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On this page you will find recipes sorted by country. 

Discover tasty and simple recipes from different countries and regions.

Find your favourite recipe for international cuisine here! I wish you good success with your own cooking…

Recipes from Bavaria, enjoy Bavarian Cuisine
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Country Kitchen Recipes

Discover recipes from the following countries and regions:

German recipe, the famous Currywurst, Sauerbraten and Rouladen

Bavarian recipes: Meatballs, roast pork, roast goose, napkin dumplings and Obatzder

American cuisine: BBQ grill sauces, steak, burgers and spare ribs, pancakes

Mediterranean recipes from France and the Mediterranean countries

Italian recipe: prepare pasta and risotto like the Rosa in Rome….

French recipes and specialities of the French cuisine like the famous bouillabaisse….

Recipes from Austria like Viennese potato salad, Tafelspitz, apple strudel

Asian and Chinese recipes and dishes of the Asian fusion cuisine…

Indian recipe, curries and dishes from the Indian kitchen…

With Country Cuisine Recipes cooking like a Star Chef

Country kitchen recipes by Thomas Sixt, these are professional chef recipes to cook yourself. Here you will find great cooking ideas from various countries and regions. Experience Indian cuisine anew, conjure up an Italian evening for your guests, let yourself be inspired by exotic ingredients.

Country Cuisine and exceptional Recipes for at Home

Prepare curry properly, use soy sauce perfectly for seasoning, combine soy sprouts and bamboo sprouts in a wok… Cook pasta like in Italy and traditional German and Austrian recipes like apple strudel, boiled beef, sauerbraten and roulades of the finest like a chef cook himself. You can do that with the professional chef recipes from Thomas sixt.

Thomas Sixt is a chef and has learned and worked with the most famous star chefs of our time. Thomas has cooked together with 10,000 customers in cooking courses. The cookbook author and food photographer loves good food and is happy to show you all his tricks.

Here you will find the best cooking stories and heavenly country cuisine recipes, so cooking is fun!

Great Chefs Recipes

Thomas likes to browse his chef colleagues Gordon Ramsey, Marco Pierre White, Schuhbeck, Jamie Oliver, Rach and Johann Lafer, Tim Mälzer and Henssler.

Here an additional ingredient, there something to paint, here a new tip… If you want to cook creatively, the best chefs will show you the best tips.

Cooking with Cooking Videos

Recipes with cooking videos, this is practical and makes you want to cook yourself.

For many recipes you will find instructions on this website. With the Headcam Cooking Thomas carries a camera on his head and films from the cook’s point of view in real time.

You can look over the professional chef’s shoulders and conjure up a great dish for yourself and your loved ones….