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Spaghetti with prawns recipe picture

Spaghetti with Prawns Recipe, a fast Dish of fine Cuisine

Now I would like to present you my recipe Spaghetti with Prawns. A quick recipe and a feast for all the senses.

I love shrimps… Now it has come out ūüėČ

Shrimps are easy to prepare, rich in protein and low in calories and have a fine taste. In the perfect preparation the crustaceans are also optically a feast for the eyes.

I am also a fan of fast preparations. This is especially interesting when the time window in the evening is small and the hunger is big.

That’s why I don’t want to go into too much detail here, but go into the kitchen with you right away and we’ll get to work… Good luck and good appetite!

Vegetarische Lasagne auf dem Teller

Prepare Cauliflower Casserole as vegetarian Lasagne, Recipe with many Tips

Here I show you my Cauliflower Casserole recipe, which comes in Italian variant as a vegetarian lasagna.

Pork and Co are full of power, because we both eat cauliflower!

Did you know that the blossom vegetables are also called cauliflower, cheese cabbage, blossom cabbage, grape cabbage, minaret cabbage or Italian cabbage?

Cauliflower is often cooked around the world. White cabbage is one of the top 10 most popular vegetables. Especially in Asia, cauliflower is in great demand.

This is not without reason: the cabbage as a whole already looks like a fresh painting. The cabbage is easy to clean and ingeniously simple to prepare.

The best thing is that the cabbage is so versatile. You can integrate it into many dishes or make it the protagonist of a dish.

In the following I will show you my great recipe with a casserole variant that you may not yet know.

So let’s go to the kitchen and just get started.¬†Have fun with it!

Recipe picture salmon spaghetti

Cook Salmon Spaghetti like a Chef, Recipe with Step by Step Photos

Today I show you my ingenious recipe Spaghetti with Salmon.

How can I cook quickly after work and impress with a great presentation? 


That’s how we’re gonna eat. This will blow my treasure away and I am the hero of the kitchen ♥♥

A big job? No, we can both do that in the twinkling of an eye and perfectly!

Accompany me during the preparation and follow my lead: Your treasure and your dear guests will be thrilled.

Let us quickly go into your kitchen, because we are very much looking forward to cooking and tasting… Enjoy your meal!

Arranged lasagne

Prepare Lasagne like a Chef – Recipe with Kitchenstory and Tips from Italy

Here I show you my Lasagne recipe. Buona Sera, Signorina, Buonasera… today Italian is cooked.

Original pasta casserole alla Bolognese with two delicious sauces without much effort…

You want to cook for more than one person? Do you cook casseroles for colleagues or for your new Tinder acquaintance? Huh, that can be exciting ūüėČ

I can already calm you down… Thank God there are simple and fast ways to prepare your food, as well as classic ways of preparation, which you can choose according to your time account and occasion.¬†

Runs super… don’t worry, this kitchen story accompanies you step by step.

As your trusted cook, I bring great ideas into your kitchen! That makes the selection easy for you.

Now I wish you a lot of fun when you get hungry, until later in the kitchen! 

Freshly prepared spaetzle as a side dish.

Spaetzle Recipe for Original German Noodles named Spätzle

Today I’ll show you my Spaetzle recipe. We want to have a closer look at the popular side dish and then prepare it ourselves.

We also know Sp√§tzle by the names Spaetzla, Spatzen and Spaetzli. It is a Swabian or Alemannic pasta in elongated form. The related kn√∂pfle are rather round in shape and at home in the region of Baden-W√ľrttemberg and in Bavarian Swabia.

In Austria this pasta is called Nockerl.

Spaetzle, Knoepfle and Nockerl are egg pasta from fresh egg with an irregular form. The surface of this noodle is rough and porous, it absorbs sauces well.

How to cook Spaetzle: The whipped, tough dough is scraped in the traditional production over a Spätzle board (wooden board) directly into the boiling salt water.

