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Hähnchenkeulen mit Salat serviert

Prepare Chicken Legs in the Oven and serve with Salad as Low Carb Dish

Here I present you my LOW CARB recipe Chicken Legs in the Oven. Today we serve the juicy legs with a colourful leaf salad. The practical and simple preparation is almost without carbohydrates and fits perfectly into the diet plan. 

In addition to the recipe I have included a cooking video, so you can watch the most important information in advance. In this article you can learn everything important for a quick meal at a glance and let yourself be tempted to cook for yourself. Good luck!

Recipe picture turkey from the oven

Turkey with a sure-fire Recipe, Turkey Roast Recipe for Thanksgiving and Christmas

In this article I present you my Turkey recipe with and without filling.

The wonderful roast poultry from the oven comes to Thanksgiving, thanksgiving and Christmas on the festive table. Especially in the USA this dish is the MVP (most valuable player) on the Thanksgiving table of every American family.

Also in Germany, the turkey is more of a family meal or a circle of friends meal, if only because of the size of the food. Everything should be well thought out: Is sister vegan in the meantime? Can all ingredients tolerate? Are the special wishes of the part-time gourmet brother-in-law also fulfilled?

I like the poultry meat most juicy and not dry. The side dishes should be successful quickly, after all we want to spend a lot of time with our dearest people on festive days. 

Now read quickly and get the best tips and after shopping we go to the kitchen… Have fun and good luck!

Roast Turkey

Roll Roast Turkey, cooked whole, quickly and fine – Recipe from a Professional Chef

Now may I present my Turkey Roll Roast recipe. The preparation is really simple, because it all comes from the oven – scrub pots goodbye…

Meals with success are boneless – that’s possible with the roll roast!

Poultry is healthier than beef or pork. That’s why I’d like to recommend turkey meat to you. I know… animal husbandry is what matters nowadays, especially with turkeys!

That’s why I show you my organic meat turkey roast as a whole. Animal welfare is also human welfare – yes!

I wish you a lot of joy while cooking. If you like, share the recipe with your friends – thank you and good luck!

Hamburger Recipe picture

Prepare Hamburgers like a Professional Chef

Today I’ll show you my Hamburger recipe for cooking yourself. Step by step many photos lead you through the preparation.

Making your own burgers is such a boy’s thing and yet the female guests are especially happy about the finesse.

The popular “fastfood” is not only for the Superbowl announced, the sandwiches warm rolls fit perfectly to the barbecue and when guests come. 

You can prepare hamburgers perfectly and put them on the table with meat or without meat. 

In this article I’ll tell you a lot about the tasty variations and you can expect exciting burger sauces and lots of collected chef tips.

I wish you a lot of fun and a little later – enjoy your meal!

Arranged lasagne

Prepare Lasagne like a Chef – Recipe with Kitchenstory and Tips from Italy

Here I show you my Lasagne recipe. Buona Sera, Signorina, Buonasera… today Italian is cooked.

Original pasta casserole alla Bolognese with two delicious sauces without much effort…

You want to cook for more than one person? Do you cook casseroles for colleagues or for your new Tinder acquaintance? Huh, that can be exciting 😉

I can already calm you down… Thank God there are simple and fast ways to prepare your food, as well as classic ways of preparation, which you can choose according to your time account and occasion. 

Runs super… don’t worry, this kitchen story accompanies you step by step.

As your trusted cook, I bring great ideas into your kitchen! That makes the selection easy for you.

Now I wish you a lot of fun when you get hungry, until later in the kitchen! 

Moussaka from the oven

Moussaka Recipe with Step by Step Guide for Aubergine Casserole with and without Animal

Today I’ll show you my Moussaka recipe. Only last week it was there again, this discussion whether we cook lasagna or musaka.

The decision is easy for me, I like the combination of potatoes, aubergines and tomato juices very much.

Besides, when I eat lasagna I always have to think of the film of Godfather Part III, specifically the place where the poor daughter dies in Michael Corleone’s arms. The Mafia won’t come into my kitchen today! So rather Greek…

Now it starts, here is the cook of your confidence and I show you a delicious dish for the oven. Read more for advantages, I have hidden a secret bechamel sauce for you.

In the following story I will give you good tips that will awaken your cooking genius and show you several variations of the Greek casserole with eggplants.

Rabbit roast recipe picture

Prepare Rabbit Roast in two Variations, genuine Mallorquin, an original Spanish Recipe

The recipe Rabbit Roast, original from the Mallorquin Kitchen I present to you in this contribution.

It was 38°C in the shade when I happened to stroll past Jorge’s barbecue kitchen in S’Alqueria Blanca after my shopping at noon in July, and an incomparably delicious smell came towards me. Great, my stomach growl came back to my mind and I took a closer look.

Jorge turned chicken and rabbit at the openly fired, Spanish grill and braised under the grill in addition the potatoes. We both got into conversation and I was allowed to try some of the rabbit in advance. Wow, that was a pleasure!

Of course I wanted to know exactly how to prepare something so delicious. So I learned Jorge’s culinary rabbit secret, which I like to share with you here.

Meatballs Recipe Picture

Meatballs Recipe with Chef Tips to prepare German Frikadelle

In this article I introduce you to my recipe for Meatballs. Besides the classic recipe you will find many tips from Oma´s kitchen for original German Frikadellen.

Additionally I answer the most important questions around side dishes, preparation in the oven, with and without breadcrumbs…

Meatballs, roast meatballs, meatloafs, burger, meat cakes or minced loafs are similar preparations.

They are always fried flat dumplings made from minced meat, refined regionally with different ingredients, shaped and fried.

Read more, because here you will find many good ideas for perfect meatballs.


Roast Duck Recipe for the Oven with Step by Step Photos and Cooking Videos

Today I show you my Duck recipe for the Oven. The duck roast in the oven comes today in Bavarian variant on the table.

Beside red cabbage, pretzel dumplings and glazed carrots there are ideas for crispy duck and for sauce preparation.

Many step-by-step photos and videos accompany you as you cook.

Have fun reading and cooking yourself!

Entenbraten auf Teller Rezept Bild

Roast Duck Recipe with Step by Step Photos and Cooking Videos

Today I’ll show you my recipe for Roast Duck. Some time ago I cooked this dish with my friend Wolfgang and documented it for you.

The duck is one of my favorite dishes and in the article there are extra many tips for the preparation at star level. 

The many step by step pictures accompany you cooking yourself. Additionally I have added some videos.

Here you get the perfect instructions for roasting duck whole, preparing crispy duck, carving duck professionally, preparing duck sauce, side dishes to duck. 

Have fun reading!

cream schnitzel recipe

Cream Schnitzel Recipe for the simple Kitchen

Today I show you my fast Cream Schnitzel recipe. You need fresh pork schnitzel or veal schnitzel, turkey schnitzel are also ok.

For the vegetarian version I recommend a smoked tofu. You will certainly find some spices in your kitchen…

Please also get onions or shallots, mushrooms, white wine, vegetable broth, flour and cream.

As a simple side dish, potatoes or… spaetzle.

This dish can be conjured up in various variations in a short time on the table. Let yourself be inspired now and enjoy the anticipation of a great dish with this article. 

If you have any questions, please use the comment function. Good luck!


Jaegerschnitzel Recipe with Step by Step Photos for Preparation

The recipe Jaegerschnitzel I show you in this post. The Schnitzel hunter’s escalope is called “Escalope chasseur” in French.

Classically you prepare the popular schnitzel with pork or veal. You also need a good gravy, shallots, mushrooms and butter.

Most questions about this preparation relate to the sauce…

How you can get a great sauce on your plate I will describe below.

Step by step photos accompany you while cooking, I wish you good luck!

Meat loaf without stuffing with caper sauce and potatoes recipe picture to post.

Recipe Meatloaf without Filling with Capersauce Koenigsberg Style

Today I’ll show you my recipe Meatloaf without Stuffing. The meatloaf is also known under the name “false hare”.

This recipe succeeds simply and fast. The roast is ideal for the evening and when guests come. The roast can also be used cold, so there are no leftovers.

You will find many step-by-step photos below.

As sauce I have invented a caper sauce in Koenigsberger style.

