Asparagus Recipes

Spargelsuppe mit Lachs

Asparagus Soup with Salmon, Step by Step Photo Recipe

The recipe Asparagus Soup with Salmon I introduce to you in this article.

After all, the asparagus season needs a little change every now and then, so new ideas are needed.

I like the combination of salmon and asparagus very much. I recommend the soup for the guest kitchen and if you want to prepare a low carb dinner in the evening.

I wish you good luck! Enjoy the delicious asparagus soup!

Recipe picture asparagus with ham

Asparagus with Ham Recipe, preparing the Classic with a sure Recipe

Today I have prepared the recipe Asparagus with Ham for you. The classic Hollandaise sauce goes perfectly with this asparagus dish.  

In this article I show you how to prepare the popular sauce Hollandaise cooking video.  

I like this sure-fire variant of the whipped butter sauce and would like to invite you to try this variant. I use Black Forest ham for this asparagus dish because I put the wrapped asparagus spears in the oven. I would also bake boiled ham with cheese. I serve Parma ham or San Daniele ham or Spanish Serano ham cold with warm asparagus.

Let yourself be seduced to cook yourself and try out this asparagus dish. Questions I answer gladly over the comment function at the end of the side. Have fun!

white asparagus with smoked salmon served with sauce hollandaise.

Asparagus with smoked Salmon Recipe

Here I show you the recipe Asparagus with smoked Salmon.

You will also find homemade hollandaise according to my secret recipe. 

In the video “Preparing Hollandaise Sauce” you can look over my shoulders and discover a sure-fire variant for preparing the whipped butter sauce.

I wish you every success, questions about the recipe can be answered via the comment function at the end of this page. Have fun!

Salmon in the oven Preparing Recipe Picture

Salmon in the Oven Recipe with Step by Step Instructions prepare Salmon Fillet and cook gently

Here I show you my recipe to prepare Salmon in the Oven – this is a simple variant of fish preparation that tastes delicious!

You are looking for a simple fish dish for the end of the day or when guests come? Then you have come to the right place.

I will teach you how to prepare salmon fillets with many photos and professional cooking tips. I like this dish because it is so honest and down-to-earth.

Now let yourself be carried away to cooking yourself, I wish you a lot of fun and good success! Questions to the recipe I answer gladly over the comment function at the end of the side.

Prepare the trout in the oven.

Trout in the Oven Prepare, Recipe with Side Dishes Tips

The recipe for Making Trout in the Oven I show you today in this post.

Barbecuing fish is also possible in the oven. I serve asparagus as a side dish and give further tips for seasonal side dishes, because it is just right for the time of year.

This preparation method also works with other whole fish: You can prepare char, brown trout, sea fish such as gilthead or sea bass in this way. It’s practical: the fish preparation is simple and quick. 

If you have any questions, please use the comment function at the bottom of the page.

Cream of asparagus soup served with asparagus pieces, shrimps and parsley.

Asparagus Cream Soup with Prawns, Recipe with Step by Step Photos

Asparagus Cream Soup Recipe from the cook professional, the creamy asparagus soup we cook today with step by step instructions and many photos. 

I have added North Sea crabs to the soup, these special shrimps have an excellent taste and harmonize wonderfully with the creamy soup.  

For your information: The German asparagus season starts in the middle of April and ends traditionally on June 24th. The asparagus cream soup is, as the name suggests, a creamy soup with a strong binding. The soup sticks better to the palate and many people like the creamy taste experience.

I wish you good luck! Enjoy the delicious asparagus soup!

Asparagus soup with asparagus and herb mushrooms

Asparagus Soup, easy to prepare, Recipe with Step by Step Photos

Here I show you a simple recipe for Asparagus Soup with step by step instructions and many photos.

The asparagus season in Germany begins in the middle to the end of April and traditionally ends on 24 June, which is St John’s Day, popularly known as asparagus New Year’s Eve.  

I cook the classic asparagus soup here with asparagus and asparagus remains. The asparagus peels and sections bring a great aroma to the soup. As a soup addition, I have in addition to pieces of asparagus also fried herbseitlinge supplemented, so some color in the otherwise white soup.

