Recipes for Desserts and Sweets

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Recipes for Desserts and Sweets from German Chef Thomas Sixt. Baking Recipes from Germany, Austria and international Cuisine.

Dessert recipes and a little story… And the best comes to the end, that can only mean one thing: There’s something for the sweet tooth.

You can even reverse the order of meals. I have already been to many a conference with buffet catering from the hotel. That was always great.

All participants queued up for the appetizers and salads. But, you guessed it, the dessert was already built and I love dessert and anticyclical behavior 😉 … Desserts do not necessarily have to be oversweet.

There are great variations with fruit or cheese. In any case, you can always find something suitable in the range of desserts, which will dangle your soul.

Here you find all recipes from the Bavarian Chef Thomas Sixt 

Recipes for Desserts and Sweets from the German Chef Thomas Sixt

Recipes for Desserts, Sweets and Baking

Dessert recipes by Thomas Sixt, that are fine sweet recipe ideas that simply succeed and please the eye and palate. Looking for a dessert for your perfect dinner? Then you’ve come to the right place! As a trained chef with starred cooking experience, I’ll show you great ideas for your next great dessert.

Dessert Ideas

When I think of desserts and desserts, I always think of my childhood. The pancakes from my grandmother and the delicious Kaiserschmarrn from my grandfather appear, the apple strudel or curd dumplings are no longer out of my head. New ideas want to be tried out constantly and can be found bit by bit in my Kochblog.

Fast Desserts are my World!

As a Bavarian and Viennese by choice, I love the simple Bavarian dessert ideas just as much as Austrian dessert variants. International desserts, desserts in a glass, warm and cold desserts can be found in my recipe collection.

A dessert is the last highlight of a meal, a dessert should glide gently over the tongue like a lemon butterfly and should not strain the stomach under any circumstances. The sweet finish must go well with the menu, must not be too light – one would forget that immediately – the dessert must be perfectly balanced. One should have the impression that the sweetness would not make fat – otherwise the pleasure is not great.

I like fast desserts and sweets with few ingredients

My recipes for desserts are characterized by starred cuisine and yet easy to follow. I have developed many dishes of sweet cuisine for myself and my friends, with the claim simple and surprising, exciting. In my recipe collection you will find fast dessert recipes with few ingredients. My cooking videos and step-by-step instructions will give you many chef tips for skillful preparation and the appealing, effective arrangement of your desserts.