I wish you good luck and a good appetite!

Königsberger Klopse Rezept Bild

Koenigsberg Meatballs Recipe, Meatballs in a Caper Sauce with Potatoes

Today I show you my Recipe Koenigsberg Meatballs in Caper Sauce. In German we say “Königsberger Klopse”.

We still know the meatballs under the names “Saure Klopse” (sour meatballs), “Kapernklopse” (caper meatballs), “Soßklopse”(meatballs in sauce) and “Kochklopse” (cooked meatballs).

The meatballs in white caper sauce are named after the residence town of Koenigsberg and the East Prussian word for “small dumpling”.

The classic of German cuisine is an evergreen, I will show you how to prepare it step by step today.

The following recipe is taken from my grandmother’s kitchen. For an original experience, please pay attention to the tips for preparing the sauce.

I wish you good luck and a good appetite!

boeuf a la mode served with side dishes and sauce

Boeuf à la Mode Recipe, Bavarian-Style Roast Beef Preparation

Today I show you my recipe Böfflamott or Boeuf à la mode. Boeuf à la mode is the Bavarian variant of the beef braised roast, you can refine the sauce with cognac.

For the preparation I recommend the “flat beef shoulder”, which is also called “shovel bow”. Other suitable pieces of meat for the roast beef are: False fillet, boiled beef, ball and flower or the tail roll. Ask your butcher or simply order the “flat beef shoulder”. 

I let the beef mature in a stain for 3-4 days. The stain consists of red wine, root vegetables, red wine vinegar and various spices.

A dry Burgundy is optimal for the Bavarian beef braised roast. The older the wine, the more powerful the sauce becomes.  I also prepare the sauce with veal stock. 

Now it can start: Many step by step photos will help you cooking. Questions can be answered using the comment function at the bottom of the page. Have fun and good luck!

Roast beef braised with side dishes and sauce.

Marinated Stewed Roast Beef Recipe German Rinderbraten with Chef Step by Step Instructions

Today I’ll show you my Roast Beef recipe. This is the Original German Sauerbraten from Germany!

I recommend you a “flat beef shoulder”, also called “shovel bow”. You can also use another stewed beef. Ask your butcher or order the “flat beef shoulder”. This is best cut into even slices after stewing. I put the meat traditionally for 3-4 days in a stain. I cook the stain from root vegetables, red wine and some balsamic vinegar (instead of red wine vinegar).

A red wine like dry Burgundy or Rioja later gives the sauce a great taste. The Spanish Rioja wines spend a longer time in the barrel, so these wines develop great aromas that benefit the sauce and flatter the palate.

The balsamic vinegar provides a dark colour and a balanced acidity. In addition, a veal stock is added to my sauce before braising. 

The recipe with step by step photos answers the most important questions. Please feel free to write me a comment!  Good luck!

Fried chicken recipe picture.

Lemon Chicken Recipe, Fried Chicken with Lemon and Rosemary

My Lemon Chicken recipe I show you in this post.

You can prepare this roast chicken in the oven or on the grill. The advantage of the preparation in the oven: You prepare the chicken, the side dishes and the sauce in a wash. This is practical and saves time.

When you get guests, it’s a great dish. Below you will find some tips on how to put meat and side dishes on your plate without stress. 

Have fun reading and good luck!

Fried chicken recipe picture with side oven vegetables.

Prepare Roast Chicken in the Oven, Recipe with Chef Tips

I’ll show you my Roast Chicken recipe today.

The roast chicken from the oven is a simple dish. I prepare chicken, side dishes and sauce in the oven.

In this article I present you some marinades for the grill chicken, you can get to know exciting ideas for cooking yourself.  

A cooking video also shows you how to prepare the marinades step by step. Have fun reading and good luck!

Wiener Schnitzel mit Preiselbeeren und Kartoffeln.

Wiener Schnitzel Recipe with Parsley Potatoes and Cowberries

The Wiener Schnitzel recipe with Parsley Potatoes and Cowberries is presented here in a short version.

In addition there is a video and many step by step photos for the successful preparation.

You prepare the original Wiener Schnitzel with veal schnitzel, the others … with pork, …with chicken and …with turkey schnitzel hot schnitzel Viennese style. 

Let’s go, today we’re cooking the finest breadcrumbs and we’re serving the classic side dish of buttered potatoes with parsley. Good success!

False hare or meat loaf recipe picture with sauce and mashed potatoes

Meatloaf Recipe, wrong Hare with Egg Filling German Style

Today I’ll show you my recipe for Meatloaf. Do you know “false hare”? The “wrong rabbit” is no rabbit at all. It is the name for a meat loaf with or without egg inside.

The following recipe comes from the kitchen of my dear mum and is a component of the traditional German kitchen.

It is suspected that the name “Falscher Hase” was given by the form of roasting in Germany. Likewise it is to be also because of the fact that the wrong hare was prepared in the same roaster, like the genuine hare bridge from the oven.

In Austria, however, this meat loaf with egg has a different name: Stefanie roast. The following instructions contain many step-by-step photos for the preparation of meat loafs.

I also show you a great variation of the meat loaf sauce and wish you good luck and a good appetite!

Die Corn Dogs mit Tomatenketchup und Soßen servieren.

Corn Dogs Recipe, Sausages in Corn Dough, American Sausages in Dressing Gown

Today I’ll show you my Corn Dogs recipe. Corn Dogs are a great finger food, perfect when guests are coming or a children’s birthday party is coming up.

Serve the Corn Dogs just as a first course at the barbecue. The sausages in the corn dough can be easily prepared and kept warm in the oven. You can also briefly place the fried sausages on the grill in the batter and conjure up a light smoky aroma. 

The dough-coated sausages are a well-known dish from the USA. In detail they are Corn Dogs sausages in a corn dough casing, fried in hot fat. The batter is a variation of our traditional wine or beer batter as we know it for baked vegetables.

Here are my tips for perfect Corn Dogs and the recipe with many step by step photos. Questions I answer via the comment function, wish you good luck!

Rouladen auf dem Teller angerichtet mit Beilagen. Step Bild.

Roulade Recipe – Preparing Beef Roulades

Here you can discover my Rouladen recipe. The beef roulades are a popular stew from Germany.

We know braised roulades with bacon, mustard and cucumber as typical home cooking. The dish is perfect for a family dinner on Sunday or when friends come to visit.

Popular side dishes for the roulade are mashed potatoes, jacket potatoes with herbs, glazed vegetables, Brussels sprouts and red cabbage

Below you will find a step by step guide to roulade stewing with many photos to cook yourself.

I wish you success, questions I answer over the comment function at the end of the page. 

Köttbullar mit Erbsen und Kartoffeln, Rahmsauce und Preiselbeeren.

Swedish Meatballs, Kottbullar with Potatoes and Cream Sauce Original ALLEMANSRÄTTEN Recipe from Sweden

Today I’ll show you my Kottbullar Swedish Meatballs Recipe. The original recipe comes from a colleague from Sweden.

Köttbullar is a traditional Swedish dish and most of us know the Swedish meatballs from the shopping trip to the furniture store Ikea.

Erik, the chef from Sweden, has created a homemade version of the Köttbullar together with me. This is a recipe refined by his grandmother in a chef’s style. 

For our Köttbullar cream sauce we use veal stock. Thus the sauce becomes particularly fine and also exists in the star kitchen. In addition, we show a simple variant based on broth.

Be sure to pay attention to the potato variety when making your own mashed potatoes. Mealy potatoes or potatoes that are mainly firm are ideal. This gives your puree a nice consistency. You can also serve the Swedish Pflanzerl with boiled potatoes, which is even easier and tastes delicious!

We prepare the Köttbullar with mixed minced meat. You can also take beef or elk meat. With veal prepared you would have another noble variant for your guest kitchen. Wish you good luck! 

Steak mit Bratkartoffeln prächtigst angerichtetet. © Thomas sixt Foodfotograf.

Steak roast properly – Rib Eye Steak with fried Potatoes perfectly prepare

In this post I show you my Rib Eye Steak recipe with fried potatoes and herb butter.

I accompany you with shopping tips and describe you the steak correctly roast step by step with many photos.

