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Lachs mit Zucchinigemüse Low Carb

Salmon with Vegetables, a light Low Carb Dish quick to prepare

My LOW CARB recipe Salmon with Vegetables is presented here in this article.

The preparation is easy and fast and is almost without carbohydrates. So this is a great dish for an effective diet with lots of protein, vitamins and fibre.

A healthy meal, a carefree attitude to life and a contribution to your health!

I wish you success in cooking and good appetite!

Salmon on mashed potatoes Recipe picture

Roast Salmon, Recipe with simple Side Dish

Here I would like to show you my recipe Salmon Roast. Today we serve the fried fish fillet on mashed potatoes and cabbage. 

I love creative cooking! I experiment with passion in my kitchen and always invent new delicious culinary experiences. I prefer to use easily available ingredients…

Although it should be quick, you can conjure up great dishes with a new idea. This is also possible if the ingredients seem “ordinary” to you at first.

Here is the current example: Not only the potato is suitable for a fine puree, but also cauliflower. Absolutely try it out…

Have fun cooking and good luck!

Spaghetti with prawns recipe picture

Spaghetti with Prawns Recipe, a fast Dish of fine Cuisine

Now I would like to present you my recipe Spaghetti with Prawns. A quick recipe and a feast for all the senses.

I love shrimps… Now it has come out 😉

Shrimps are easy to prepare, rich in protein and low in calories and have a fine taste. In the perfect preparation the crustaceans are also optically a feast for the eyes.

I am also a fan of fast preparations. This is especially interesting when the time window in the evening is small and the hunger is big.

That’s why I don’t want to go into too much detail here, but go into the kitchen with you right away and we’ll get to work… Good luck and good appetite!

Fischburger Rezept Bild

Fishburger prepare deliciously

Today I’ll show you my Fishburger recipe. The delicious fish between warm bread roll slices gets along without breadcrumbs.

Because salmon is sooo popular I have decided for a salmon fillet! Captain’n Iglo becomes pale with envy…

The first fast food experiences are very different. With me the powerful sauces got stuck in the culinary memory. Because there are better things, I always work on the sauces and give you the ideas gladly further 🙂

Maybe I can seduce you to cook yourself. I wish you a lot of fun and good luck in your kitchen!

Recipe picture salmon spaghetti

Cook Salmon Spaghetti like a Chef, Recipe with Step by Step Photos

Today I show you my ingenious recipe Spaghetti with Salmon.

How can I cook quickly after work and impress with a great presentation? 


That’s how we’re gonna eat. This will blow my treasure away and I am the hero of the kitchen ♥♥

A big job? No, we can both do that in the twinkling of an eye and perfectly!

Accompany me during the preparation and follow my lead: Your treasure and your dear guests will be thrilled.

Let us quickly go into your kitchen, because we are very much looking forward to cooking and tasting… Enjoy your meal!

Tuna Strawberry sushi

Prepare Tuna Sushi with Strawberries like a 2 Star Chef

Today I present you the ingenious recipe for Sushi with Strawberry and Tuna (Maguro).

It is an original Maki creation by star chef Thomas Wilden, who runs the Sushibar yosushi in the market hall “Mercat de l’Olivar” in Palma de Mallorca.

Now let yourself be seduced to wonderful culinary art and enjoy the information and tips, today there is a very special bite and many culinary impressions that melt on the tongue…

Paella pan directly from the oven to the table

Original Paella from Spain, Recipe from Mallorca Monastery Santuari De Lluc

Today I will show you the original Paella recipe from Spain. For this great dish I went hiking and went on a pilgrimage. I came to Lucus, the sacred forest of early times and from the 13th century the first Marian shrine of the Balearic Islands.

The spiritual centre of Mallorca is the sanctuary of Lluc with the Black Madonna statue. It is a religious centre in the middle of the lush nature of the Serra de Tramuntana.  The monastery is a world cultural heritage, for me personally a magical place with an incredible, positive vibration.

The restaurant Sa Fonda is located on the left side of the monastery. It offers its day guests and pilgrims original Spanish cuisine. In the kitchen there is chef Manuel who conjures up the most delicious traditional dishes of Mallorcan cuisine.

