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cream schnitzel recipe

Cream Schnitzel Recipe for the simple Kitchen

Today I show you my fast Cream Schnitzel recipe. You need fresh pork schnitzel or veal schnitzel, turkey schnitzel are also ok.

For the vegetarian version I recommend a smoked tofu. You will certainly find some spices in your kitchen…

Please also get onions or shallots, mushrooms, white wine, vegetable broth, flour and cream.

As a simple side dish, potatoes or… spaetzle.

This dish can be conjured up in various variations in a short time on the table. Let yourself be inspired now and enjoy the anticipation of a great dish with this article. 

If you have any questions, please use the comment function. Good luck!

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Jaegerschnitzel Recipe with Step by Step Photos for Preparation

The recipe Jaegerschnitzel I show you in this post. The Schnitzel hunter’s escalope is called “Escalope chasseur” in French.

Classically you prepare the popular schnitzel with pork or veal. You also need a good gravy, shallots, mushrooms and butter.

Most questions about this preparation relate to the sauce…

How you can get a great sauce on your plate I will describe below.

Step by step photos accompany you while cooking, I wish you good luck!

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Wiener Schnitzel mit Preiselbeeren und Kartoffeln.

Wiener Schnitzel Recipe with Parsley Potatoes and Cowberries

The Wiener Schnitzel recipe with Parsley Potatoes and Cowberries is presented here in a short version.

In addition there is a video and many step by step photos for the successful preparation.

You prepare the original Wiener Schnitzel with veal schnitzel, the others … with pork, …with chicken and …with turkey schnitzel hot schnitzel Viennese style. 

Let’s go, today we’re cooking the finest breadcrumbs and we’re serving the classic side dish of buttered potatoes with parsley. Good success!

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Viennese Schnitzel Original escalope viennese with potato salad

Wiener Schnitzel or Viennese Schnitzel: Recipe with Step by Step Instructions Breading and Cooking Video

I present my recipe for Wiener Schnitzel in this article.

You can look directly over my shoulder while preparing schnitzel in the cooking video. Here you can find all the important tips from the professional kitchen to make your Wiener Schnitzel a perfect success! 


Your Wiener Schnitzel is proven to have a better taste if you hear Viennese waltzes while preparing it. 🙂 I am pleased about good results in your kitchen, write me gladly a comment if you still have a question. You are welcome to share this article with your friends. Thanks a lot!

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Vitello Tonnato

Today I’ll show you my recipe for Vitello Tonnato. Vitello Tonnato is a classic and internationally renowned Italian recipe from Piedmont. The cooked veal is a great starter and popular as antipasti.

Warm you can serve this dish of the Italian kitchen as a main course. The dreamlike combination of noble, delicately sliced veal and a finely pureed garnish of tuna, anchovies and capers results in this great taste experience, which you may know from your holidays in Italy.

Today we want to treat ourselves to this at home 🙂 Let’s go: Look directly into the recipe if you are in a hurry…

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Kalbshaxe - Kalbsbraten Rezept Bild

Roast Veal – Knuckle of Veal

Today I present you my recipe for Veal Shank as roast veal. After all, the veal knuckle is the ideal roast veal for the guest kitchen and is great on the table.

The knuckle of veal can be easily prepared, it is absolutely sure to succeed and the luxury class knuckle when the boss comes over for dinner.

A French star chef once called the veal shank the “Bentley on the table”…  The pork knuckle cannot compete with the veal knuckle in terms of taste.

The veal knuckle is strong in taste and yet fine. Now let yourself be inspired to braise the veal knuckle. Have fun and good luck!Read More »Roast Veal – Knuckle of Veal

vegetarian goulash with side dishes

Vegetarian Goulash – Veal Cream Goulash goes Veggie :-)

Here is my great recipe for Vegetarian Goulash, which comes very close to a veal cream goulash.

You can also prepare the goulash completely vegan. The advantage of the veggie goulash is obvious: The preparation time is about 35 minutes compared to a goulash with meat with a preparation time of at least 1.5 hours.

Vegetarian cooking is absolutely trendy and meatless days are good for body and soul.

Let yourself be inspired and surprise your loved ones with a great dish – even hardcore meat eaters will find this goulash delicious!Read More »Vegetarian Goulash – Veal Cream Goulash goes Veggie 🙂

roast veal breast recipe picture

Roast Veal – Stuffed Veal Breast

Here’s my recipe for Stuffed Veal Breast. This roast veal is a popular Sunday meal in Bavaria. We fill the veal breast in Bavaria with a bread dumpling mass. The good thing about it is that the side dish is prepared at the same time as the meat.

The stuffed veal breast needs some preparation – let the butcher or butcher “deliver” the veal breast with the bag cut in!

Then go to the kitchen, look at the step by step photos and conjure up a fine dish for your loved ones… I wish you good luck!Read More »Roast Veal – Stuffed Veal Breast

zurich ragout with tomato cubes and roesti on a plate

Zurich Ragout

In this article I will show you my Chef Zurich ragout recipe.

The recipe is an original, I got it from a good friend who worked as a chef in Zurich for a long time. Of course I also serve you the matching side dish. In the article you can follow the Rösti preparation step by step. 

Let the professional chef inspire you to cook for yourself. Good luck and a good appetite!Read More »Zurich Ragout

Tafelspitz mit Suppe und Gemüse angerichtet.

Tafelspitz Recipe – Viennese Boiled Fillet deliciously prepared

Today I present you my Chef Tafelspitz Recipe. Tafelspitz which is boiled fillet is a classic of Austrian cuisine.

I would like to show you how the fine beef dish can be prepared in just a few steps.

You need a large pot, a kitchen board, a kitchen knife and a pan for cooking yourself. The soup with the boiled beef usually boils slightly flowing on the stove. The boiled beef is ready after about 2-2.5 hours.

In this article you will find all the answers to authentic traditional preparation. I wish you every success!

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Osso buco

Recipe Ossobuco – an Italian Classic in my Way

Today I present you my recipe Ossobuco. The braised veal slices with vegetables are a classic Italian dish of the Milanese region, Lombardy.

Gremolata, a mixture of lemon peel and parsley, is an important component of the finely braised Ossobuco dish.

Well, let yourself be seduced in Italian and this time NOT with pizza and amore.

Have fun braising and good luck! If you like, you can spread the word and share on the usual social media channels.

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Veal goulash here with cream, ribbon noodles and vegetables. Veal cream goulash optimally prepare recipe picture to contribution

Veal Goulash

With this Veal Cream Goulash recipe you cook goulash just like your mom would at home. This dish is becoming increasingly rare on the menus because good quality veal is expensive.

Use best veal from organic farmers, it tastes better. In this article you’ll learn everything you need to know about cooking veal goulash yourself:

Which meat is ideal for veal goulash? How does a Viennese style veal goulash work? Which side dishes go well with goulash?

Good success! Let it taste good!Read More »Veal Goulash

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