You can prepare the steak in about 40 minutes. 

Enjoy today a perfectly hearty and fried steak with a classic side dish.

I wish you good luck and a good appetite!

Recipe for chicken skewers served with tomato rice Recipe Photo ©Thomas sixt Foodfotograf

Recipe Chicken Skewers on Tomato Rice with Chef Tips for perfect Skewers

The chicken skewers recipe with tomato rice I show you in this post. The chicken skewers with vegetables are wonderfully colourful. This time I serve the skewers on tomato rice and show a summery variation with less meat.

When preparing the chicken skewers with vegetables some vegetables fall off, we use this immediately for the preparation of the tomato rice. That’s cooking for smart people!

I wish you good luck and a good appetite!

Lammrücken Rezept mit Kartoffeln und Bohnen.

Prepare Saddle of Lamb Recipe, Lambrack with Beans and Potatoes like a Chef

In this article I show you the recipe Lamb Saddle. As a side dish I have the wonderful addition: potatoes and beans.

I have published the recipe for the first time in my cookbook: Der Minutenkoch schmeckt.schneller.

You can have this lamb dish on your table in about 40 minutes. I wish you every success and lots of fun preparing it!

Recipe for spaghetti bolognese

Spaghetti Bolognese Basic Recipe for Ragù alla bolognese

Today I show you the recipe Spaghetti Bolognese. Ragù alla bolognese is the famous minced meat sauce from Bologna in northern Italy.

The classic pasta sauce is served in Bologna with tagliatelle, i.e. egg noodles.

In Germany we often find the sauce Bolognese combined with spaghetti (=noodles without egg).

First tip: Try this original pasta with tagliatelle, it definitely tastes better!

I wish you good success in cooking and a good appetite. 

Hirschbraten Rezept Bild mit Knödel als Souffle, geschmorten Karotten, Soße und Preiselbeeren.

Venison Roast Recipe with Cooking Video, quick Preparation and Searing Venison Roast like a Cooking Professional

In this post I will show you my professional chef  Venison Roast recipe. The venison roast is a popular stew dish and fits into the cold season. 

You can prepare the roast well, therefore the recipe is suitable for the guest kitchen and for holidays and holidays such as Christmas. 

In this article I will answer the most important questions about traditional preparation. If you have some time, please watch the video, you can watch me cooking deer roast directly over my shoulder. Good luck and a good appetite!

LAmmgulasch Rezept angerichtet mit Kartoffeln und grünen Bohnen.

Lamb Goulash Recipe, Goulash with Lamb Meat, Beans and Potatoes

My Lamb Goulash recipe I present to you today in this post. A strong goulash with lamb fits perfectly into the cold season.

The combination with beans and potatoes is classic, tastes delicious and simply succeeds.

If you have a pressure cooker, you can prepare the lamb goulash in about 40 minutes, without it takes about 1.5 hours.

I wish you all the best and look forward to your comments!

Rindergulasch serviert mit Spätzle, Petersilie und Tomatenwürfel

Beef Goulash Recipe, the classical Preparation shows you the Cook Professional

In my Beef Goulash recipe I answer the most important questions about the classic stew with beef.

The video about the preparation of Beef Goulash shows you everything step by step.

A simple preparation that is sure to succeed. This is how relaxation goes 😉

I wish you much joy and good success in cooking beef goulash yourself! 

Carpaccio vom Rinderfilet Rezept Bild

Carpaccio of Beef Fillet classic prepare and ideas for vegetarian Carpaccio

Today I present you my recipe Carpaccio. Carpaccio with fillet of beef? Vegetarian carpaccio? In this article I will show you relevant variations of this classic Italian starter.

Carpaccio of beef fillet was first served in Harry´s Bar in Venice in 1950. Find here all important tips for carpaccio preparation, ideas for dressing the carpaccio and discover vegetarian carpaccio variant. Have fun and good luck!

Pork tenderloin on vegetables in aluminium foil, Fielt roasted pink

Recipe Pork Fillet in the Oven, Success with a great Dish Step by Step!

Today I show you my recipe Pork Fillet in the Oven. The recipe is super practical, you can prepare the filet and the side dishes directly in the oven!

The pork fillet or pork tenderloin is one of the most popular pieces of meat and promises a tender taste experience. This dish is low carb and ideal for the guest kitchen. 

Please buy organic meat to do yourself and your loved ones something good. Now you’re ready to go, I wish you good luck and a good appetite…

Lamb knuckle recipe picture of the braised lamb shank with side dishes

Recipe Lamb Shank, Stew Lamb Knuckle and serve with grandiose Side Dishes. Lamb Shank is the better Roast Lamb!

Today I’ll show you my recipe Lamb Shank. The knuckle of lamb is a popular stew and is very easy to cook.

I prepare the lamb knuckle gladly as roast lamb, each guest gets then a knuckle on the plate and is happy.

This makes considerably less work in the kitchen, so this recipe is ideal for the guest kitchen.

We like to enjoy the lamb at Easter, but as a typical and classic stew it fits perfectly into the cold season and at Christmas.

Wish you good luck, share this article with your friends!

German Style Curry sausage with french fries recipe picture

Currywurst Recipe for DIY, Currywurst Sauce, Curry sausage with Fries, Gourmets eat Currywurst vegetarian!

Today I’ll introduce you to my recipe of Currywurst with french fries. The Currywurst is from Berlin to Hamburg, from Cologne to Munich the most popular sausage dish of the German nation!

Making Currywurst yourself starts with choosing the right sausage, a Top Currywurst sauce recipe, a selection of curry spices and wonderfully homemade fries.

So that our brain cells can regenerate I have added a variant of the vegetarian Currywurst. Gourmets now only eat vegetarian or vegan currywurst!

If you want to get into the Bild newspaper I recommend Curry sausage with gold leaf!

In the article you get a lot of tips, at the same time I make a summary of what my cook colleagues Schuhbeck, Mälzer and Rosin conjure up around the Currywurst.

The regional overview shows you the small, fine differences between Ruhrpott Currywurst, VW and Volkswagen Currywurst from Hannover and Berliner Currywurst.

I wish you lots of fun reading and good luck making your own Currywurst!

Viennese Schnitzel Original escalope viennese with potato salad

Wiener Schnitzel or Viennese Schnitzel: Recipe with Step by Step Instructions Breading and Cooking Video

I present my recipe for Wiener Schnitzel in this article.

You can look directly over my shoulder while preparing schnitzel in the cooking video. Here you can find all the important tips from the professional kitchen to make your Wiener Schnitzel a perfect success! 


Your Wiener Schnitzel is proven to have a better taste if you hear Viennese waltzes while preparing it. 🙂 I am pleased about good results in your kitchen, write me gladly a comment if you still have a question. You are welcome to share this article with your friends. Thanks a lot!

Fondue Tipps und Ideen für Silvester für Suppen-Fondue und Fett-Fondue

Fondue – Classic for New Year’s Eve

Today I’ll show you my recipe for Fondue. The New Year’s Eve fondue tastes great with vegetables, fish, seafood or meat. In recent times, a vegetarian fondue with tofu, baked cheese and lots of vegetables is a good choice! At best, a successful fondue is accompanied by many tasty cold sauces.

Classic sauces such as chive sauce, remoulade sauce combined with exotic chutneys or fiery dips make the palate dance. Here you can finde Fondue Sauces and Raclette Sauces…

The fondue is a real classic for New Year’s Eve. The advantage is obvious: no one has to stand alone in the kitchen after the preparations. The guests put together their fondue menu according to their own taste at the table. As a great addition, I present you with an idea for a fondue dessert.

When the pot is boiling, the time has come for relaxed conversations. My contribution brings the fondue preparation to the point and answers the question which fondue is right for you. Go directly to Fondue Recipe and Fondue shopping list…

Vegetarische, vegane Gans mit Knödel und Blaukraut Rezept Bild

Protect the Climate & Save Geese: Recipe Vegetarian Goose – The Roast Goose as a Vegan Christmas Goose

Today I present you my recipe Vegetarian Goose. Vegetarian goose? Vegan goose? That sounds crazy and it is! Last I had discussed cooking and recipes with FB friend Karl. Karl woke me up more or less and inspired me to cook something completely new and crazy.