Now join me on a virtual, spiritual journey, which ends with a good meal. Have fun!

white asparagus with smoked salmon served with sauce hollandaise.

Asparagus with smoked Salmon Recipe

Here I show you the recipe Asparagus with smoked Salmon.

You will also find homemade hollandaise according to my secret recipe. 

In the video “Preparing Hollandaise Sauce” you can look over my shoulders and discover a sure-fire variant for preparing the whipped butter sauce.

I wish you every success, questions about the recipe can be answered via the comment function at the end of this page. Have fun!

Salmon in the oven Preparing Recipe Picture

Salmon in the Oven Recipe with Step by Step Instructions prepare Salmon Fillet and cook gently

Here I show you my recipe to prepare Salmon in the Oven – this is a simple variant of fish preparation that tastes delicious!

You are looking for a simple fish dish for the end of the day or when guests come? Then you have come to the right place.

I will teach you how to prepare salmon fillets with many photos and professional cooking tips. I like this dish because it is so honest and down-to-earth.

Now let yourself be carried away to cooking yourself, I wish you a lot of fun and good success! Questions to the recipe I answer gladly over the comment function at the end of the side.

Cod fried in a pan served on Mediterranean rice.

Fish with Rice Recipe Mediterranean and summery prepare

Here show you my recipe Fish with Rice in Mediterranean style. 

This is an ideal dish for the summer and warm temperatures: It contains a lot of protein and is easily digestible. 

Whether on your own terrace, balcony or simply with the windows wide open … For the preparation you need little of your valuable time, most of the time remains for your pleasure!

I wish you good luck and a good appetite! 

Prepare the trout in the oven.

Trout in the Oven Prepare, Recipe with Side Dishes Tips

The recipe for Making Trout in the Oven I show you today in this post.

Barbecuing fish is also possible in the oven. I serve asparagus as a side dish and give further tips for seasonal side dishes, because it is just right for the time of year.

This preparation method also works with other whole fish: You can prepare char, brown trout, sea fish such as gilthead or sea bass in this way. It’s practical: the fish preparation is simple and quick. 

If you have any questions, please use the comment function at the bottom of the page.

Wild garlic soup with fish and vegetables

Recipe Fast Wild Garlic Soup with Fish and Vegetables

Here I present you my fine and fast recipe Wild Garlic Soup with Fish and Vegetables.

This recipe is a delicious variation of my recipe Wild Garlic Soup

I found the wild garlic for this delicious soup in the forest myself. Already when picking, the wild garlic smells intensively and tastily of fresh garlic. You can find bear’s garlic from March to June in the deciduous forest.

From the forest directly into the kitchen and into the soup – fresher and better it doesn’t get!

Have fun cooking and a good appetite!

Fish with mustard sauce. Rose fish, Ocean Perch poached on mashed potatoes with capers and dill.

Mustard Sauce Recipe, prepare Fish with Mustard Sauce

Today I’m showing you my mustard sauce recipe and because it is such a good theme to combine, I’ve made the recipe Fish in Mustard Sauce, mashed potatoes and capers.

It’s a poached redfish fillet with mashed potatoes and mustard sauce. The warm mustard sauce goes well with cooked seafood like cod, redfish, sole, plaice and salmon – as well as freshwater fish like pikeperch, trout, perch and carp.

You can fry or poach your fish, even freshly smoked fish goes well with warm mustard sauce.

I’ll show you the warm mustard sauce with fish in two + one variations. Both sauces work in less than 15 minutes.

In addition, I have added a quick recipe for cold mustard sauce: Keywords are Graved Salmon (Gravlax), Ikea Mustard Sauce, Smoked Salmon… So you can react flexible to the situation and wish you good success and a lot of fun cooking by yourself.

Halibut recipe picture with mashed potatoes, peas and mushrooms

Halibut Recipe with mashed Potatoes and Peas freshly prepared

Today I show you my simple Halibut recipe. The halibut is a particularly fine fish and without breading the fish disintegrates all too easily when roasted in the pan.

That’s why I’ll show you several different ways to prepare it in the recipe to make sure that the dish is a success. I have included mashed potatoes, fresh butter peas and fried herbs as a side dish with halibut. Served on a blue plate, it looks like fish in the sea… 

All ingredients are fresh in the supermarket. Depending on the season, you can use chanterelles or porcini mushrooms for the dish.