I wish you all the best! Enjoy the delicious asparagus soup!

Couscous mit Minze, Spargel und Erdbeeren, erfrischender Salat

Couscous Salad with Mint, Asparagus and Strawberries – A Refreshing Summer Party Recipe

Couscous salad is on the menu today. I’ll show you my recipe for couscous with mint, asparagus and strawberries.

This salad has something refreshing and I bring the couscous to the table with a lemon-honey-mustard dressing. In addition to strawberries and asparagus, mint plays an important role in the taste.

This couscous salad tastes good on hot days, it is a great surprise and change for the next barbecue.

You can easily replace the strawberries with cocktail tomatoes, experiment with the ingredients, couscous succeeds, let yourself be carried away to cook now and use the following recipe as a guideline for your own kitchen.

Step by step photos accompany you while cooking….Questions to the recipe I answer you gladly over the comment function at the end of the page. Good luck! 

Goat cheese salad colourfully arranged

Goat Cheese Salad Recipe with Asparagus and Strawberries

Today I’ll show you my recipe for goat cheese salad with asparagus and strawberries.

Goat cheese, green asparagus and strawberries are a wonderful combination of taste and colour. 

For this salad you need a goat cheese roll. It is available in the supermarket like all other ingredients.

Surprise your loved ones with this dish. I wish you good success! Questions I answer to you gladly over the comment function at the end of the side.

Asparagus salad with strawberries served with balsamic ice cream, which is boiled down and greatly reduced balsamic vinegar.

Asparagus Salad with Strawberries, Recipe with a Secret Ingredient

Today I’ll show you my recipe for asparagus salad with strawberries. This is a wonderful dish because green asparagus with strawberries harmonizes perfectly.

Green asparagus is twice the fun in the kitchen. It tastes great and is prepared very quickly, because the green asparagus can only be peeled briefly on the underside. 

I cook the asparagus briefly after preparation, then the asparagus is put into the grill pan.

As a secret ingredient to the asparagus with strawberries I have chosen balsamic vinegar. I cook the balsamic vinegar briefly in a pot at high heat. The reduced balsamic vinegar is then a balsamic ice cream. This “thick” balsamico sauce tastes very strong and hardly melts on the plate, harmonizes perfectly with strawberries and asparagus.

The asparagus salad with strawberries is a great starter. Surprise your guests and your loved ones with this dish. Good luck! If you have any questions, please use the comment function at the bottom of this page.

Spaghetti Pasta mit Thunfisch und grüner Spargel dazu Sahnesauce und Safran.

Spaghetti with tuna and asparagus – my recipe for heavenly tuna pasta…

Today I show you my recipe for spaghetti with tuna and asparagus. You can prepare this pasta dish yourself in less than 35 minutes. It is quick and easy and pleases the eye. You need fresh tuna or frozen tuna for the recipe. Pay attention to a product from sustainable fishing.

Tuna pasta comes here very nobly on the table. Since I use fresh tuna, this dish fits into the guest kitchen and when the boss comes to visit. The creamy sauce with cream makes this pasta a wonderful dish. Who has desire gives some truffle oil to the pasta… WOW wonderful!

Let yourself be carried away to the self cooking and try out this variant for yourself and your loved ones. Have fun and good luck… I wish you good success and a good appetite!

Quinoasalat angerichtet Rezept Bild

Quinoa Salad Recipe for the simple Cuisine

My Quinoa Salad recipe I show you in this article. Quinoa is such a miracle plant that has made the leap out of the eco-corner.

Quiona riceelde has been known as a cultivated plant for about 5000 years and is an important staple food for mountain people. In contrast to corn, quinoa grows up to 4200 m above sea level.

I like quinoa because it is gluten-free. You can get all the ingredients in this recipe in the supermarket!

Now we take care of the quinoa salad which comes today quickly on the table. With the baked shrimps, tofu or vegetables you need about 45 minutes, without baked side dishes you can easily make the salad in 25 minutes! I wish you lots of fun reading and good luck in your kitchen!

Zitronenrisotto serviert mit Spargel, tomaten und Seelachs.