According to the motto: Star chefs are outraged! And then enraptured! A vegan goose tastes so ingenious.

The vegan goose you cook without side dishes in 35 minutes! Any “quick reader” or mobile phone recipe finder standing in the supermarket can jump directly to the Vegetarian Goose recipe here

Vitello Tonnato

Today I’ll show you my recipe for Vitello Tonnato. Vitello Tonnato is a classic and internationally renowned Italian recipe from Piedmont. The cooked veal is a great starter and popular as antipasti.

Warm you can serve this dish of the Italian kitchen as a main course. The dreamlike combination of noble, delicately sliced veal and a finely pureed garnish of tuna, anchovies and capers results in this great taste experience, which you may know from your holidays in Italy.

Today we want to treat ourselves to this at home 🙂 Let’s go: Look directly into the recipe if you are in a hurry…

Beef Tatar, Steak Tatar

Steak Tartare Recipe – Beef Tartare ingeniously prepare yourself

Recipe Steak Tartare – Beef Tartare: Raw meat is (not) everyone’s cup of tea. However, experience has shown that most people enjoy eating minced rolls without thinking about it.

A homemade Beef Tartare is a very healthy alternative.

I will show you in my preparation how it works and what the best ingredients are for the fine taste. For the inclined reader I offer some useful information. For the quick reader it goes here long to the recipe Steak Tartare – Beef Tartare

Pork tenderloin served with horseradish sauce and vegetables

Simple Pork Fillet Recipe – Pork Tenderloin with Horseradish Sauce

Today I’ll show you my recipe Pork Fillet with Horseradish Sauce. On average, around 60 kilograms of meat and meat products of all kinds are consumed per capita in Germany every year. About two thirds of this is pork.

The most popular meat of Germany, the pork, here in the fine variant as Schweinefilet or Schweinelendchen can be prepared simply and fast.

If you buy your meat from the butcher and perhaps even take the good organic meat, the meat is also beautifully tender and leaves little water. You will find the perfect preparation in the recipe

Kalbshaxe - Kalbsbraten Rezept Bild

Roast Veal – Knuckle of Veal

Today I present you my recipe for Veal Shank as roast veal. After all, the veal knuckle is the ideal roast veal for the guest kitchen and is great on the table.

The knuckle of veal can be easily prepared, it is absolutely sure to succeed and the luxury class knuckle when the boss comes over for dinner.

A French star chef once called the veal shank the “Bentley on the table”…  The pork knuckle cannot compete with the veal knuckle in terms of taste.

The veal knuckle is strong in taste and yet fine. Now let yourself be inspired to braise the veal knuckle. Have fun and good luck!

vegetarian goulash with side dishes

Vegetarian Goulash – Veal Cream Goulash goes Veggie :-)

Here is my great recipe for Vegetarian Goulash, which comes very close to a veal cream goulash.

You can also prepare the goulash completely vegan. The advantage of the veggie goulash is obvious: The preparation time is about 35 minutes compared to a goulash with meat with a preparation time of at least 1.5 hours.

Vegetarian cooking is absolutely trendy and meatless days are good for body and soul.

Let yourself be inspired and surprise your loved ones with a great dish – even hardcore meat eaters will find this goulash delicious!

roast veal breast recipe picture

Roast Veal – Stuffed Veal Breast

Here’s my recipe for Stuffed Veal Breast. This roast veal is a popular Sunday meal in Bavaria. We fill the veal breast in Bavaria with a bread dumpling mass. The good thing about it is that the side dish is prepared at the same time as the meat.

The stuffed veal breast needs some preparation – let the butcher or butcher “deliver” the veal breast with the bag cut in!

Then go to the kitchen, look at the step by step photos and conjure up a fine dish for your loved ones… I wish you good luck!

Fry Turkey Schnitzel, my Recipe with Video, Variants and Tips

My Turkey Schnitzel Recipe I present to you today! A turkey schnitzel tastes delicious and is prepared in a short time on the table.

In this article I answer many questions about frying turkey schnitzel, give tips and of course there is a cooking video preparing turkey schnitzel.

Good luck! I would be happy if you cook this up and share it with your friends on Facebook. Good luck!

A turkey schnitzel tastes delicious and can be prepared on the table in a short time. My video with little preparation takes less than 10 minutes. In this article I answer questions about frying turkey schnitzel, give tips and of course there is my turkey schnitzel recipe with cooking video instructions. You can find the turkey schnitzel recipe at the end of this page. I would be happy if you cook it up and share it with your friends on Facebook. Good luck!

Gyros Recipe – Greek Kitchen at Home with Cooking Video Guide

The Gyros recipe with Tsatsiki is one of my favourite dishes of the fast cuisine. I have refined this famous dish from the Greek kitchen in my own way.

In the video Prepare Gyros you can watch it step by step.

Check also my new Greek Salad 2018… Take a look at the tips and ideas now. Good luck! Please share this post on Facebook with your friends, thank you!

Backhenderl mit Beilagen alias original bayerische Chicken Nuggets.

Backhendl (Fried Chicken), Original Chicken Nuggets :-) made by yourself 

Today I will show you my original Backhendl Backhendl – Fried Chicken recipe. Before a short story:

Dear reader, I will simply allow myself a joke today. Actually, I’m a little desperate. I have prepared a wonderful recipe for Backhendl, it tastes excellent and my guests love this dish.

Before I write a recipe, I make up my mind what people are looking for on the Internet. Desperately I have entered every term that has to do with baking chicken: Baked chicken, baked chicken, breaded chicken, Viennese baked chicken… and? It’s a drama! Mankind is looking for the real breaded chicken just 50-500 times a month in the German-speaking world.

Compared to chicken nuggets, here we have 12,000 searches per month…that’s the culinary downfall.

My call: Please cook the recipe at the bottom of the page, a fried chicken simply tastes much better than pressed poor chicken, share this recipe with your friends, thank you!

Fillet Steak on Fennel, a quick, summery Steak Recipe

The recipe Fillet Steak on Fennel shows you a very wonderful dish. This is guaranteed to please even food combining friends.

Every now and then you have to pay attention to the slim line, or create balance, then I use this recipe.

Just when I’m preparing a menu for guests, this steak recipe is just right. The video steak with fennel helps you with your preparation step by step.

Good success! I wish you a lot of fun cooking it yourself!

German Roast Beef Steak with Onion Gravy and spaetzle named Zwiebelrostbraten

Roast Beef German Style – Fried Beef with Onions in Gravy named “Zwiebelrostbraten”

Today I’ll show you my chef’s German Roast Beef – Fried Beef with Onions in Gravy named “Zwiebelrostbraten”. The Steak with Onions and Gravy is a classic dish of the South German and Austrian cuisine.

The roast beef is best served with an onion sauce. Cover the roasted meat with freshly fried onions.

In Germany, in the Swabian area around Stuttgart, Spätzel are common as a side dish. In Bavaria and Austria there are rather fried potatoes or parsley potatoes, rarely 🙁 ribbon noodles.

In this article I will show you my variation of onion roast and give you many tips on how to prepare it at home.

Rumpsteak Recipe with Bacon Beans and Roast Juice, How a Steak is perfectly roasted is shown in the Cooking Video

My recipe Rumpsteak shown here with bacon beans and gravy is a well prepared Rumpsteak with great side dishes.

Here comes a delicious steak on the table! I will show you how to fry rump steak properly and which side dishes fit to the rump steak.

Of course a cooking video Rumpsteak accompanies you step by step to prepare in your kitchen.

Wish you good luck! If you like it, share the recipe with your friends on Facebook… 

German Sauerbraten - Marinated Pot Roast from Germany and german chef

German Sauerbraten – Marinated Pot Roast

Today I present you my recipe Chef Sauerbraten. Sauerbraten is a popular stew dish in Germany.

This article deals with roast beef, prepared as sauerbraten.

The Sauerbraten is prepared regionally also with horse meat, game meat or like with Rheinischer Pepse with pork meat. In Bavaria, sour roast beef is called Boeuf á la mode.

