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Sauces recipes of chef Thomas Sixt. Recipes for classic sauces, stocks, basic broths, cold sauces and dips.

Sauces recipes and a little story… In the sauce kitchen we cooks have long looked to France.

All classic sauces come more or less from the French cuisine or were developed there to what they are today. The classic, warm sauce preparation is associated with a lot of effort, but the taste of a properly and well cooked sauce is incomparable.

Beside the veal stock and the veal jus, which is the basis of most sauces in the good meat kitchen.

I have developed a recipe for easy sauce Hollandaise. Try this sauce, please. But I have to warn you at this point! You will not get a homemade hollandaise on your plate in many restaurants. Once you’ve tried a real homemade hollandaise, you won’t like the packer sauce anymore.

The same also applies to mayonnaise. In this category I have also placed the funds and basic soups, as well as the dips and cold sauces.

In the future my focus will be on the vegetarian kitchen. So check back often because new recipes are constantly being added here.

I wish you good success with the sauce cooking, let it taste you and enjoy attentively…

Here you find all recipes from the Bavarian Chef Thomas Sixt 

Sauces Recipes, basic recipes for classic sauces, sauces, broths and cold sauces

Recipes for Sauces and Broths

Sauce recipes for fish, meat, poultry and seafood by professional chef Thomas Sixt. Here you will find selected recipes for cold sauces and dips, basic broths and stocks, as well as recipes for dark and light sauces of the warm kitchen. Discover classic and fast cooking recipes of the sauce kitchen with detailed step by step instructions, pictures and cooking videos. Kochcoach Thomas Sixt shows you the best tips for preparing your sauces. Find out how star chefs prepare cold sauces, mayonnaise, fish stock and meat stock, sauces and jus and combine them perfectly with the matching dishes on the table.

Sauces with Meat

Sauces for meat are prepared in the upscale gastronomy and in the good kitchen on the basis of roasted bones. A good example of this is the recipe for veal stock, veal sauce and veal jus. The good sauce is also obtained when a roast is prepared in the oven. This applies, for example, to roast pork and roast goose. In the recipe for the Christmas goose, the preparation of duck sauce or goose sauce is explained by way of example, with cooking video.

Make your own Sauce

Making the sauce yourself is not difficult and always follows similar principles: The taste of bones and meat, vegetables, tomato marrow and wine, aromatics and spices should blend into the sauce. A sauce base is created by appropriate preparation and subsequent slow boiling. A veal jus is cooked in this way for several hours, finally bones give off 7-9 hours of collagen protein and taste. Such a sauce, cooked with love, will not be forgotten, it is the pure taste and melts on the tongue.

Simple Recipes for Sauces

The simple sauce for short roasted meat is quite simple: Fry the meat in a pan with a little oil, add the onion cubes, deglaze with white wine and cover with a lid. Mushrooms or porcini mushrooms can be added to the mushrooms. Strain the sauce with some broth and thicken with cornflour and butter. Don’t forget to season: salt, pepper, nutmeg, herbs and butter refine the taste of the sauce according to your personal wishes. Sample recipe: Prepare veal escalope naturally in Italian style.

Sauce Recipe Fish

The recipe Fisch in der Alufolie shows how easy it is to make a sauce with fish. Sprinkled with white wine, covered with herbs and aromatics, a fine fish dish with sauce is created in a short time. But not enough for those who need a light basic sauce sweat onion cubes or shallots cubes with butter, pimento and bay leaf 15 minutes on a gentle heat. Dry white wine is now added to the deglazing to then determine with vegetable broth the desired amount of sauce. The cream follows and is slowly added to the boiling sauce. The binding is done with cornflour, stirred in cold water, this is slowly added until the desired consistency. Truffle oil or herbs or neither (white wine sauce), salt, pepper, nutmeg and cayenne pepper give the fish sauce the desired taste.

Sauces Recipes for Pasta

The pasta is already very popular and the sauce makes the pasta really tasty. Try a tomato sauce passed tomatoes or a tomato sauce made from fresh tomatoes. Spaghetti with tomato sauce and shrimps, spaghetti aglio oliomit garlic and chilli. The sauce for the pasta is already included in the ragout, here is the deer ragout recommended to you, it is a wonderful dish!

Chef Sauces

The best sauces to cook yourself, Thomas Sixt always shows you new recipes for sauces. Try the homemade mayonnaise or the sauce Hollondaise, both Kochwiki recipes are with videos an optimal guide for you. With Headcam-Cooking cooking videos cook like a chef. You can follow all preparation steps in the best possible way and use the cooking grips shown directly yourself.