Starters, the Best Recipes from the Chef

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Appetizers Recipes from Bavarian chef Thomas Sixt.

Appetizers Recipes for your Kitchen… Are you planning a menu and want to surprise and spoil your guests?
Let yourself be inspired here by my best recipe ideas for successful starters.

1. The Top Appetizers Recommendations of Chef Thomas Sixt

Starters vary from country to country, so I have put together some of my most popular starters here. In Italy we find delicious antipasti, in France we serve cold hors d’Å“uvre. Oriental starters are known under the name Mezze. In Spain, tapas are often served before the main course.

2. Recipes for Starters with Prawns

Just a little time? Still looking for an enchanting starter? Here my recommendation: Quickly prepare a shrimp starter yourself and enchant the guests! Here are some ingenious recipes that will surely give you pleasure:

3. Recipes for Starters with Fish

Want a sophisticated starter? Simply times at … Think of fish and prepare a warm or cold starter. Here are some recipes with a guarantee of success and tips from the starred kitchens of this world – wish you lots of fun!

4. Recipes for Starters with Mussels

Appetizers with mussels, this is luxury class and yet affordable. Mussels or oysters, Vongole or scallops, here the connoisseur’s heart beats faster! Below are some appetizers with mussels to cook yourself and enjoy with your loved ones!

P.S. Mussels are, provided they are compatible, the ideal introduction to a love menu 🙂

5. Recipes for Soups as Appetizer

Looking for a soup as an appetizer? Then this is the right place for you! Below are some wonderful soups that will make getting started with a menu a great event. The soup is a flatterer and makes the guests arrive really well. Have fun and good luck…

6. Vegetarian Appetizers Recipes

My vegetarian and vegan recipes for starters will surely please you and …do you good!  Discover aromatic, spicy and piquant worlds of taste and look forward to your guests asking for seconds. Let it taste you…

7. Gluten-free Appetizers Recipes

Gluten-free cuisine is particularly close to my heart! Many people do not tolerate gluten, the gluten protein, contained in our cereals. The consequences are abdominal pain, irritable bowel syndrome and celiac disease. In general, a gluten-free diet can increase well-being and contribute to weight loss. My article on gluten-free nutrition provides further information: Find out which foods contain gluten; the list of gluten-free cereals and pseudo-cereals helps in the selection of suitable foods. In addition, I have a special tip for you: My recipe gluten-free pizza shows you how to get a great and fantastic tasting pizza on your table despite your diet. Good luck!

8. Salad Starter Recipes

Here you will find salad appetizers recipes that please the eye and palate. Let yourself be inspired.

Salad wash and lamb’s lettuce wash I show in an own contribution. Good luck!

Starters and how the chef sees it…

For a chef, the playground of appetizers is one of the most enjoyable areas in the kitchen. This applies to professional gastronomy as well as to the kitchen at home. You can let your imagination run wild and play with the ingredients on the plate, always compose something new. The appearance plays an important role in an appetizer: different colours whet the appetite for food, surprising ingredients sometimes create an exciting effect on the plate. At home it is rather rare to prepare a starter, usually a soup or a salad. Therefore I would like to show you on this page some great ideas for appetizers, which are a feast for the eyes of you and your loved ones and which will amaze your palate. Let yourself be inspired by the following ideas, I wish you a lot of fun cooking yourself and good luck! Here you find all recipes from the Bavarian Chef Thomas Sixt 

Recipes for Starters and Appetizers

Starters Recipes by Thomas Sixt. Discover exciting, delicious and simple appetizers recipes with picture. Cold and warm starters, glass starters, small starters and starters for your menu and perfect dinner. You’ll find detailed chef instructions for perfect starters, including lots of cooking tips and ideas from the professional chef.

Fast Starters and Appetizers Recipes

Fast hot and cold appetizers recipes can be found on this page. Thomas will always reach into your creative box of tricks and conjure up great appetizers and recipes on your screen. With photos and very often with cooking videos, the lovingly prepared recipes are a great guide for you. Cook quickly, no problem, look around and find the right appetizer recipe.

Chefs Starters cold

Cold appetizers are a hit and not only in summer an ideal start to a menu. There are, for example, cold appetizers in a glass, small salad creations that you beautifully arrange and skillfully serve. For cold starters, the Salad Recipes category is also good, just to get an overview. Enjoy the best cold starters and surprise your guests with star chef creations. Offer your friends and loved ones something special, even with quick cold starters! Also look around for recipes for soups, there you will find cold and warm variations that will inspire you.

Chefs Starters warm

Warm starters are very often the ideal introduction to a menu, especially when you’re hosting your perfect dinner and friends come to you. Nevertheless, it can go easily and quickly with the warm appetizers. Thomas Sixt has also prepared selected recipes for you, which you can cook yourself immediately.

Small Starters

Small starters or mini starters are a great finger food or the best idea if you are expecting many guests and are hosting a flying dinner. You can prepare and arrange any starter in “small”, either serve directly as finger food with a napkin or with a small fork. The tips and recipes for fast, small starters can be found here!