In this article I will answer the most important questions about traditional preparation and wish you every success!

german pork goulash with peppers and potatoes

Pork Goulash Recipe to cook yourself with professional Chef Tips

My Pork Goulash recipe I show you in this post. A pork goulash is a great dish and belongs next to the vegetarian goulash species to the inexpensive goulash variants.

You can prepare the stew with a lot or a little paprika, the spiciness over chili and pepper control.

The pork goulash becomes creamy with the final addition of crême fraìche or sour cream. Do not boil the goulash again so that the milk products do not flocculate.

Prepare the goulash like your mum would at home, so you can get busy in the next few minutes. Cook a great dish for you and your loved ones and let it taste good.

Filet Welligton recipe picture - for beef wellington

Filet Wellington – Beef Wellington

Wow, today I’m showing you my Filet Wellington recipe . Meat in puff pastry, with me it was love at first sight!

The filet Wellington is prepared with beef fillet. The pink cooked fillet is wrapped in puff pastry and in a farce of mushrooms and parsley, the so-called duxelles.

The crispy coated meat is best served with a strong jus. The gravy, the strongly boiled, reduced sauce, is usually a powerful veal sauce.

This classic is a perfect dish, ideal for the guest kitchen and the holiday kitchen. In the article you will find many tips from the professional kitchen.

Fleischpflanzerl Rezept meatballs form bavaria

Meatballs from Bavaria – Fleischpflanzerl Recipe with Cooking-Wiki and Step by Step Instruction

Today I present my Fleischpflanzerl Bavarian Meatballs Recipe from Bavaria to you. This is a meatballs recipe with Koch-Wiki, a detailed article with lots of information and tips and a bit of dialect.

Few would immediately admit that meatballs with potato salad are a favorite dish. This is due to the lack of a glamour image. Too often the wonderful preparation is banally and lovelessly outside the Bavarian empire.

Close relatives are koettbullar which are Swedish meatballs,  minced loafs (Austrian) and French boulettes.

Please see all this with a smile, with me the Bavarian pride is going through …. The meatballs on the picture are especially popular and loved by my guests. It is not uncommon that my meatballs are directly “stolen” from the pan.

I wish you a lot of fun while tasting and trying out. Please share this article with your friends, thank you!

Weihnachtsgans zubereiten Beitrag mit 9 Kochvideos

Goose Roast Recipe with great Tutorial, Videos and Side Ideas, all Tips of the Professional Kitchen in One Article

My recipe Goose Roast I present to you in this contribution. I have prepared this summary for you so that the roast goose comes perfectly with fine side dishes on the table.

I show you in nine videos: Buy goose, fill, fry, trigger… serve crispy, prepare goose sauce, dumplings and red cabbage.

Today we are going step by step to success and we have the kitchen timing in mind for a stress-free cooking experience.

So if you want to prepare Martin’s goose or Christmas goose perfectly, you’ll find the right instructions here.

Good luck! Please share this article on Facebook, thank you! 

Refreshing and Exotic: Crispy Duck with Mango Glass-Noodle Salad

Refreshing and Exotic: Crispy Duck with Mango Glass-Noodle Salad

In this recipe I present an exotic and gluten-free dish: Recipe Duck Breast on Glass Noodle Mango Salad. Salad with duck breast is exotic in appearance and refreshing in taste. Asian food is very trendy.

This dish is easy to prepare and ready in about 30 minutes. From experience I can tell that we often don’t dare to prepare Asian food. “Just like my favourite Asian from next door, I can’t do it anyway,” some people think. 

With this recipe I would like to take away your shyness, because it is really easy to cook!

In the video salad duck breast on glass noodles I show you everything step by step. 

Good success!

Duck with Pineapple, Coriander and Red Bull - this is a crazy, thrilling, tasty Dish!

Duck with Pineapple, Coriander and Red Bull – this is a crazy, thrilling, tasty Dish!

This time I’ll show you an especially exciting, tasty recipe Duck with Pineapple, which contains an ingredient you’ve probably never used for cooking before – Red Bull

With the Red Bull we “winged” our sauce to duck breast – hard to believe but it really tastes awesome!

In the video Duck with pineapple I show you the preparation step by step. Wish you good luck!

Turkey Leg in the Oven with Vegetables, Recipe with Cooking Video and professional Tricks

Turkey Leg in the Oven with Vegetables, Recipe with Cooking Video and professional Tricks

Today I show you my recipe Turkey Leg in the Oven. This is a practical dish because you prepare meat and side dishes together in the oven.

The turkey legs come with vegetables on a baking tray or in a large roaster in the preheated oven. This saves time and effort and nothing can go wrong.

This article shows two recipes for a good turkey: one with a vegetable oven, the other with a fast and simple tomato stock with capers and olives. Recipe Turkey Leg in the Pan…

I would be happy if you cook this up, please share the recipe with your friends on Facebook, thank you! Good luck!

Duck Breast Recipe for the Oven - easy and quick great Cooking!

Duck Breast Recipe for the Oven – Easy and Quick Great Cooking!

I think the recipe Duck Breast in the Oven is absolutely ingenious. In addition to the duck breast, the vegetables are also prepared in the oven and offer Mediterranean enjoyment in your own four walls.

In terms of taste it is a great thing and everyone who has little time will be happy because it goes fantastically fast.

I love this dish because it is so quickly prepared and prepared. At best I need 15 minutes until the duck breast and the vegetables are in the oven.

In the video preparing duck breast in the oven I show you everything step by step.

This and further inspiration can be found in the following text. Good luck!

Enkeulen im Backofen zubereitet

Duck Leg Recipe for the Oven, Kitchen Story with Videos

I present my Roasted Duck Leg Recipe for the Oven in this article. As always, there are a lot of detailed tips and tricks around the duck leg roast as well as several cooking videos. No question should remain unanswered and I am happy if you get your duck legs juicy and crispy on your plate at home.

The recipe is kept simple and the vegetables can be washed up with the duck legs in the oven. In this article, I’ll nevertheless go into detail on the optimal preparation of the duck legs, reveal sauce tricks and ideas for further side dishes.

I would be happy if you share this article with your friends on Facebook and Pinterest and pass on the recipe. Good luck!

roast duck breast in the pan with herbs and garlic

Frying Duck Breast, Step by Step Cooking School and Kitchen Story with Tips

The roasting of a duck breast is shown step by step in this article with many photos and tips. Who knows my blog and my Youtube videos, knows it long ago: For me there is nothing better than duck. Since my apprenticeship at Alfons Schuhbeck I love duck, prepared in any form. At the Saucier-Posten in the big Alfonskitchen I was allowed to fry ducks every day, to trigger them later and finally to prepare duck sauce. When the ducks are released in the late afternoon, there is always something delicious duck meat left for me. The preparation of a duck breast, at the photo a barbarian duck breast is to be seen, I show in this contribution in detail.

zurich ragout with tomato cubes and roesti on a plate

Zurich Ragout

In this article I will show you my Chef Zurich ragout recipe.

The recipe is an original, I got it from a good friend who worked as a chef in Zurich for a long time. Of course I also serve you the matching side dish. In the article you can follow the Rösti preparation step by step. 

Let the professional chef inspire you to cook for yourself. Good luck and a good appetite!

Tafelspitz mit Suppe und Gemüse angerichtet.

Tafelspitz Recipe – Viennese Boiled Fillet deliciously prepared

Today I present you my Chef Tafelspitz Recipe. Tafelspitz which is boiled fillet is a classic of Austrian cuisine.

I would like to show you how the fine beef dish can be prepared in just a few steps.

You need a large pot, a kitchen board, a kitchen knife and a pan for cooking yourself. The soup with the boiled beef usually boils slightly flowing on the stove. The boiled beef is ready after about 2-2.5 hours.

In this article you will find all the answers to authentic traditional preparation. I wish you every success!

Osso buco

Recipe Ossobuco – an Italian Classic in my Way

Today I present you my recipe Ossobuco. The braised veal slices with vegetables are a classic Italian dish of the Milanese region, Lombardy.

Gremolata, a mixture of lemon peel and parsley, is an important component of the finely braised Ossobuco dish.

Well, let yourself be seduced in Italian and this time NOT with pizza and amore.

