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Recipes by Theme

Diet and slimming, discover clearly arranged low carb recipes.

Recipes with cooking videos Headcam Cooking: Watch Thomas cooking over his shoulder and let him show you the cooking tricks of the professional chefs.

Gluten-free recipes are recipes without wheat or other gluten-containing cereals. So that life is fun and you can deal with food intolerance pleasurably.

Great, simple and impressive recipes for Christmas, Christmas, Christmas time, Advent and Christmas Eve.

Cooking at Easter, with many tips on Easter cuisine and seasonal cuisine when it comes to Easter egg hunting.

Grill and BBQ Recipes for every taste, so that the grill party with your friends becomes a stress-free event.

Rediscover themed cuisine with a professional chef
…look over the chef’s shoulder as he cooks.

Looking for exciting recipes? Now quickly cook something yourself? Here you will find wonderful cooking ideas for your kitchen.

Thomas Sixt accompanies you as a professional chef during the preparation of the dishes in your kitchen.

Was there a cooking question? You can send Thomas your cooking question at any time via the comment function and get an answer from the cooking professional.

Star chef recipes for your kitchen

Thomas shows you the best tricks from international star cuisine. All cooking instructions contain top information and cooking know-how from the professional.

The Kitchen Stories and Kochwikis teach you the most important steps and tricks.

Thomas Sixt has learned and worked as a cook with the most famous top chefs of our time.

Thomas has cooked together with 10,000 customers in cooking courses.

The cookbook author and food photographer shows you cooking and good food with passion.

On this cookery recipes page you will find cookery stories that will teach you how to cook yourself with fun.

Learning from the most famous Chefs

Thomas likes to browse through his cooking colleagues and shows the recipes prepared in his own way.

Discover the fish soup by Paul Bocuse, original Schuhbeck recipes, dishes by Jamie Oliver or cooking recipes by Johann Lafer refined to the new.

Surprise your guests and your loved ones with great dishes and shine in the kitchen.

Cooking with Cooking Video Instructions

Cooking videos are practical and make you want to cook yourself. Watch the recipes with cooking videos from Thomas Sixt and let you show practical cooking.

The cooking show Headcam Cooking shows the cooking from the point of view of the professional chef and brings the chef directly into your kitchen. Let it taste good!