Lemon Risotto Recipe in Variations. Prepare a delicious Risotto with Lemon.

Here I show you my recipe for Lemon Risotto. You can prepare this fabulous lemon risotto all year round in different variations.

Lemon risotto tastes great with fish, shrimps, vegetarian with zucchini and tofu. In the asparagus season I find the combination of lemon, asparagus and tomatoes very exciting.

Discover here all tips for a perfect lemon risotto and conjure up your favourite a delicious dish on the plate. I wish you all the best!

Recipe picture Spaghetti Pasta with asparagus

Pasta with Asparagus, preparing Spaghetti with Asparagus like a professional Chef, Recipe with many Tips

My recipe pasta with asparagus I present to you in this post. You can use green asparagus or white asparagus for this pasta dish. Both taste delicious. 

In Germany, the asparagus season begins in April and ends on St John’s Day, 24 June. St John’s Day is popularly known as Asparagus New Year’s Eve.

I wish you all the best in cooking yourself and lots of fun in the kitchen!

Spargelrisotto mit grünem Spargel dazu Tomaten

Prepare asparagus risotto with green asparagus. Step by step recipe for gourmets!

My recipe Asparagus Risotto is presented in this article. Whether you use green asparagus or white asparagus, both varieties are delicious.

The asparagus season in Germany begins in April and ends on St. John’s Day, 24 June, at the end of the asparagus New Year’s Eve.

I’ll show you how to prepare asparagus risotto step by step in the article. In addition, there are tips on how to perfectly match the colour of your asparagus risotto.

This is how you conjure up joy on the table. I wish you all the best!

Rezept bild Spargel im Backofen, in der Alufolie zubereiten

Asparagus in the Oven, Asparagus in Alufoil like a Star Cook Prepare

I’ll show you my recipe for Asparagus in the Oven today. Inspired by the star chefs Hans Haas, Johann Lafer and Alfons Schuhbeck, I would like to present you a simple and extremely tasty asparagus dish.

The asparagus is cooked in aluminium foil in this preparation variant, this is aroma cuisine of the finest! 

You can use green or white asparagus for this preparation. A recipe for baked deep-fried asparagus can be found elsewhere. I wish you every success!

Baked Asparagus, deep-fried Asparagus

Today I would like to introduce you my Recipe for baked fried Asparagus. By baked asparagus I mean as a cook asparagus in a dough coat or breaded asparagus, it is crispy asparagus 🙂

You can use green or white asparagus for this preparation. In this article I will show you how to prepare asparagus in baking pastry and how to prepare asparagus in breadcrumbs.

You can find a recipe for asparagus in the oven (NOT baked) here! I wish you good luck!

Gilthead (Dorade) Recipe for the Oven

The recipe Dorado  for the oven with asparagus shows you how to grill Dorade in the oven. You have read correctly. Today I’ll show you a simple way to prepare the great gilthead.

You can also prepare other fish like trout, char or sea bass in the same way. I love the recipe for the oven! The gilthead is also known as gilthead sea bream, Dorade Royale, Dorada or Orata. An exact description can be found on Wikipedia.

Oven grilling of gilthead has several advantages. On the one hand the grill in the garden does not need to be heated or cleaned, on the other hand the preparation is very fast and effective.  

This type of preparation is really healthy. I only use olive oil and some butter for the potatoes.

You can find the exact preparation instructions at the end of this page. Please share this post with your friends on Facebook!

preparing sauce hollandaise in the wondermix thermomix from germany

Prepare Hollandaise Sauce in Thermomix. The Recipe from the Thermomix Recipe Developer

I’ll show you the Sauce Hollandaise recipe in the Thermomix today. Step by step I lead you in the Thermomix-German to the successful, whipped sauce.

The practical thing about Thermomix-Hollandaise-cooking is:

  • Hollandaise sauce preparation is 100% successful if you follow these instructions carefully.
  • You can keep the sauce hollandaise warm in the Thermomix for up to 35 minutes without the sauce pulling unattractive skin. That’s practical when guests come!

NOW, however, times loosely, I wish you good success!