Have fun braising and good luck! If you like, you can spread the word and share on the usual social media channels.

Roast lamb from the shoulder of the lamb served with side dishes, recipe picture by Thomas Sixt.

Step by step Preparation of Roast Lamb from a Shoulder of Lamb

The recipe Lamb Roast, braised lamb shoulder I show you in this post. This is a great recipe with lamb, ideal when guests want to come to dinner or you want to celebrate with your family.

My first tip: Lamb must be very hot on the plate, so please always warm the plates well and arrange the meat and sauce after the side dishes.

I wish you every success with this step by step guide and lots of fun in the kitchen. Please write me a comment!

Heavenly scented Sage Chicken with Eggplant Couscous

Heavenly scented Sage Chicken with Eggplant Couscous

Now we come to the recipe Chicken Oriental with CousCous and Vegetables – I feel like chicken again.

Since I just have sage, I make a delicious oriental chicken for you. As a tasty side dish I prepare eggplants with couscous. 

That sounds very fine and is very easy to cook – then I would say let’s get started right away!

In the video chicken oriental prepare I show you everything step by step. Wish you good luck!

Recipe picture of the szegediner goulash

Szegedin Goulash with “Sauerkraut” – Pickled Cabbage

Grandma’s Szeged Goulash recipe brings back good memories. My grandmother prepared the hearty goulash with sauerkraut and pork.

That’s how I know this classic dish of the bourgeois cuisine: sour cream must definitely always be in the sauce. When serving, put a small icing on the goulash, then decorate with paprika and parsley. The goulash is wonderful when finished.

Discover a new favourite dish, cook your loved ones a great meal and enjoy it!

Veal goulash here with cream, ribbon noodles and vegetables. Veal cream goulash optimally prepare recipe picture to contribution

Veal Goulash

With this Veal Cream Goulash recipe you cook goulash just like your mom would at home. This dish is becoming increasingly rare on the menus because good quality veal is expensive.

Use best veal from organic farmers, it tastes better. In this article you’ll learn everything you need to know about cooking veal goulash yourself:

Which meat is ideal for veal goulash? How does a Viennese style veal goulash work? Which side dishes go well with goulash?

Good success! Let it taste good!

Recipe for grill marinade, so meat is marinated for grill and pan delicious.

Grill Marinades, marinate Meat optimally and marinate for Grilling, Barbecue and for the Pan

You will like my meat Grill Marinades recipe 🙂 Marinades for grilling are not only in demand in summer, marinated meat can be prepared wonderfully in the pan or in the oven!

Marinating gives the meat taste: by marinating it in herbs, flavouring it with garlic, spices and oil, the meat gains flavour and remains tender and juicy during preparation.

In this article I have clearly summarized four marinades, good success!

bavarian knuckle also in the spelling Schweinehaxe, world-famous from Bavaria and a variant of roast pork.

Prepare crispy Knuckle of Pork, the Recipe for Knuckle of Pork, Leg of Pork and Wagtail

Today I’ll show you my recipe for Knuckle of Pork. The knuckle of pork is regionally known under different names:  The Franks call them Knöchla or Adlerhaxe, in Switzerland the knuckle is called Gnagi or Wädli.

Depending on the region, the knuckles of pork are prepared in different ways. In Northern Germany and Poland, most knuckle of pork is salted, in Southern Germany it is not salted but roasted or cooked crispy.

In this article with recipe you will get a good overview of how to prepare your own shank. Inspire your guests and your loved ones with a crispy knuckle of pork. Good luck! 

pork roast quickly prepare in the pot or in the pan recipe picture by food photographer ©thomas sixt german bavarian chef and food photographer

Prepare Roast Pork in a Pot, so the Roast succeeds quickly and easily

My recipe Pork Roast in the Pot shows a quick roast preparation. You can look over my shoulder while cooking because I have added a Headcam Cooking video.

As a cook, you sometimes face bigger challenges. If a bus registers at short notice and another 40 guests storm into the inn then you have to think of something. Such a situation requires a creative and flexible approach and a good idea.

The recipe comes from my first cookbook: Der Minutenkoch schmeckt.schneller. and brings a roast pork on the table in a short time. I wish you every success!

recipe for roast pork bavarian style roast pork meat from the pork belly while cutting open ©thomas sixt bavarain chef and food artist

Bavarian Roast Pork with Beer Sauce served with Sauerkraut and Dumplings

In this article I will show you my recipe for Bavarian Roast Pork. The roast pork is a wonderful Sunday roast, ideal for the guest kitchen and when the family comes to visit.

Learn how to prepare a traditional, original roast pork from Bavaria at home. The crusty roast is served with the classic side dishes bread dumplings, potato dumplings and sauerkraut.

I’ve added some cooking videos, so the Bavarian cooking experience is guaranteed to succeed! Let’s put the roast pork in the oven together! Good luck!

traditional roast pork with crust

Recipes for Roast Pork and Classic Roast Pork with Red Wine Sauce and Plums

Here comes my recipe for Roast Pork with red wine sauce and plums. The roast pork is popular all over the republic and this article summarizes the topic of roast pork.

Here you will get a good overview and certainly some ideas if you want to prepare your own roast pork.

Inspire your loved ones with the best roast pork from your own kitchen.

Sauce for Duck Breast

Sauce with duck breast and fast roasted duck leg? After I showed you the duck breast roast already in another place I supply you today still with some sauce tips to briefly roasted duck pieces. Sometimes I dream of the delicious duck à l’orange after Paul Bocuse and of the duck sauce with apple juice after Hans Haas from the Munich Tantris. The crispy duck breast is one of my favourite dishes, my sauce tips will help you with the sauce magic!

Herbs Roast Pork Recipe, glazed Vegetables as a Side Dish, Kitchen Story Step by Step

My Herbs Roast Pork recipe I show you in this post. 

The herb pork roast is filled with sage, thyme, rosemary, lovage, lavender and marjoram. The herbs come fresh from the garden this time.

The roast recipe succeeds simply, you need with preparation and preparation well 2.5 hours until the delicious roast pork with herbs is finished. 

I wish you every success and would be happy if you cook it up and share it with your friends.

greetings from bavaria with this dish of beef salad with asparagus

Beef Salad with Leaf Salad and Asparagus, Recipe for Boiled Beef

My Beef Salad recipe is an extraordinary recipe and I got to know the way of preparation during my apprenticeship at Alfons Schuhbeck.

The boiled beef is cut into slices, marinated in hot Dijon mustard, then breaded with Wiener Griessler rose flour and fried in a little fat or vegetable oil in a coated pan.

This is not a normal beef salad with vinegar and oil but a real gourmet variation. You can prepare the beef salad with beef in the mustard crust from boiled beef or from fresh beef.

For fresh beef, use only short roasts such as fillet of beef, hip steak or roast beef.  Make sure that the meat is well hung. After all, tough meat is not a pleasure to eat on your plate.    

The salad simply succeeds and is on the table in less than 40 minutes. The following Kitchen Story gives you good instructions on how to cook it yourself.

Please try it out quickly, good success, share this article on Facebook with your friends… 

Meatballs muesli coat Crazy Muesli Meatballs, homemade Tomato Ketchup, Recipe with Video and Chef Tips

Crazy Muesli Meatballs, homemade Tomato Ketchup, Recipe with Video and Chef Tips

 What makes a  recipe meatballs with muesli coat? You’ve already read right: Cereal and meatballs! You can add the meatballs or meatballs with muesli wrapping and also some muesli in the meat mass.

That’s how it came about: Max Wittrock from mymüsli sent me ingenious muesli varieties and I experimented with them.

I was thrilled by the different types of muesli. So I tried out some crazy ideas about “cooking with muesli”. Muesli with milk, anyone can do that! I changed my mind and tried something different. My test eaters were thrilled! The children found the new creation very exciting.

Wish you good luck trying it out!

beef broth incredients

Making Beef Broth yourself like a Star Chef

Here you can find my Chef Beef Broth recipe with step by step instructions. The Wiki shows the preparation of a beef soup, in addition many professional tips for a strong beef soup. 

