Recipes according to Season Ingredients and Market Offer.

On this page you will find recipes sorted by seasonal ingredients. 

Discover here tasty and simple recipes matching seasonal ingredients and celebrate a tasty seasonal cuisine! 

Discover your favourite recipe here! I wish you good success in cooking yourself…

Recipes for wild garlic and bear´s garlic
asparagus recipes, cooking recipes for asparagus
strawberry recipes
cherry recipes
chanterelles recipes
Pumpkin recipes

Recipes according to seasonal ingredients

Find here recipes for spring and ramson season.

Woodruff punch welcomes the spring.

Wild garlic recipes are a real treat for the palate…

Asparagus recipes and ideas for the asparagus season, so that the slim stalks bring tasty on the plate…

Strawberry recipes from professional chefs, sweet recipes for strawberries and new recipes for strawberries like the strawberry risotto…

Great recipes for cherries…

Chanterelles recipes for the mushroom time, which you can prepare yourself easily and with certainty…

Ingenious pumpkin recipes for Thanksgiving and Helloween…

With season ingredients cooking like a cooking professional

Recipes by Thomas Sixt, these are professional chef recipes to cook yourself. Here you can find the great cooking ideas for the current season. And head chef Thomas accompanies you as a virtual cook coach in your kitchen.

But another cooking question? Send your questions directly via the comment function and receive a professional cook answer.

Star kitchen of the season for at home

Peel pumpkin properly, clean chanterelles, bring wild garlic pesto to the table in a lovely green colour, prepare a wild garlic soup like in a star restaurant…Chef Thomas will show you the best tricks of the star chefs. The recipes and kitchen stories contain a lot of information and cooking knowledge from the professional. In the Kochwikis the chef teaches you the most important steps.

Thomas Sixt is a chef and has learned and worked with the most famous top chefs of our time. In cooking courses, Thomas Sixt has cooked together with 10,000 customers. The cookbook author and food photographer loves good food and is happy to show you all his tricks.

You’ll find the best cooking stories here, that’s cooking with fun!

Cooks love seasonal cooking

Thomas likes to browse his cooking colleagues Schuhbeck, Jamie Oliver, Rach and Johann Lafer, Tim Mälzer and Henssler.

Here’s a new ingredient, there’s another addition…If you want to cook crisply, the best chefs will show you ideas for sophisticated guest cuisine.

Cooking with cooking videos

Recipes with cooking videos are practical and make you want to cook yourself. With many recipes by Thomas Sixt you will find cooking video instructions. Headcam Cooking: Thomas carries a camera on his head and is filmed from the cook’s point of view in real time. Look over the shoulders of the professional chef and conjure up a great dish for you and your loved ones.