The recipe at the end of the page shows you how to prepare it, with step-by-step photos. I wish you all the best!

Dorsch im Eimantel angerichtet mit Kartoffelsalat und Feldsalat.

Cod fish Recipe – Fish in Egg Coat Parisian Style prepare

Today I’ll show you my cod fish recipe for fish in an egg coat. This way of preparation is called Parisian style. I wrote and photographed this dish a long time ago for my first cookbook “Der Minutenkoch schmeckt.schneller.”. It’s a really simple fish dish and I use the square cod fillets available in the supermarket.

The cod fillets I put together are not necessarily my absolute favourite, but sometimes they are practical and especially popular in fast food. The side dish is a quick potato salad combined with lamb’s lettuce.

For fish in an egg coat you can use any other fish fillets, try this variant, it tastes delicious!

Thunfisch natur gebraten und in Sesampanade angerichtet mit Gemüsessalat und Wasabicreme

Tuna Steak with Vegetables – fast Low Carb Diet Recipe

My recipe Tuna Steak with Vegetables I show you in this post. The tuna is served in two variations, first naturally fried and second in a sesame crust. You can choose one variant or conjure up both on the plate. The vegetables are Asian and taste delicious. 

This variant of tuna and vegetables is simply wonderful. It is a dish to enjoy and therefore ideal for losing weight because it simply tastes good and does you good. Here you will find Food Combining and Low Carb in one dish.

The tuna fish is a great fish, I only buy fish with the seal. That means I look for a seal for sustainable fishing. In sustainable fishing, fishermen pay attention to the protection of stocks. is such a seal and you will find many fish products in Germany with this award.

Let yourself be invited to cook for yourself and conjure up a great fish dish for your loved ones …

Low carb tuna salad served.

Tuna Salad Recipe with Spinach and Apple, the delicious Low Carb Salad with Tuna

Here I show you my recipe Tuna Salad Low Carb with spinach and apple. The delicious Low Carb salad is great fun and comes with all kinds of healthy ingredients on the table. Let yourself be inspired and conjure up a vitamin-rich, ingenious salad on your table.

Tuna salad – this is usually reminiscent of a salad with peppers and lots of vinegar. I have thought about it and prepared a recipe for eye and palate for you.

This salad fits wonderfully into the guest kitchen and it makes you and your loved ones happy! Good success…

Thunfischsalat farbenfroh angerichtet.

Tuna Salad Recipe with Romana Salad, Avocado and Egg

Today I’ll show you my great recipe for Tuna Salad. It is a wonderful light salad that you can prepare yourself. Rich in vitamins and colourful, the wonderful salad comes on the table and the many vegetable ingredients please the eye. 

The tuna salad is a year-round dish, yet it is best served in spring and summer. Are you looking for an exciting salad when friends come to visit? A salad to grill? Then the tuna salad is just right!

I wish you good luck and a good appetite.

Spaghetti Pasta mit Thunfisch und grüner Spargel dazu Sahnesauce und Safran.

Spaghetti with tuna and asparagus – my recipe for heavenly tuna pasta…

Today I show you my recipe for spaghetti with tuna and asparagus. You can prepare this pasta dish yourself in less than 35 minutes. It is quick and easy and pleases the eye. You need fresh tuna or frozen tuna for the recipe. Pay attention to a product from sustainable fishing.

Tuna pasta comes here very nobly on the table. Since I use fresh tuna, this dish fits into the guest kitchen and when the boss comes to visit. The creamy sauce with cream makes this pasta a wonderful dish. Who has desire gives some truffle oil to the pasta… WOW wonderful!

Let yourself be carried away to the self cooking and try out this variant for yourself and your loved ones. Have fun and good luck… I wish you good success and a good appetite!

Thunfisch Nudeln PPenne angerichtet in einem Teller.

Tuna pasta recipe with tomatoes and basil – Tuna noodles easy and quick to prepare

Today I show you my recipe tuna pasta with tomatoes and basil. This is a fast pasta dish, the preparation time is about 35 minutes.