You need a large pot, a kitchen board, a kitchen knife and a pan to cook it yourself. The soup is usually placed on the stove and should simmer for at least 2 hours.

But everything in turn, please stay tuned, I’ll show you how chefs prepare a beef broth. Please share this post with your friends, thank you!

spring roll-with-vegetables-vegetarian-vegan

Spring Rolls easy to prepare, Recipe with two Dough Variations and Cooking Video

Today I’ll show you a simple recipe for spring rolls. I like to prepare spring rolls with strudel dough, the dough is very similar to the traditional spring roll dough and is ready to eat everywhere.

This also has a practical component, you can prepare the spring rolls yourself quickly and easily. This article gives you an overview of how to prepare spring rolls and in the spring rolls spring rolls video I show you the preparation step by step.

You can find the recipe for spring rolls at the end of this page, I have designed it minimalistic, you get by with 6 ingredients. I wish you every success and would be happy if you share the article with your friends!

classic noodle soup

Noodle Soup classic or gluten-free prepare with Video, simply delicious and healthy

I present a fine recipe Noodle Soup with Chicken in this article. The step by step instruction with video makes it easy for you to cook it yourself.

I have selected a noodle soup with rice noodles, this is gluten-free, but you are welcome to use other noodles.

Good luck! I am pleased about news and success messages.

Salad with Beef: Recipe with Video for colorful Leaf Salad with Beef Strips

Salad with Beef: Recipe with Video for colorful Leaf Salad with Beef Strips

My recipe salad with beef is prepared for you. The salad is easy to prepare and is on the table in less than 30 minutes. Discover many practical kitchen tips so that you can easily recook it yourself.

The salad with beef or beef strips is a great LOW CARB DIÄT dish. Watch the cooking video: Prepare salad with beef, I will accompany you in your kitchen 🙂

Have fun cooking, I will be happy if you share this video with your friends on Facebook. 

Guinea Fowl Recipe with Truffle with Potatoes and Fond, cook like a Star Chef with Video Instructions

Guinea Fowl Recipe with Truffle with Potatoes and Fond, cook like a Star Chef with Video Instructions

Today I present to you a great and simple Guinea Fowl recipe. The guinea fowl is in France the preferred chicken on the menus in the star gastronomy.

The guinea fowl is a special chicken, its meat offers an intense and aromatic taste. Compared to normal chicken, guinea fowl is a bit like game. At the same time it does not taste like game.

The method of preparation was inspired by a visit to Paris, I could not resist the black truffles and simply had to take some with me.

In the video “Simply prepare guinea fowl” I show you everything step by step.

Please cook the recipe quickly and share it with your friends on Facebook. 

Steak gratinated, Steak au Gratin, Recipes and Ideas for Herb Crust and Gratin

Steak gratinated, Steak au Gratin, Recipes and Ideas for Herb Crust and Gratin

In this post I show you my Steak au Gratin Recipe. A gratinated steak is a fine and tasty affair and I would be happy if you try it.

The steak gets an additional taste finish by baking with various ingredients. You can see how this goes step by step in the cooking video steak au gratin

Discover all professional chef tips for baked steaks 🙂

I wish you all the best!

Deer Ragout and Wild Ragout Recipe with Step by Step Instructions, Cooking Video, Chef Tips

Deer Ragout and Wild Ragout Recipe with Step by Step Instructions, Cooking Video, Chef Tips

My Venison Ragout recipe with cooking video I show in this article with many tips for preparation and ideas for the side dishes. In addition, I tell you how we prepared the deer ragout at Alfons Schuhbeck and look over the shoulder of other chefs. The article is certainly a good summary of the topic Wildragout and after the reading and the video chaun you can easily cook it yourself. If you are looking for a light game goulash, please visit this page with the article deer goulash in thyme stock. I wish you a lot of fun, good luck and am happy if you share this post on Facebook with your friends.

Veal Liver easy to prepare yourself, Cooking Video Recipe and Wiki Instructions, fast and sure to succeed

Today I show you my recipe Veal Liver with balsamic vinegar. We know this preparation from Italy under the name calf liver Venetian kind.

In this article I will give you an overview about the preparation of veal liver and ideas for the side dishes.

In the video veal liver Venetian style I show you the simple preparation and what you must absolutely consider when frying the veal liver.

Good luck! I am pleased about comments, the sharing of the contribution is expressly desired. 

goulash recipe with video instructions

Making your own goulash, German recipe with chef tips and cooking video, step-by-step pictures

My Goulash recipe I present to you today. The goulash is … a classic stew. In the article I answer the most important questions about goulash cooking.

The goulash cooking video shows you the preparation step by step.

Help, the family comes … Quickly tidied up and then still in the kitchen? Everything goes completely relaxed.

There is still time for nice conversations. So everyone will be happy and you can also make Mom coffee 😉

I wish you good success in cooking your own goulash.

Labskaus original Recipe from Hamburg, Kitchen Story and Kochwiki with Videos

Today I’ll show you my Labskaus recipe. Labskaus is a dish from Northern Germany. It is also eaten in Norway, Denmark and Sweden and in the Liverpool area under the name Scouse.

In addition to boiled potatoes, gherkins, onions, beetroot and corned beef are used in the Labskaus preparation, which is then served with fried egg and rollmops.

Because I have friends in Hamburg, I got to know the original Labskaus some time ago.

As a South German I asked myself on this culinary new territory: “How would I prepare the Labskaus? So I got to work and my Labskaus video now shows you step by step my surefire variation.

Here are my suggestions and ideas as well as my recipe with cooking video. If you like it, please share it on Facebook and elsewhere!

Chicken Drumsticks in Oven, Recipe with Video for easy Preparation

Here in this article I present you my recipe Chicken Drumsticks in the Oven in different variants.

My suggestion for you for a practical and simple preparation is especially after work and in the evening a time-saving variant.

With my tips you can easily add and modify this dish.

I often buy my chicken whole. That costs 7-8 Euro for the normal, fresh chicken or 15 Euro for the organic chicken. Chicken as a whole is always cheaper than individual, already dismantled poultry pieces.

In the video chicken legs in the oven I show you everything step by step.

Good success! 

Bread Turkey Escalope, all Variants at a Glance, Large Cook-Wiki Recipe with Video

Bread turkey escalope perfectly, that’s the point of this article with my recipe Turkey Escalope breaded with step by step instructions.

I’ll give you lots of tips and show you variations on the crispy and deliciously breaded turkey escalope.

The cooking video “Breading Turkey Escalope” is an additional support when cooking yourself.

Good luck!

Fried Liver with Sage and Pine Nuts, Mediterranean Kitchen Story and Recipe with Video

In this article I show the preparation of the fried liver with the recipe fried Liver with sage and pine nuts and present a quick recipe with cooking video.

You can use pork liver, veal liver or chicken liver for this recipe. The sauce to the liver is made by adding balsamic vinegar and butter to the roast, the refinement in taste by fried sage leaves and roasted pine nuts.

You can find my video “Fry Liver properly” at the end of this page. I’ll tell you more about the preparation of liver and would be happy if you share this article with your friends.

Good luck!

Roasted Duck, how you can prepare Duck Breast or Duck as a whole with a sure recipe

Roasted Duck, how you can prepare Duck Breast or Duck as a whole with a sure recipe

Fried duck is available on my Kochblog in all variants richly, today I dedicate myself to the fried, whole duck and present a simple recipe Fried Duck with much vegetables.

The recipe is ideal if duck meat is left over. You can then refine the duck meat as shown in the video and recipe to another dish. 

First I explain the roasting of the duck, the triggering and carving of the duck, the preparation of the duck sauce and variants of roasting the duck: Duck bavarian, duck classic and duck chinese I explain briefly. This will give you an overview!

Some videos will help you to cook yourself. The video roasted duck prepare you find before the recipe.

Wish you good luck and I would be happy if you share this article with your friends on Facebook.

venison goulash thyme stock close up

Recipe Venison Goulash prepared in fine Thyme Stock, with Cooking Video Instruction

This Venison Goulash recipe is a light variation of deer goulash and deer ragout with game in a light herb stock.

Usually deer goulash is a very strong preparation with a thick, dark sauce.

