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Prepare mustard sauce

Béchamel, preparing the classic Sauce like a Chef

Now I would like to introduce you to my Béchamel Sauce recipe. This sauce is the basic sauce and all-purpose weapon in the kitchen and belongs with its innumerable variation possibilities to the basics of the art of cooking.

ATTENTION Show-off knowledge: 
Louis de Béchamel (1630-1703) is the eponym of the legendary sauce and was the Lord Chamberlain of Louis XIV. However, the history of the basic recipe is not clearly historically documented. The origin can also be derived from the sauce Mornay – developed in the kitchen of Count Philippe de Mornay. The Mornay sauce contains cheese as well as flour and butter.

Both of us don’t care, because whether à la Béchamel or à la Mornay both sauces taste tasty and that’s what matters

I would like to show you step by step how to prepare the classic. The sauce is a great addition to casseroles, soufflés or fillings. The most prominent example is the beloved lasagne.

Fish with mustard sauce. Rose fish, Ocean Perch poached on mashed potatoes with capers and dill.

Mustard Sauce Recipe, prepare Fish with Mustard Sauce

Today I’m showing you my mustard sauce recipe and because it is such a good theme to combine, I’ve made the recipe Fish in Mustard Sauce, mashed potatoes and capers.

It’s a poached redfish fillet with mashed potatoes and mustard sauce. The warm mustard sauce goes well with cooked seafood like cod, redfish, sole, plaice and salmon – as well as freshwater fish like pikeperch, trout, perch and carp.

You can fry or poach your fish, even freshly smoked fish goes well with warm mustard sauce.

I’ll show you the warm mustard sauce with fish in two + one variations. Both sauces work in less than 15 minutes.

In addition, I have added a quick recipe for cold mustard sauce: Keywords are Graved Salmon (Gravlax), Ikea Mustard Sauce, Smoked Salmon… So you can react flexible to the situation and wish you good success and a lot of fun cooking by yourself.

tomato-for-tomato sauce

Tomato Sauce from fresh Tomatoes refined simply cook yourself, Kochwiki with Recipe

For the recipe Tomato Sauce with fresh Tomatoes I thought up something very special. I’ll show you two methods of preparation, one in the pot and one in the oven.

Both methods are totally simple and will please you. I give many tips and tricks for preparing a fresh tomato sauce that tastes fantastic with spaghetti and pasta in general.

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Practical storage of wild garlic pesto in a screw-on jar

Wild Garlic Pesto make yourself Step by Step with Recipe and Video

My recipe Wild Garlic Pesto I show you in this post. The pesto with wild garlic can be prepared in two ways:

The simple bear’s garlic pesto without parmesan and pine nuts is ideal for the popular bear’s garlic soup.

The second variation of bear’s garlic pesto with parmesan and pine nuts tastes great with pasta or vegetables in general and as a dip for main courses and starters.

Many photos and the wild garlic pesto video are a great step by step guide.

Create a delicious pesto with bear’s garlic for your loved ones and enjoy the delicious, light garlic taste!  Good luck!

Barbecue sauces recipe for 5 cold sauces for the next barbecue

Barbecue sauces for your next barbecue evening, 5 cold sauces to quickly prepare

My recipe for Grill Sauces – recipe for Barbecue Sauces shows you how to quickly prepare five cold sauces for grilling. As a professional chef, I want to make cooking easier for you and enrich the culinary part of the event.

Discover a fine tomato dip, a basil pesto, a mustard sauce, a herb sauce and a sauce tatar. With a little skill, you can prepare the sauces in less than an hour. The quantities are for about 6 people.

Inspire your loved ones and friends at the next barbecue evening with fresh, homemade cold sauces. 

fondue sauce eight recipes picture

8 Fondue Sauces Recipes based on Mayonnaise also for Raclette!

My recipe 8 fondue sauces I present to you in this post. Delicious ideas and recipes for fondue sauces are in demand for Christmas and New Year’s Eve.

The recipe for fondue with shopping list can be found elsewhere. A fondue is a good idea, if many guests come, let the preparation make it easier for you.

You’ll find here a great summary and ideas on how to quickly prepare different fondue sauces from mayonnaise. The sauces go just as well with a raclette and offer a variety of flavours.

YES! That’s a great thing because you can conjure up tasty cold sauces on the table. 

The cold sauces are great dips for grilling, please note! 

Let yourself be inspired and enjoy the great sauces for fondue and raclette!

make your own mayonnaise article with video and step by step instructions for perfect mayo

Saving curdled Mayonnaise, all the Tips to make the Mayo succeed, Recipe for Mayo with the Hand Blender

My recipe Mayonnaise with the hand blender I show you in this article.

Maybe it didn’t work out so well with making mayonnaise yourself… So the mishap has happened and your mayo hasn’t hardened? Flocked out? No problem, how you can save a coagulated mayonnaise I show you in this article.

The preparation of the popular, homemade mayo is not really a science.

I wish you every success and would be happy if you share this article with your friends!

preparing sauce hollandaise in the wondermix thermomix from germany

Prepare Hollandaise Sauce in Thermomix. The Recipe from the Thermomix Recipe Developer

I’ll show you the Sauce Hollandaise recipe in the Thermomix today. Step by step I lead you in the Thermomix-German to the successful, whipped sauce.

