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Grüß Gott, Namaste und Welcome to my website about recipes and cooking, living healthier and longer. I show you here more than 300 recipes with picture, detailed cooking recipes with exact instructions for self cooking, in addition step by step photos and cooking videos of my broadcast Headcam-Cooking.

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I am Thomas Sixt, have learned the cooking profession in star gastronomy, cooked events with more than 10,000 customers, written and photographed four cookbooks, completed a nutrition trainer training and I offer you services and advice on the subject of healthier and longer live.

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It is important to me to convey mindfulness while eating: Discover the newly developed ICON DIET and the FOOD ENERGETICS concept. FOOD ENERGETICS offers you the opportunity to recognize food that strengthens you – and food that weakens you. Until we get to know each other personally, I wish you lots of fun trying out the recipes, good success and a pleasurable time.

Recipes from Thomas Sixt

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The most watched cooking videos from my Youtube channel. Have fun trying and enjoying!

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Schweinebraten Rezept Bild, Schweinebauch knusprig beim Aufschneiden auf dem Brett. Bayerisches Originalrezept

Bavarian Roast Pork with more than 200,000 Views

Original Bavarian roast pork, this is how grandpa Loibl prepared the delicious pork roast with crispy “Krusperl”.

… to the recipe original Bavarian roast pork

Gualsch Rezept Bild Kochrezept Bild zu wiener Saftgulasch

Goulash Preparation, more than 120,000 Views

My goulash recipe is a Bavarian original with Viennese accents. Try my recipe, let it taste you!

… to the recipe for Austrian goulasch with spaetzle by Thomas Sixt 

Forelle im Ganzen in der Alufolie zubereitet mit Weißwein und Gemüse. Rezept Bild zum Kochvideo mit Kochrezept.

Fish prepared in Aluminum Foil, over 80,000 Views

Practical: The fish is cooked whole with vegetables and herbs in aluminium foil. The top fish recipe for quick cooking!

… to the recipe trout in aluminium foil, fish quickly prepared

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Recipe Blog by Cooking Professional

As a chef, I know and communicate Bavarian, Austrian and international cuisine. Inspiring and exciting recipes will make you cook yourself.
Some examples: Roast Pork, Roast goose, Filet Wellington and Summer Salad

Chef Recipes and the perfect Dinner with the Cook Coach

Bring variety into your everyday kitchen life. I will show you delicious cooking recipes. With the step by step instructions you will learn the best tips for cooking yourself. As a virtual helper I am your personal cook coach in your kitchen. Try my recipe for Make your own mayonnaise . May your perfect dinner be a success!

Successful self cooking with tips from star chefs

The professional chef is at work for you. I will show you how to cook in my recipe blog and pass on all the tips I know about starred cuisine to you. Shine in the kitchen and enjoy star cuisine and award-winning cuisine at home. Two delicious examples are: Poached egg and Cook veal fund yourself.

Cooking with cooking trainer Thomas Sixt. Learning to cook with professional guidance

My recipes and cooking ideas bring joy into your kitchen. My Kochwikis with many photos and cooking videos are the ideal support. With your personal cooking coach at your side, you can gradually expand your knowledge and finally cook better and better.

Kitchenstorys and Kochwikis

In the Internet there are recipes like sand at the sea. This cooking blog is an insider tip and brings you the optimal cooking instructions as a kitchen story on the screen. I show you the recipes for grandiose sauces, the optimal preparation and preparation of the food and the arrangement on the plate like a star chef.

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These fries are delicious – try the Best spaghettis of the world with tomatosauce.

I wish you a lot of fun cooking and good luck!