In this article, I am not referring to the classic method of preparation for my venison goulash or venison ragout, but rather to a light and digestible dish.

The vegetables, with a Mediterranean flavor, in combination with the delicately steamed venison and the aroma of thyme, can reach new heights.

In the video “Preparing venison goulash” I show you everything step by step. Wish you good luck! Please share this post on Facebook, thank you.

Venison goulash and deer ragout are usually quite strong preparations with a thick, dark sauce. This recipe is a light variation, game in a light herb stock.

Chicken and Side Dish prepared in just one Pan!

Wow, a recipe Chicken in the Pan? Read correctly! Today I will show you how to prepare a whole chicken with vegetables in a pan.

The sauce or the fine stock is also made directly in the pan and the dish is practical, requires little effort and goes quickly. Great side effect: The gentle preparation makes the chicken meat very tender.

Step by step I show you how to prepare chicken in the pan in the video. Wish you good luck!

recipe picture for quickly prepare roast pork from fillet of pork

39 Minutes quick Pork Roast – Bavarian Style

I love the quick recipe quick Roast Pork with classic side dishes like potato dumplings and sauerkraut. Anyone who has already cooked the Bavarian original knows how much time it takes.

Under 2 hours preparation time the real Bavarian roast pork can hardly be prepared.

There must be a new variation, I thought to myself on a very well planned Sunday and immediately thought up a faster pork recipe, cooked and documented for you step by step.

Taste Sensation: Grilled Chicken with Red Bull Cola

Taste Sensation: Grilled Chicken with Red Bull Cola

A Red Bull Cola chicken that sounds crazy, here’s my recipe Cola Chicken with cooking video. It’s a nice, hearty meal you’ve probably never eaten before. 

There’s a coke roast chicken with potatoes and peppers. Sounds a bit crazy, it is. I promise you a great result and a great taste experience! 

In the video Cola chicken prepare I show you everything step by step.

How the Cola finds now to the chicken, I show you here! I wish you good luck!

For Gourmets under Time Pressure: Venison Steak with Porcini Ravioli and orange-red Cabbage

For Gourmets under Time Pressure: Venison Steak with Porcini Ravioli and orange-red Cabbage

My Venison steak recipe with side dishes has it all. I’ll show you how the venison steaks are fried, plus a quick orange – red cabbage and ravioli.

Today I use some supermarket products but this saves a lot of time.

And today it gets wild – in the truest sense of the word. That sounds like a lot of work, with ready-made ravioli and frozen red cabbage it really goes fast and succeeds.

This dish really has something special and is perfect for a romantic candlelight dinner with your loved one.

In the video “Preparing deer steak” I show you everything step by step. Wish you good luck!

venison in pepper cream sauce with chestnuts and broccoli

A Reinterpretation of a classic Dish: Venison in Pepper Cream Sauce

Mine is a noble and particularly tasty dish and I show you today my variant in my recipe Deer Pepper.

The deer is accompanied by a pepper cream sauce, broccoli and chestnuts. Especially for the cold season, the recipe is a feast and is even very easy to cook.

In the video Preparing deer pepper I show you everything step by step.

Good luck!

Beliebter Snack und Fingerfood für den Kindergeburtstag: Würstchen im Blätterteig bekannt unter dem Namen Würstchen im Schlafrock.

Crispy Sausage packed in Puff Pastry – ideal Fingerfood

Today I’ll show you my recipe Sausage in a Dressing Gown. A classic is completely reinterpreted in this article. Are you looking for a tasty finger food? Then you are exactly right!

The article contains tips and ideas about the dough coat: sausages in puff pastry, sausages in strudel dough, sausages in strudel dough or filo dough.  More sure-fire ideas for sausages in a dressing gown…in a different way.

In the video sausages in a dressing gown I show you step by step everything summarized. So the sausage can taste even better in a crispy dough coat 🙂

Good success – please share this recipe with your friends! Thanks a lot!

Hochgeladen zuFast Dish: Chicken Curry in 15 Minutes

Super delicious 15 Minutes Chicken Curry with Vegetables and Rice

Here I show you a Chicken Curry recipe for the fast kitchen. The preparation succeeds in approx. 15 minutes.

It’s really easy and if you don’t have much time to cook and still want to put a great chicken curry on the table, this is the place for you.

Asian simple and great taste. So the cooking is fun! In the article you’ll find lots of information and ideas for variations.

In the video Preparing chicken curry I show you everything step by step. 

Have fun reading and trying it out!

Beef Ragout with Rioja-Elder Sauce, glazed Vegetables and mashed Potatoes German Style

My recipe Beef Ragout I show you in this post. Normally, ragout is prepared from braised meat or goulash meat.

However, in this article I will show you a particularly fine and festive variation. I cook this beef ragout with fillet of beef and red wine.

In addition to the high quality aspect, the preparation time is reduced to less than one third compared to a “normal beef ragout”.

In the video Prepare beef stew I show you everything step by step. I would be happy if you cook it yourself and share it with your friends. Good luck!

Meat Recipes category picture.

Meat Recipes from German Chef Thomas Sixt.

Here you can find my best meat recipes:

Poultry and game, beef and pork, excellent lamb.

In addition, I have summarized the most famous classics of meat cuisine.

Discover and learn here many kitchen tips from the professional kitchen and the Thomas Sixt online cooking school. I wish you all the best!

You will find many great recipes in Thomas Sixt’s cookery blog.

German and International Meat Kitchen

The meat kitchen has a long tradition in Germany and Austria. The following recipes are from the last 15 years of my work as a food photographer and recipe developer. Today I hardly eat meat anymore and when I do I make it an absolute feast.

Maybe in a year I will be a complete vegetarian, at least I have the feeling it will be like this. I can cook meat and poultry very well, have conjured up quails and pigeons on the plates of the best star chefs, the roast goose was my favourite dish for a long time.

2017 has changed a lot in my life. This is my own way. I don’t want to talk anyone out of eating meat or fish because it’s a personal decision. What I can do is to convey respect. Respect for the living beings and respect for the ingredients in the kitchen, respect for yourself. Therefore, my recommendation is to obtain meat exclusively from farmers and to pay attention to organic quality.

You would rather cook an organic chicken once a month for 18 Euro and enjoy it consciously. The rest of the time you can enjoy your life with excellent vegetable dishes. Then eating meat is something special again and is more appreciated. Cheap meat from mass animal husbandry, steaks around 1.99 in the supermarket, that drives tears into my eyes today. It does not taste and it does not do well. It is simply only stupid consumption which makes dependent. Depends on the ingredients that burden the body and soul. But now enough, you will find my meat recipes from another life below… enjoy consciously and with joy! Good success… find all Thomas Sixt recipes here…

Recipes for meat

Meat recipes with picture, cooking recipes for meat dishes by bavarian chef Thomas Sixt. Here you will find selected recipes for beef, veal, pork, lamb, venison and poultry. Delicious main courses, great meat dishes adapted to the season. Discover cooking recipes with detailed step-by-step instructions. Cooking-Coach Thomas Sixt shows you the best meat recipes for your kitchen. Learn how star chefs prepare meat and put it beautifully on your plate.

Simple meat recipes

Simple meat recipes are in great demand. Fast dishes that can be prepared in less than 30 minutes can really make everyday life easier. Pan dishes and wok dishes are ideal. This is shown, for example, with turkey schnitzel. In any case, meat types that are suitable for short roasting are used. These include the fine pieces such as breast for poultry, fillet steak and steaks from the back or from the hip for beef, veal, pork or game. These pieces of meat are fried briefly in a hot pan and are served as a natural schnitzel, steak or as strips of meat. A nice example is the Gyros from the pan, a recipe with cooking video instructions.

Meat dishes Recipes Oven

The preparation of meat dishes in the oven is another very practical method of preparation. The advantage for meat recipes from the oven is obvious: roast pieces are quickly seasoned and prepared with vegetables, the preparation then takes place 100% in the oven. These dishes usually require little preparation time, which is really practical. This way a great dish is served, without any roast on the stove, without splashes of fat and without strong frying smells. Want some nice examples? Roast pork quickly 39 minutes with pork fillet, Bavarian pork roast, goose roast and something crazy, the cola chicken.