Depending on the consistency of the dough, the spaetzle slicer produces short buttons or elongated spaetzle. The recipe presented here is a Bavarian-Austrian joint production and brings you delicious Spaetzle on your plate.

Wish you good luck and a good appetite!

Noodle salt tuna and vegan. Recipe picture.

Tuna Pasta Salad Recipe for the Summer Party: Fast, delicious, light, vegan and vegetarian, without Mayo

Today I show you my recipe pasta salad with tuna. I have prepared a noodle salad with plenty of vegetables and tuna, which you will surely like.

You can prepare it in less than 40 minutes.

The noodle salad is a good idea when friends come to visit or when you need a souvenir for a party.

As a tip right at the beginning: Marinate the tuna in an extra bowl and add the tuna as an extra topping to the salad. So you can serve your dish vegetarian or vegan and make everyone happy. As an additional task I have added an idea for a tofu topping. 

The noodle salad will be gluten-free if you use gluten-free noodles.

This evergreen salad is a sure success! Let me guide you step by step through the preparation, I took extra many pictures to show the preparation perfectly.

Thunfisch Nudeln mit Knoblauch, Peperoncino, Petersilie und Pinienkerne.

Tuna Noodles with Garlic and Peperoncino – Recipe Pasta al tonno fantastico

Today I show you my recipe tuna noodles with garlic. This is a wonderful and simple pasta, ready cooked in less than 30 minutes.

I like this tuna pasta because it tastes so delicious. Pasta and garlic, peperoncino and tuna, with fresh parsley, this simple combination is a hammer.

The tuna noodles are suitable for various occasions. In the evening for your loved ones, when friends come to visit, you can prepare the dish well and that means pure relaxation in the kitchen.

The recipe accompanies you while cooking yourself… You will find a photo of every step of the preparation. Conjure up a delicious fish pasta on your table today!

Questions to the recipe I answer gladly over the comment function at the end of the side. I wish you good luck and a good appetite!

Spaghetti Pasta mit Thunfisch und gr√ľner Spargel dazu Sahnesauce und Safran.

Spaghetti with tuna and asparagus – my recipe for heavenly tuna pasta…

Today I show you my recipe for spaghetti with tuna and asparagus. You can prepare this pasta dish yourself in less than 35 minutes. It is quick and easy and pleases the eye. You need fresh tuna or frozen tuna for the recipe. Pay attention to a product from sustainable fishing.

Tuna pasta comes here very nobly on the table. Since I use fresh tuna, this dish fits into the guest kitchen and when the boss comes to visit. The creamy sauce with cream makes this pasta a wonderful dish. Who has desire gives some truffle oil to the pasta… WOW wonderful!

Let yourself be carried away to the self cooking and try out this variant for yourself and your loved ones. Have fun and good luck… I wish you good success and a good appetite!

Thunfisch Nudeln PPenne angerichtet in einem Teller.

Tuna pasta recipe with tomatoes and basil – Tuna noodles easy and quick to prepare

Today I show you my recipe tuna pasta with tomatoes and basil. This is a fast pasta dish, the preparation time is about 35 minutes.

The tuna noodles are a good idea when friends come to visit. In the recipe you will find step by step photos to accompany you during the preparation. Conjure up a great fish pasta on your table!

The thrill of this dish… I have often cooked tuna pasta and show you here my favorite variant with tonno topping. I like it when the fish is still on the plate and NOT in the sauce disappears. Therefore I prepare the fish topping in an extra pot.

Discover an ingenious world of taste here… Thun or as the Swiss say: Thon – goes well with lemon, basil and peperoncino. The tuna oil contains valuable Omega 3 fatty acids and therefore I use the oil for topping. Please use a high-quality tuna from the can or from the glass and pay attention to a product from sustainable fishing.

If you have any questions about the recipe, please use the comment function at the bottom of this page. I wish you good luck and a good appetite!

Cheese spaetzle recipe by professional chef Thomas Sixt.

