1. Meat Recipes - Popular Classics

Popular classics of meat cuisine such as Wiener Schnitzel, goulash, sauerbraten and roulades. Good success with the delicious variations of traditional and international cuisine!

2. Chicken Recipes - Low Fat and Tasty

The chicken offers with the chicken breast, the chicken legs and the chicken wings wonderful possibilities for creative self cooking. Would you rather prepare a whole grilled chicken? Here you will find a delicious recipe for the popular chicken and chicken.

3. Minced Meat Recipes - Popular Dishes for Easy Cooking Yourself

Delicious recipes for minced beef and pork. Meatballs, Meatloaf or Beef Tatar – discover here delicious dishes of traditional cuisine and international delicacies. Important note: Please always process and heat minced meat within 24 hours so that the dish is served healthy and tasty!

4. Turkey Meat Recipes - Ideas for exciting Dishes

Turkey on the plate today… Turkey schnitzel, turkey roast, turkey meat, the popular poultry can be prepared in different ways and tastes excellent. Good success…

5. Recipe Duck - Duck Roast, Duck Breast and Duck Legs

The breast of duck, leg of duck and roast duck are often served at family celebrations such as Christmas. I will show you the roast duck breast, the preparation of the duck sauce in the following articles.

7. Beef Recipes - Learn All Tips for Optimal Beef Preparation

Beef recipes to cook yourself: steaks, roast beef, goulash,… all preparations step by step explained in detail.

8. Veal Recipes - Tender Meat for special Holidays

Prepare veal perfectly: Roast veal, veal breast, veal stew, veal escalope, veal goulash… Discover here many delicious variations for veal and let yourself be inspired!

9. Pork Recipes - Popular and with Tradition

Put pork meat on the table in a super-fine way: roast pork, escalope, meat strips, steaks. Pan or grill, oven or saucepan, here I show you with many examples the delicious preparation of pork.

10. Venison Recipes - extraordinary for special Days

Deer cuisine and Venison Recipes – Fantastic dishes and lots of tips for wild cooking!

11. Steak Recipes - not only Men thing!

Steak on the grill, steak in the pan, who is looking for tasty ideas for steaks is just right here! Steak variants for every taste can be found here!

12. Lamb Recipes - delicious for Easter

Saddle of lamb, shoulder of lamb, schnitzel of lamb, here you will find fine recipes for lamb. Step by step I show you all professional tips. Let it taste you!

14. Goulash Recipes and Ragout - braised Meat dishes of the finest!

I have dedicated a detail page to goulash and ragout. Below is a small selection of my most popular recipes.

Here the link to recipes for goulash and ragout

Meat recipes from bavarian chef Thomas Sixt

The meat kitchen has a long tradition in Germany and Austria. The following recipes are from the last 15 years of my work as a food photographer and recipe developer. Today I hardly eat meat anymore and when I do I make it an absolute feast.

Maybe in a year I will be a complete vegetarian, at least I have the feeling it will be like this. I can cook meat and poultry very well, have conjured up quails and pigeons on the plates of the best star chefs, the roast goose was my favourite dish for a long time.

2017 has changed a lot in my life. This is my own way. I don’t want to talk anyone out of eating meat or fish because it’s a personal decision. What I can do is to convey respect. Respect for the living beings and respect for the ingredients in the kitchen, respect for yourself. Therefore, my recommendation is to obtain meat exclusively from farmers and to pay attention to organic quality.

You would rather cook an organic chicken once a month for 18 Euro and enjoy it consciously. The rest of the time you can enjoy your life with excellent vegetable dishes. Then eating meat is something special again and is more appreciated. Cheap meat from mass animal husbandry, steaks around 1.99 in the supermarket, that drives tears into my eyes today. It does not taste and it does not do well. It is simply only stupid consumption which makes dependent. Depends on the ingredients that burden the body and soul. But now enough, you will find my meat recipes from another life below… enjoy consciously and with joy! Good success… find all Thomas Sixt recipes here…

Recipes for meat

Meat recipes with picture, cooking recipes for meat dishes by bavarian chef Thomas Sixt. Here you will find selected recipes for beef, veal, pork, lamb, venison and poultry. Delicious main courses, great meat dishes adapted to the season. Discover cooking recipes with detailed step-by-step instructions. Cooking-Coach Thomas Sixt shows you the best meat recipes for your kitchen. Learn how star chefs prepare meat and put it beautifully on your plate.

Simple meat recipes

Simple meat recipes are in great demand. Fast dishes that can be prepared in less than 30 minutes can really make everyday life easier. Pan dishes and wok dishes are ideal. This is shown, for example, with turkey schnitzel. In any case, meat types that are suitable for short roasting are used. These include the fine pieces such as breast for poultry, fillet steak and steaks from the back or from the hip for beef, veal, pork or game. These pieces of meat are fried briefly in a hot pan and are served as a natural schnitzel, steak or as strips of meat. A nice example is the Gyros from the pan, a recipe with cooking video instructions.

Meat dishes Recipes Oven

The preparation of meat dishes in the oven is another very practical method of preparation. The advantage for meat recipes from the oven is obvious: roast pieces are quickly seasoned and prepared with vegetables, the preparation then takes place 100% in the oven. These dishes usually require little preparation time, which is really practical. This way a great dish is served, without any roast on the stove, without splashes of fat and without strong frying smells. Want some nice examples? Roast pork quickly 39 minutes with pork fillet, Bavarian pork roast, goose roast and something crazy, the cola chicken.