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Discover great ideas for cooking with kale on this page. 

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Kale soup vegetarian

Kale Soup vegetarian, a quick and vitamin-rich Soup

Here you find my recipe Kale Soup vegetarian. My soup is a basic soup with many variations. 

Kale, also called brown cabbage in some German regions, is mainly served in Northern and Central Germany. There, the beautiful green cabbage usually ends up on the plate heavily overcooked with fatty meat and sausages. So far, the traditional way.

I am a friend of the use of regional ingredients, which are prepared according to the modern spirit of the time. I do not want to deprive our cabbage of its vitamins and colour and prefer short cooking times. Optics and taste experience are suddenly sensational and let the vegetables shine in new splendor!

Have fun cooking and combining! Bon appetit!

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Kale soup with smoked eel and smoked foam

Kale Soup with Eel Recipe for a perfect Dinner

Here you will find my recipe for Kale Soup with Eel. The finely cooked gourmet soup is served hot for an eye-catcher on the table.

This soup of kale with eel is special! I have thought of this recipe for you, regardless of the traditional preparation of eel soup: Eel combined with a vegetable that goes very well with smoked fish, kale.

Since the kale is only cooked briefly as a soup here, the rich green colour is retained. I think it is a contemporary, modern treatment of the curly kale – the vegetables are not “boiled to death”. 

Enjoy cooking and bon appétit!

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Grünkohl Chips

Kale Crisps, healthy Nibbling Fun quickly made from the Oven

The recipe for Kale Crisps is presented in this article.

You want to have fun nibbling that is homemade, unusual and healthy?

Then I have the right recipe for you: Crisps made from kale leaves are a great crispy alternative and a change from potato crisps in a bag. 

Unbelievable but true: Even the green crisps have addictive potential! Try it out and let yourself be surprised by the convincingly fantastic taste.

I wish you a lot of fun making the crisps and nibbling!

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