Cheese Spaetzle Recipe РCheese Noodles Recipe from Germany original named Spätzle

Today I’ll show you my Cheese Spaetzle Recipe. Put a delicious Allg√§u speciality on your plate and enjoy great¬†cheese noodles with spicy cheese.

The recipe presented here is very fast and based on the idea to use either Spätzle from the day before or finished Spätzle.

You need about 15 minutes to prepare it, then your oven takes over.

The cheese noodles are a popular fasting dish, I like to use a strong mountain cheese or a mature Emmentaler for the gratinated noodles.

I wish you good luck and a good appetite!

Spaghetti Carbonara Recipe Original Picture

Spaghetti Carbonara Recipe – Original Recipe from Italy in Variants

In this post I show you my Spaghetti Carbonara recipe. I like to supplement the traditional pasta with egg with crispy fried herbs. So the pasta gets a special taste kick.

The crispy herbs in combination with bacon, egg and pasta are a sensational and aromatic combination.

As a professional chef I have the first tip for you: Add a little cream or whipped cream to the eggs. Then the preparation becomes lighter in consistency and wonderfully fluffy.

This pasta will convince every gourmet, I promise! I wish you good luck and a good appetite.

Lachsnudeln mit Zitronensauce Rezept Bild

Salmon Noodles with Lemon Sauce, Artichokes and Cress – simple Recipe for Salmon Pasta

Today I show you a simple recipe Salmon Noodles with Lemon Sauce, artichokes and cress. You will love this pasta with lemon sauce! You get all the ingredients in the supermarket and the dish is on the table in less than 30 minutes.

This salmon noodle recipe is simply great because you can change the ingredients according to season and personal taste.

Use green or white asparagus, zucchini, mushrooms and chanterelles, you can even serve short caramelized strawberries with this lemon pasta.

I wish you now good success with the preparation and preparation and a… Enjoy your meal!

Spaghetti mit Gorgonzolasauce angerichtet und dekoriert mit Waln√ľssen.

Spaghetti Gorgonzola Recipe, Prepare Gorgonzola Sauce like a Professional Chef

My Spaghetti Gorgonzola recipe I show you in this post. The Gorgonzola sauce is a simple and tasty pasta sauce and is absolutely safe with a few tips.

Gorgonzola is a northern Italian blue cheese, you can use another blue cheese for the preparation of the Gorgonzola sauce, but the original tastes best!

Expect about 30 minutes cooking time for this pasta preparation, sounds great after all… Good luck!¬†

Recipe for spaghetti bolognese

Spaghetti Bolognese Basic Recipe for Rag√Ļ alla bolognese

Today I show you the recipe Spaghetti Bolognese.¬†Rag√Ļ alla bolognese is the famous minced meat sauce from Bologna in northern Italy.

The classic pasta sauce is served in Bologna with tagliatelle, i.e. egg noodles.

In Germany we often find the sauce Bolognese combined with spaghetti (=noodles without egg).

First tip: Try this original pasta with tagliatelle, it definitely tastes better!

I wish you good success in cooking and a good appetite. 

Recipe picture Spaghetti Pasta with asparagus

Pasta with Asparagus, preparing Spaghetti with Asparagus like a professional Chef, Recipe with many Tips

My recipe pasta with asparagus I present to you in this post. You can use green asparagus or white asparagus for this pasta dish. Both taste delicious. 

In Germany, the asparagus season begins in April and ends on St John’s Day, 24 June. St John’s Day is popularly known as Asparagus New Year’s Eve.

I wish you all the best in cooking yourself and lots of fun in the kitchen!

Recipe Picture Spaghetti All Amatriciana served on a nice plate

Spaghetti all’Amatriciana

Today I show you my Spaghetti all’Amatriciana recipe. The classic of the simple, Italian cuisine comes from the mountain village Amatrice. This village is located in the province of Rieti between Lazio and Abruzzo.