Sauce Bernaise Recipe and other Recipes similar to Sauce Hollandaise

The Bernaise sauce is a classic derivative of the Hollandaise sauce. The preparation of hollandaise sauce is explained in detail in the article Preparing hollandaise sauce, with cooking video. My geligsichere variant already has many fans!  In this article I deal with the sauce Bernaise and the other variations of the popular sauce Holandaise, which are less known. I wish you good luck!

Prepare Sauce Hollandaise with Blender, save coagulated Sauce

Prepare or save hollandaise sauce with a hand blender! Of course you can try that, that’s why I wrote this article and explain here the sources of error when preparing a sauce hollandaise. Once the sauce hollandaise has coagulated – egg yolk and butter separate – professional tricks are needed to save the sauce. I have already described the preparation of the sauce Hollandaise elsewhere in my cookery blog. In the Kochwiki with Recipe Sauce Hollandaise I show you my surefire variant of the preparation of a classic sauce Hollandaise.

greetings from bavaria with this dish of beef salad with asparagus

Beef Salad with Leaf Salad and Asparagus, Recipe for Boiled Beef

My Beef Salad recipe is an extraordinary recipe and I got to know the way of preparation during my apprenticeship at Alfons Schuhbeck.

The boiled beef is cut into slices, marinated in hot Dijon mustard, then breaded with Wiener Griessler rose flour and fried in a little fat or vegetable oil in a coated pan.

This is not a normal beef salad with vinegar and oil but a real gourmet variation. You can prepare the beef salad with beef in the mustard crust from boiled beef or from fresh beef.

For fresh beef, use only short roasts such as fillet of beef, hip steak or roast beef.  Make sure that the meat is well hung. After all, tough meat is not a pleasure to eat on your plate.    

The salad simply succeeds and is on the table in less than 40 minutes. The following Kitchen Story gives you good instructions on how to cook it yourself.

Please try it out quickly, good success, share this article on Facebook with your friends… 

Grilled green Asparagus

Roasted Asparagus in the Oven, simple Recipe for the Asparagus Time

Today I present to you with the recipe Fried Asparagus one of my favorite ways of preparing asparagus.

This is the fried asparagus, either from the oven or from the pan. The roast asparagus works with green asparagus and white asparagus, but the spears should not be too thick, but you can also halve the length of the asparagus.

The recipe Roasted Asparagus can be found at the end of this page. I would be happy if you try this, this way of cooking asparagus provides variety in the asparagus season. Please share this article with your friends!

Spargelsuppe oder Spargelcremesuppe Rezept bild.

Cook Asparagus Soup and Asparagus Cream Soup like a Chef

My Asparagus Soup recipe from the star kitchen I show you in this post. Additionally you get a big overview about asparagus soup and asparagus cream soup.

Read more if you want to delve deeper into the subject. Here you can read almost everything about asparagus soup in one article.

I show you among other things… how you can prepare asparagus soup with asparagus from the glass… how asparagus soup is made from fresh asparagus…

In addition I go into the variants of the binding of an asparagus cream soup… furthermore, I look at the special form of an exotic asparagus soup with coconut milk.

I wish you much fun and good success with the soup cook!

recipe image of asparagus risotto with cress

This is how you cook an Asparagus Risotto simply and deliciously!

Asparagus risotto is a delicious dish and I would like to introduce you in my recipe Asparagus Risotto some variants step by step and invite you to cook yourself.

Risotto with asparagus is not a witch’s work, it just works and I show you several variations and give you lots of tips and tricks.

Good luck! I’m happy if you like the contribution and you share it with recipe on Facebook and Pinterest.

sauce-hollandaise-recipe-picture-with salmon-and-asparagus

Sauce Hollandaise Recipe with Cooking Wiki and Video, Step by Step instructions, classic Preparation

Today I show you my new recipe Hollandaise. Please read on quickly, this preparation method makes the Hollandaise 100 percent sure to succeed.

The sauce hollandaise generally goes well with asparagus, it goes well with steamed vegetables, serve this sauce with fish and shrimps as well.

In the video Prepare Hollandaise Sauce I show you everything step by step.

I wish you good luck! Please share this recipe with your friends…