The tuna noodles are a good idea when friends come to visit. In the recipe you will find step by step photos to accompany you during the preparation. Conjure up a great fish pasta on your table!

The thrill of this dish… I have often cooked tuna pasta and show you here my favorite variant with tonno topping. I like it when the fish is still on the plate and NOT in the sauce disappears. Therefore I prepare the fish topping in an extra pot.

Discover an ingenious world of taste here… Thun or as the Swiss say: Thon – goes well with lemon, basil and peperoncino. The tuna oil contains valuable Omega 3 fatty acids and therefore I use the oil for topping. Please use a high-quality tuna from the can or from the glass and pay attention to a product from sustainable fishing.

If you have any questions about the recipe, please use the comment function at the bottom of this page. I wish you good luck and a good appetite!

Lachsnudeln mit Zitronensauce Rezept Bild

Salmon Noodles with Lemon Sauce, Artichokes and Cress – simple Recipe for Salmon Pasta

Today I show you a simple recipe Salmon Noodles with Lemon Sauce, artichokes and cress. You will love this pasta with lemon sauce! You get all the ingredients in the supermarket and the dish is on the table in less than 30 minutes.

This salmon noodle recipe is simply great because you can change the ingredients according to season and personal taste.

Use green or white asparagus, zucchini, mushrooms and chanterelles, you can even serve short caramelized strawberries with this lemon pasta.

I wish you now good success with the preparation and preparation and a… Enjoy your meal!

Recipe Picture Salade Nicoise

Salad Nicoise Recipe, prepare Nizza Salad or Nizza Style Salad Step by Step like a Pro!

In this post I show you my Salad Nicoise recipe. The well-known and popular French salad with tuna, beans, egg and onions is a classic summer salad and tastes great.

I remember a great summer evening at La Croisette in Cannes and a delicious Nicoise salad.

This is exactly how I have prepared this salad for you and I would be happy if you cook this recipe yourself. Step by step I show you every step with a picture and tell you my professional cooking tips for a perfect Salade Nicoise.

I wish you good luck and a good appetite!

Zitronenrisotto serviert mit Spargel, tomaten und Seelachs.

Lemon Risotto Recipe in Variations. Prepare a delicious Risotto with Lemon.

Here I show you my recipe for Lemon Risotto. You can prepare this fabulous lemon risotto all year round in different variations.

Lemon risotto tastes great with fish, shrimps, vegetarian with zucchini and tofu. In the asparagus season I find the combination of lemon, asparagus and tomatoes very exciting.

Discover here all tips for a perfect lemon risotto and conjure up your favourite a delicious dish on the plate. I wish you all the best!

Fondue Tipps und Ideen für Silvester für Suppen-Fondue und Fett-Fondue

Fondue – Classic for New Year’s Eve

Today I’ll show you my recipe for Fondue. The New Year’s Eve fondue tastes great with vegetables, fish, seafood or meat. In recent times, a vegetarian fondue with tofu, baked cheese and lots of vegetables is a good choice! At best, a successful fondue is accompanied by many tasty cold sauces.

Classic sauces such as chive sauce, remoulade sauce combined with exotic chutneys or fiery dips make the palate dance. Here you can finde Fondue Sauces and Raclette Sauces…

The fondue is a real classic for New Year’s Eve. The advantage is obvious: no one has to stand alone in the kitchen after the preparations. The guests put together their fondue menu according to their own taste at the table. As a great addition, I present you with an idea for a fondue dessert.

When the pot is boiling, the time has come for relaxed conversations. My contribution brings the fondue preparation to the point and answers the question which fondue is right for you. Go directly to Fondue Recipe and Fondue shopping list…

baked carp with potato salad. the bavarian classic in the christmas kitchen as christmas carp

Prepare Christmas Carp, Bread Carp – Fish in Baking Dough

Get Ready for the Christmas Carp recipe. Do you know the Christmas calendar? I don’t mean the tapestry with chocolate filling. It’s about the dates around Christmas until New Year’s Eve. So it’s the time of classic madness. Hehe, of course these days are also super beautiful. You and I finally have plenty of time for the family. But what is this time filled with?

Of course with a lot of hearty food with red cabbage – here it goes to the grandiose recipe red cabbage from me – and meat. The whole poultry is great, but after the 2nd goose and the duck and the turkey our stomach wants to feel something different.