The dish is also known as Bucatini all’Amatriciana. Bucatini are slightly thicker spaghetti with a hollow space.¬†I bring the pasta dish with spaghetti on the table and show you today a vegetarian version of this pasta.

I wish you good luck!

Refreshing and Exotic: Crispy Duck with Mango Glass-Noodle Salad

Refreshing and Exotic: Crispy Duck with Mango Glass-Noodle Salad

In this recipe I present an exotic and gluten-free dish: Recipe Duck Breast on Glass Noodle Mango Salad. Salad with duck breast is exotic in appearance and refreshing in taste. Asian food is very trendy.

This dish is easy to prepare and ready in about 30 minutes.¬†From experience I can tell that we often don’t dare to prepare Asian food. “Just like my favourite Asian from next door, I can’t do it anyway,” some people think.¬†

With this recipe I would like to take away your shyness, because it is really easy to cook!

In the video salad duck breast on glass noodles I show you everything step by step. 

Good success!

nice on a plate: spaghetti with tomato sauce

Spaghetti with Tomato Sauce, Recipe for a great Dish

The recipe Spaghetti with Tomato Sauce shows a classic of simple Italian cuisine. I bring the noodles with tomato sauce extra colorful on the plate and supplement the popular pasta with fried zucchini.

Almost everyone knows spaghetti alla napoletana or spaghetti napoli with a simple tomato sauce and basil. Here I show you a new variation with an absolutely ingenious tomato sauce.

Promised, you won’t forget this tomato sauce. I wish you good success!¬†

tomato-for-tomato sauce

Tomato Sauce from fresh Tomatoes refined simply cook yourself, Kochwiki with Recipe

For the recipe Tomato Sauce with fresh Tomatoes I thought up something very special. I’ll show you two methods of preparation, one in the pot and one in the oven.

Both methods are totally simple and will please you. I give many tips and tricks for preparing a fresh tomato sauce that tastes fantastic with spaghetti and pasta in general.

Good success!  I would be happy if you try this recipe and share it with your friends on Facebook!

spaghetti tomato sauce prawns fantastic dish for dinner and party with friends and family

Spaghetti with Prawns and Tomato Sauce, Recipe for Gourmets, Step by Step Kitchen Story

The recipe Spaghetti with Prawns and Tomato Sauce is a real highlight. I like to cook this dish for guests and it is really great.

Gourmets and gourmets are absolutely thrilled. The tomato sauce is prepared completely in the oven. This is practical and anyone who has tasted this delicious sauce will love to recook it again and again.

Good success!

Practical storage of wild garlic pesto in a screw-on jar

Wild Garlic Pesto make yourself Step by Step with Recipe and Video

My recipe Wild Garlic Pesto I show you in this post. The pesto with wild garlic can be prepared in two ways:

The simple bear’s garlic pesto without parmesan and pine nuts is ideal for the popular bear’s garlic soup.

The second variation of bear’s garlic pesto with parmesan and pine nuts tastes great with pasta or vegetables in general and as a dip for main courses and starters.

Many photos and the wild garlic pesto video are a great step by step guide.

Create a delicious pesto with bear’s garlic for your loved ones and enjoy the delicious, light garlic taste! ¬†Good luck!

Vegetable Spaghetti Recipe Picture of the Kochwiki Contribution and step by step instructions

Vegetable Spaghetti

The recipe Vegetable Spaghetti I present to you in this Kochwiki contribution. The simple preparation of vegetables in combination with herbs and pesto sauce is a real hit. 

Learn many professional cooking tips and tricks to prepare the delicious vegetarian spaghetti with vegetables and conjure this dish for your loved ones on the plate.

The step-by-step photos will guide you through the preparation and create a cooking experience that is sure to be a success.

pasta-pesto-genovese with crunchy herbs and caramelized tomato

Pasta with Pesto, Spaghetti Pesto alla genovese, Recipe with many Tips

Here I show you my recipe Pasta with Pesto, spaghetti pesto alla genovese, because a good pasta always goes!