The practical thing about Thermomix-Hollandaise-cooking is:

  • Hollandaise sauce preparation is 100% successful if you follow these instructions carefully.
  • You can keep the sauce hollandaise warm in the Thermomix for up to 35 minutes without the sauce pulling unattractive skin. That’s practical when guests come!

NOW, however, times loosely, I wish you good success!

Sauce Bernaise Recipe and other Recipes similar to Sauce Hollandaise

The Bernaise sauce is a classic derivative of the Hollandaise sauce. The preparation of hollandaise sauce is explained in detail in the article Preparing hollandaise sauce, with cooking video. My geligsichere variant already has many fans!  In this article I deal with the sauce Bernaise and the other variations of the popular sauce Holandaise, which are less known. I wish you good luck!

Prepare Sauce Hollandaise with Blender, save coagulated Sauce

Prepare or save hollandaise sauce with a hand blender! Of course you can try that, that’s why I wrote this article and explain here the sources of error when preparing a sauce hollandaise. Once the sauce hollandaise has coagulated – egg yolk and butter separate – professional tricks are needed to save the sauce. I have already described the preparation of the sauce Hollandaise elsewhere in my cookery blog. In the Kochwiki with Recipe Sauce Hollandaise I show you my surefire variant of the preparation of a classic sauce Hollandaise.

Sauce for Duck Breast

Sauce with duck breast and fast roasted duck leg? After I showed you the duck breast roast already in another place I supply you today still with some sauce tips to briefly roasted duck pieces. Sometimes I dream of the delicious duck à l’orange after Paul Bocuse and of the duck sauce with apple juice after Hans Haas from the Munich Tantris. The crispy duck breast is one of my favourite dishes, my sauce tips will help you with the sauce magic!

preparing chicken soup in a pot

Chicken Broth Recipe with Chef Tips and Cooking Video for delicious Chicken Soup

The recipe Chicken Broth I show in this article with cooking video. You could write a whole book about chicken soup, but that’s definitely beyond the scope.

Today I will give you an overview of how you can prepare chicken stock yourself. Some ideas from the international kitchen give the right spice.

We want to put all the soup knowledge into one pot in the best possible way. I wish you every success and look forward to the ideas finding your approval. You will find the  basic recipe chicken broth at the end of this page. Please share this article with your friends!

beef broth incredients

Making Beef Broth yourself like a Star Chef

Here you can find my Chef Beef Broth recipe with step by step instructions. The Wiki shows the preparation of a beef soup, in addition many professional tips for a strong beef soup. 

You need a large pot, a kitchen board, a kitchen knife and a pan to cook it yourself. The soup is usually placed on the stove and should simmer for at least 2 hours.

But everything in turn, please stay tuned, I’ll show you how chefs prepare a beef broth. Please share this post with your friends, thank you!

Prepare your own Veal Stock, Recipe with Professional Instructions, Kitchen Story with Step by Step Pictures

Prepare your own Veal Stock, Recipe with Professional Instructions, Kitchen Story with Step by Step Pictures

Recipe Veal Stock to prepare yourself. The step by step instructions will support you.

I often cook veal stock myself and tell you my tips from top gastronomy. My recipe for veal stock, veal sauce and veal jus is very similar to the Schuhbeck recipe, because I learned to cook with Alfons.

The veal stock is used as a basis for veal jus and other sauces. Try this sauce, it has an incomparable taste.

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Pesto made in a glass and photographed from above.

Make your own Pesto, Basil Pesto alla Genovese, Recipe with Step by Step Photos and Chef´s Tips

In this post I will show you my chef Basil Pesto alla genovese recipe. Making your own basil pesto step by step is very easy.  

 Pesto alla Genovese – the pesto may also be called “the pesto” and the word comes from the Italian “pestare”, meaning “crush”.

The pesto is an uncooked herb sauce and comes from Italian or Roman cuisine.

Pesto was first mentioned and documented in the Ligurian region around 1863. The cold basil sauce tastes delicious with a wide variety of dishes.

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make your own mayonnaise article with video and step by step instructions for perfect mayo

Making Mayonnaise with the Mixer, Recipe with Cooking Video Instructions

My recipe Mayonnaise shows you one of the most popular cold sauces and this tastes best homemade.

With this recipe for mayo I give you a simple and sure to succeed guide. The modern preparation with the stirrer is quite successful.

The video mayonnaise with the mixer prepare shows you everything step by step.

I wish you a lot of fun and good luck, I would be happy if you share this article on Facebook and other Socials with your friends!

sauce-hollandaise-recipe-picture-with salmon-and-asparagus

Sauce Hollandaise Recipe with Cooking Wiki and Video, Step by Step instructions, classic Preparation

Today I show you my new recipe Hollandaise. Please read on quickly, this preparation method makes the Hollandaise 100 percent sure to succeed.

The sauce hollandaise generally goes well with asparagus, it goes well with steamed vegetables, serve this sauce with fish and shrimps as well.

In the video Prepare Hollandaise Sauce I show you everything step by step.

I wish you good luck! Please share this recipe with your friends…