I have developed a great alternative for you: The Christmas carp breaded prepared or the carp in the batter! This is a real change on your plate. The best thing about it is that the fresh water fish is available fresh everywhere. Are you ready? Then I’ll introduce you to the successful carp preparation, step by step. If you already know your way around quite well, you can also go straight to the carp recipe here – fish in baking dough…

Rezeptbild für Weihnachtliche Vorspeisen mit Garnele oder Tofu auf winterlichem Salat und Wasabi dip

Starters Recommendation for Christmas, Christmas Dinner and Christmas Menu

My  appetizer recipe Crispy Prawns for Christmas I will show you today. Looking for a great starter for Christmas Eve? Then you’ve come to the right place!

Here are the two varieties of appetizer: Crispy prawns in Austrian or Bavarian Filo dough :-). The preparation time is less than 40 minutes. There is also a tip for a vegan or vegetarian version of this Christmas starter. After all, we want to make everyone happy on hypocrisy night…

Read the article to find out all the tips for relaxed cooking at Christmas from professional chefs.

Gilthead (Dorade) Recipe for the Oven

The recipe Dorado  for the oven with asparagus shows you how to grill Dorade in the oven. You have read correctly. Today I’ll show you a simple way to prepare the great gilthead.

You can also prepare other fish like trout, char or sea bass in the same way. I love the recipe for the oven! The gilthead is also known as gilthead sea bream, Dorade Royale, Dorada or Orata. An exact description can be found on Wikipedia.

Oven grilling of gilthead has several advantages. On the one hand the grill in the garden does not need to be heated or cleaned, on the other hand the preparation is very fast and effective.  

This type of preparation is really healthy. I only use olive oil and some butter for the potatoes.

You can find the exact preparation instructions at the end of this page. Please share this post with your friends on Facebook!

Mussels in Curry, Recipe with Video and Kitchen Story with Step by Step Instructions

In the mussel time I look very often for a Recipe Mussels with Curry developed.

The mussels with curry have an exotic touch, I use ginger, coriander and curry for the mussel stock.

I show the preparation step by step in the Cooking video Mussels with Curry.

Good success! I would be happy if you share this post on Facebook and Pinterest and tell your friends. I wish you good luck!

Mussels in White Wine, Recipe with Video, all Tips and Tricks of the Professional Chefs at a Glance

My recipe mussels in white wine makes a wonderful dish. In this article I present to you a comprehensive instruction for the preparation of mussels.

Mussels are the first priority. Beside the season I give a lot of tips and tricks for the preparation of the popular shellfish, with photos and with cooking video.

The video mussels in white wine prepare accompanies you in your kitchen.

Have fun and good luck. I would be happy if you share this article with your friends on Facebook and Pinterest!

spaghetti tomato sauce prawns fantastic dish for dinner and party with friends and family

Spaghetti with Prawns and Tomato Sauce, Recipe for Gourmets, Step by Step Kitchen Story

The recipe Spaghetti with Prawns and Tomato Sauce is a real highlight. I like to cook this dish for guests and it is really great.

Gourmets and gourmets are absolutely thrilled. The tomato sauce is prepared completely in the oven. This is practical and anyone who has tasted this delicious sauce will love to recook it again and again.

Good success!

Saffron risotto tastes good with shrimps, prawns and fish.

Saffron Risotto with Shrimps or Variations with Fish

I have prepared a recipe for Saffron Risotto with Prawns or Fish for you! This is a great dish. Your guests and loved ones will be thrilled. 

This Saffron Risotto – Risotto alla Milanese I show in two variations: One with plaice rolls and one with prawns. This will make you happy.

It is a good combination of fresh ingredients and convenience, as you can buy the plaice fillets for the plaice rolls frozen in any supermarket. The same goes for the prawns!

This is a great dish for guests! Tasty, tasty, a dish you can shine with in the kitchen. I’ll also show you the variation with other fish species, with this recipe the great cuisine is no longer a secret!

Salad with prawns Recipe Picture

Salad with Prawns simply deliciously prepare. Leaf Salad Recipe with fine Dressing and Tips from the Chef

Today I show you my recipe Salad with Prawns. Each season has its own recipes: Lamb’s lettuce with prawns goes perfectly with autumn and winter.

