sixt, these are headcam cooking videos, filmed with the camera on your head. You can find 190 episodes here and on Youtube with the matching recipe instructions, cooking wikis and kitchen stories. Look directly over Thomas’ shoulders as he cooks, let him show you the chef’s tips first hand and learn step by step how easy cooking can be. An overview of all recipes by categories: Recipes from Thomas Sixt.

Cooking videos Youtube

The headcam cooking video channel by Thomas Sixt enjoys great popularity and the channel already has more than a million viewers. In a refreshing way Thomas teaches you professional cooking knowledge and shows you tips and recipes from the star kitchen.

Cooking videos for beginners

The presented videos are ideal for beginners, because Thomas shows everything step by step. You can easily cook the selected dishes yourself. Thomas Sixt has conducted cooking courses with more than 10,000 cooking enthusiasts and shows you how to succeed.

Best cooking videos on Youtube

The best cooking videos on Youtube are Bavarian roast pork with more than 200,000 hits, leaf spinach with 110,000 hits and goulash with over 120,000 hits. Watch the cooking videos, good success in cooking!