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Pasta Recipes from German Chef Thomas Sixt. Find here great Pasta Dishes from Italian Kitchen and international Cuisine. Noodles taste delicious.

Pasta Recipes and a short Story about Noodles… In Bavaria people grow up with ham noodles and I remember my first ham noodles with a farmer’s smoked one.

The noodles were cooked by my grandmother, and they were delicious. The onions were slowly sweating light brown and the fragrance was lovely.

This creates the great taste that Paul Bocuse writes about in his books. Caraway seeds and a hint of garlic refine this dish and give it this special, tasty depth. No ketchup is needed, the ham noodles are perfect without red sauce and yet the red blob on the plate is a feast for the eyes.

The world of pasta dish has always fascinated me. The different shapes and the possibility to reveal a fine and pure taste with herbs creates for me the great experience in a pasta dish.

Noodles are not only Italian, since I can no longer tolerate gluten well I experiment with rice noodles and Japanese buckwheat noodles. It adds variety to the menu.

A perfect pasta dish from my kitchen are the spaghetti with caramelized oven tomatoes. When guests eat at my place, I usually cook this dish twice. It’s a creation I’ve been working on for a long time. It expresses my idea to conjure up a wonderful and simple pasta dish with just a few ingredients and good craftsmanship.

“Good cooking means doing a lot of little things well,” Fernand Point once said. I think I succeeded in that court.

Feel invited and try my following pasta recipes, I wish you good success!

Here you find all recipes from the Bavarian Chef Thomas Sixt 

Recipes for Pasta and Noodles

Recipes for Pasta and Noodels from German Chef

Pasta recipes with picture – discover Italian, international, fancy, delicious and simple pasta recipes from the professional chef. These are extraordinary pasta recipes with detailed step-by-step instructions. Cook coach Thomas Sixt shows you the best noodle dishes for your kitchen. Learn how star chefs prepare pasta dishes and put even fantastic pasta sauces on your plate.

Pasta Recipes from Italian

Italian cuisine is known for its excellent pasta. The pasta al dente cooking is compulsory, the sauce always waits for the pasta. When cooking pasta many mistakes are still made and the fairy tales and stories for perfect preparation are a pleasure in themselves. The water to boil pasta needs a lot of salt. An Italian mom explained to me that the salted water for the pasta must taste like sea water, so that the pasta is cooked tastefully on the plate. Olive oil in pasta boiling water is controversial. Also here I prefer to listen to the Italian grandmother, who explains to me, olive oil belongs in the cooking water, because of the taste and therefore the spaghetti do not stick together. Constant stirring is nevertheless a prerequisite for a good success of the wonderful noodles.

Vegetarian Pasta Recipes

The vegetarian cuisine has found many fans in recent times. The pasta kitchen offers wonderful variety and many good ideas. The most popular pasta is spaghetti with tomato sauce. You can prepare the tomato sauce in two ways: In summer, when fully ripe and tasty tomatoes are available, I recommend tomato sauce fresh tomatoes. In winter you cook tomato sauce passed tomatoes. The spaghetti aglio e olio with garlic is a popular classic of pasta cuisine. Spaghetti with muesli and olives is extraordinary and exciting.

Pasta Recipes with Meat

Everyone knows Spaghetti Bolognese, pasta with meat ragout. The pasta with meat is very popular on the plate and delights the whole family. An extraordinary recipe is pasta with deer ragout or game ragout. In this recipe you will find a perfect combination of ingredients, flavours and tastes. The star kitchen sends greetings and Thomas Sixt shows you in the video the optimal preparation.