What could be nicer than sitting at the table with your best friends and enjoying a great meal together? 

This salad is a main course for figure-conscious or a great starter and “only” makes the evening round.

Reserve this starter for Christmas and a Christmas menu! Learn many tips for the preparation of prawns, salad and dressing. Good luck!

Recipe picture of salmon with spinach

Salmon with Spinach, Low Carb Recipe with Star Chef Tips and Cooking Video

My recipe Salmon with Spinach is a wonderful low carb diet dish if you omit the well-known side dishes in the form of potatoes or ribbon noodles.

The preparation of salmon and the important and relevant information for the preparation of fresh spinach leaves I explain to you quickly in this article.

A cooking video of salmon with spinach accompanies you while cooking in your kitchen. I wish you good luck and a good appetite!

herings feast recipe picture with spring onions and potato fritter

Heringsschmaus Recipe for Ash Wednesday, exciting Herring Salad for the Start of the Fasting Season

My recipe Herring Salad I show you in this post. The herring feast is a herring salad, a traditional meal for Ash Wednesday when Lent begins.

The herring feast supports our digestion and helps with purification after the ball season.

Lent is a lot of fun with this herring salad, I wish you good luck cooking it yourself.

Recipe Octopus, Calamari fritti in my Way, fried in Batter with Olive Oil Potato Salad

My Calamari Fritti Recipe I show you today, there is now octopus delicious step by step to prepare yourself.

I use mini octopus for Calamari fritti, always buy them frozen, then let them thaw slowly in cold water.

For frying the calamari there are two variants for me:

  • Turn the calamari in flour, then deep-fry it.
  • Turn the calamari in flour and dip into the batter, then fry.

As a side dish, I prepare an olive oil potato salad, which is very similar to our vinegar-oil potato salad, but is additionally refined with fresh marjoram.

When all the ingredients are prepared, this dish is on the table and on the plate in 30 minutes. I took all the pictures this time with the iPhone®.

I would be happy if you try this dish and share it with your friends on Facebook.

easy dish with fish salmon in sesame coat

Salmon breaded with Sesame, Recipe Salmon in Sesame Coat with Wasabi Cream Dip. Easy Kochwiki with Video.

The recipe Salmon in Sesam Coat is easy going. I have been cooking this dish for 20 years.

The salm harmonizes perfectly with the sesame, I serve different dips, vegetables and salad. The recipe comes from my first cookbook, the MinutenKoch. That sums it up.

The dish is quick and easy to prepare and is one of my top ten dinner variations. In the cooking video I show a possible preparation variant, in the article there is cooking know-how from first hand. Please try this salmon recipe yourself and share it with your friends on Facebook.

Bouillabaisse french fish soup

Bouillabaisse, the French Fish Soup with Rouille, made by yourself

My Bouillabaisse recipe and this Kochwiki article shows many tips and ideas for your next French fish soup.

The Bouillabaisse is originally a poor-eating soup, the less quality fish or fish leftovers have been cooked for a long time to get the full taste out of these ingredients. The today known fish soup of this kind is hardly to be surpassed at taste variety and has a long development behind itself.

In the article I first discuss the original bouillabaisse and let a French star chef have his say. Then I show my variant of the spicy fish soup on the mainland and deal intensively with the rouille and the different cheeses you can serve with the soup.

I would be happy if you try this soup with fish and share it with your friends. I wish you good luck!

Salmon Recipe easy, healthy, fast, with Video Guide

Salmon Recipe easy, healthy, fast, with Video Guide

Salmon easy made recipe, that’s a good idea when it has to go fast. I present in the article a food combining and LOW CARB DIÄT recipe with salmon. You cook it in less than 30 minutes if you prepare the ingredients and tools.

The salmon comes fresh from the fishmonger or you use frozen salmon fillets, which you pack and place in cold water for about 30 minutes to defrost.

With vegetables you are also flexible, you can use fresh leaf spinach or Pak Choi instead of chard and all varieties taste great.