Whether it’s lunchtime or evening, pasta with basil pesto tastes great at any time of the day. I know the original spaghetti pesto alla genovese from Italy, served with basil pesto, boiled green beans and potato cubes. Please don’t forget the finely grated Parmesan or Pecorino!

So that you can inspire your guests with something new, I’ll add a little more… please try fresh and crispy fried basil crisps as topping on the pasta. WOW – That bangs on the palate ūüôā

This pasta tastes hot as a great pasta dish and cold as a pasta salad. Are you discovering a new favourite recipe?

Make everyone happy today and just cook delicious noodles. Good luck and a good appetite!

classic noodle soup

Noodle Soup classic or gluten-free prepare with Video, simply delicious and healthy

I present a fine recipe Noodle Soup with Chicken in this article. The step by step instruction with video makes it easy for you to cook it yourself.

I have selected a noodle soup with rice noodles, this is gluten-free, but you are welcome to use other noodles.

Good luck! I am pleased about news and success messages.

Deer Ragout and Wild Ragout Recipe with Step by Step Instructions, Cooking Video, Chef Tips

Deer Ragout and Wild Ragout Recipe with Step by Step Instructions, Cooking Video, Chef Tips

My Venison Ragout recipe with cooking video I show in this article with many tips for preparation and ideas for the side dishes. In addition, I tell you how we prepared the deer ragout at Alfons Schuhbeck and look over the shoulder of other chefs. The article is certainly a good summary of the topic Wildragout and after the reading and the video chaun you can easily cook it yourself. If you are looking for a light game goulash, please visit this page with the article deer goulash in thyme stock. I wish you a lot of fun, good luck and am happy if you share this post on Facebook with your friends.

salmon noodles with cream

Salmon Noodles – Pasta Recipe as a Kitchen Story with many Ideas to Cook yourself

The Classic Salmon Noodles recipe with cream sauce is presented in this article. This is a popular recipe and today I will show you some new ideas to cook yourself.

In addition, there are tips from the starred kitchen for the perfect salmon pasta with fresh salmon and smoked salmon. 

I would be happy if you cook it yourself and share it with your friends on Facebook. Good luck!

Asiatische Nudeln mit Lachs

Asian Salmon Noodles, Recipe with Video and Chef Tips, sure to succeed!

Salmon noodles made easy, today I show you the recipe Asian Salmon Noodles. It is a gluten-free and exotic recipe without cream.

If you are looking for an extraordinary recipe for salmon noodles, you have come to the right place.

I serve the salmon noodles with vegetables and sesame seeds. In the salmon noodles prepare cooking video I show the preparation step by step.

I wish you all the best and would be happy if you cook it up and share it with your friends on Facebook. 

Spaghetti aglio e olio – with garlic, Recipe with original Tips from Italy

The recipe Spaghetti Aglio e Olio  is a well-known pasta classic of Italian cuisine. The spaghetti with garlic gets additional spiciness from peperoncino and delights the cook and guests.

The finely grated Parmesan reduces the strong taste of garlic and chilli.

My simple recipe is inspired by a cooking colleague from Milan with whom I visited common cooking stations.

I would be happy if you share the recipe on Facebook and Pinterest and wish you every success with this simple and delicious spaghetti with garlic recipe.

Pesto made in a glass and photographed from above.

Make your own Pesto, Basil Pesto alla Genovese, Recipe with Step by Step Photos and Chef¬īs Tips

In this post I will show you my chef Basil Pesto alla genovese recipe. Making your own basil pesto step by step is very easy.  

¬†Pesto alla Genovese – the pesto may also be called “the pesto” and the word comes from the Italian “pestare”, meaning “crush”.

The pesto is an uncooked herb sauce and comes from Italian or Roman cuisine.

Pesto was first mentioned and documented in the Ligurian region around 1863. The cold basil sauce tastes delicious with a wide variety of dishes.

I wish you now good success… Share this article on Facebook!