What can this recipe do with salmon? It needs few ingredients, looks wonderful on the plate, is very quick and easy to prepare. To the cooking video easy made salmon…

Wish you good luck and a good appetite!

recipe pic for fish fillet in bacon coat

Fish Fillet in a Bacon Coat, ingenious Recipe with Video Instructions and Professional Tips

My recipe Fish Fillet in a Bacon Coat I show you in this article. The bacon coat protects the fish fillet while roasting and also offers a crispy and hearty taste experience.

The cod in the bacon coat was not invented by Jamie Oliver, but was prepared long before the British cooking miracle appeared.

In addition to ideas for the different types of fish, you will find a cooking video with step by step instructions in the article.

Please try this dish and share it with your friends on Facebook, thank you!

Asian Salad with Glass Noodles and Scallops, Recipe with Cooking Video Instructions

Asian Salad with Glass Noodles and Scallops, Recipe with Cooking Video Instructions

Today I show you my recipe Asian salad with glas noodles. Now please pay attention, I show you today different variations for your next exotic salad.

It is definitely worth reading on. I’ll tell you my chef tips for your own kitchen and show you in the cooking video Asian salad with glass noodles prepare.

You can adapt the ingredients flexibly according to your own taste and ideas. In this article I show the salad with fried scallops.

You can also use shrimps, a halibut fillet, a monkfish fillet (Lotte, quite wonderful!), or beyond fish a duck breast or even vegetarian or vegan with tofu for your salad.

This article should inspire you in your own creativity and give you an excellent overview. I hope you like the ideas and share this post with your friends on Facebook. Good luck!

Step by Step Preparation of Salmon Starter and Roesti, Recipe as Kitchen Story with Video

Step by Step Preparation of Salmon Starter and Roesti, Recipe as Kitchen Story with Video

In this article I present a wonderful Salmon Starter recipe. This appetizer is quick and easy to prepare.

The smoked salmon with Rösti is a great thing, I show you step by step how to prepare potato fritters (Swiss “Rösti”) and potato pancakes and also great ideas for different dips.

In the cooking video Salmon with Rösti I serve you an additional idea for an exciting dip with sweets.

Have you become curious? You need about 2 minutes to read this article. Wish you good luck!

Make your own Matjessalad, Recipe with Variations, Tips and two Cooking Videos Instructions

Make your own Matjessalad, Recipe with Variations, Tips and two Cooking Videos Instructions

Making matjes salad myself I show in this article with cooking videos and many tips. Besides two variants for the matjes salad there are a lot of tips and ideas how you can modify your matjes salad. You can find my recipe matjes salad at the end of this page. The herring feast will give you defitiniv joy. I wish you good luck and a lot of fun cooking it yourself.

salmon noodles with cream

Salmon Noodles – Pasta Recipe as a Kitchen Story with many Ideas to Cook yourself

The Classic Salmon Noodles recipe with cream sauce is presented in this article. This is a popular recipe and today I will show you some new ideas to cook yourself.

In addition, there are tips from the starred kitchen for the perfect salmon pasta with fresh salmon and smoked salmon. 

I would be happy if you cook it yourself and share it with your friends on Facebook. Good luck!

Asiatische Nudeln mit Lachs

Asian Salmon Noodles, Recipe with Video and Chef Tips, sure to succeed!

Salmon noodles made easy, today I show you the recipe Asian Salmon Noodles. It is a gluten-free and exotic recipe without cream.

If you are looking for an extraordinary recipe for salmon noodles, you have come to the right place.

I serve the salmon noodles with vegetables and sesame seeds. In the salmon noodles prepare cooking video I show the preparation step by step.

I wish you all the best and would be happy if you cook it up and share it with your friends on Facebook. 

Red Wine Risotto with Zander and Oranges, Recipe for Gourmets with Video Instructions

Red Wine Risotto with Zander and Oranges, Recipe for Gourmets with Video Instructions

A great recipe for Red Wine Risotto with crispy fried pike-perch fillet and oranges is shown in this article.

Fish and red wine is for many at first sight a Nogo, the presented dish shows that this combination can taste absolutely fantastic.

When cooking red wine with risotto, a high-quality wine is worthwhile, the bottle should cost between 7 and 15 Euros, so that the red wine risotto is really tasty.

In the cooking video red wine risotto prepare I show you everything step by step.

After reading the article + watching the video, you can certainly cook the dish yourself.

I wish you a lot of fun and good luck!

Poached Fish: Recipe Cod poached with Chanterelles, Kochwiki-Instructions with Chef Tips

Poached Fish: Recipe Cod poached with Chanterelles, Kochwiki-Instructions with Chef Tips

Today I’ll show you my recipe to poach Fish. The fish poaching is in the combination with cod and chanterelles a fantastic way of preparation.

Hans Haas from the restaurant Tantris in Munich has prepared a similar dish with the St. Peter’s fish in this way and therefore I have the idea to combine chanterelles with fish.

This recipe is easy to prepare and very tight. The fish poach cooking video accompanies you during the preparation. 

I wish you good luck!

Fried Trout Fillet, Recipe and Kitchen Story with Cooking Video

Fried trout fillet, the recipe for gourmets who spend a little more time in the kitchen and like to cook. My recipe trout filets crispy fried on root vegetables with thyme potatoes and horseradish sauce is a real dream and anyone who cooks it will conjure a culinary pleasure on the table. The tip for inexperienced cooking enthusiasts right from the start: please have your fish dealer prepare the trout fillets, including plucked bones. This would have saved you a good 50% of the work and the rest of the preparation is pure cooking pleasure. Here my step by step guide with video, I hope you cook this up and share the post with your friends on Facebook.

Simply prepare Fish in the Oven, Recipes Ideas and Tips from Star Cooks

Here I show you my recipe to prepare Fish in the Oven. Fish in the oven, this is a simple preparation for whole fish with little effort.

Choose a high temperature, 220°C hot air, this is grilling fish in the oven. Of course, the typical aroma of charcoal is missing here. But you can spice the fish with garlic and herbs.

The article gives you lots of tips on preparing fish and the cooking video “Preparing fish in the oven” shows you everything step by step.

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prepare fish in tomato sauce. recipe picture for article with vieos instructions

Fish in Tomato Sauce, refined Recipe with Cooking Video, simple and sure to succeed

The recipe Fish with Tomato Sauce has rarity value and certainly finds a fan community. The fish is a hake fillet and I poach it into smoked tea.

Poaching in the smoked tea is something new, the fish gets a fine, light smoke aroma.

Because I like to experiment with superfoods I add cannabis seeds. Hemp seeds are excellent with tomato sauce and tomato stock and go well with basil.

In the description I give you again some tips for variations. You can also fry the hake but you will miss the good taste of the smoked tea! The video fish in tomato sauce shows everything step by step!

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recipe picture salad with shrimp avocado

Salad with Prawns with Avocado and Quail Egg, Kitchen Story with Recipe Video and Chef Tips

My recipe Salad with Prawns and Avocado is an exciting and delicious dish with exotic flavors.

The refreshing salad comes to my table in spring and summer and guests appreciate this salad.

As an additional highlight I put quail eggs on the colourful salad plate and show you how to prepare them. Additionally a cooking video quail eggs cook…

Finally, the video salad with prawns and avocado prepare accompanies you in your kitchen.  

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Scallops Starter with Truffle, Recipe with Video for Gourmets

A fantastic starter with scallops and truffles I present to you with my recipe Scallops with Truffels in the following article.

The dish is easy and quick to prepare, as a “side dish” there is a mashed potato or a mashed potato.

As a step by step guide I have added the scallops with truffle cooking video.

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Labskaus original Recipe from Hamburg, Kitchen Story and Kochwiki with Videos

Today I’ll show you my Labskaus recipe. Labskaus is a dish from Northern Germany. It is also eaten in Norway, Denmark and Sweden and in the Liverpool area under the name Scouse.

In addition to boiled potatoes, gherkins, onions, beetroot and corned beef are used in the Labskaus preparation, which is then served with fried egg and rollmops.

Because I have friends in Hamburg, I got to know the original Labskaus some time ago.

As a South German I asked myself on this culinary new territory: “How would I prepare the Labskaus? So I got to work and my Labskaus video now shows you step by step my surefire variation.

Here are my suggestions and ideas as well as my recipe with cooking video. If you like it, please share it on Facebook and elsewhere!

Fish in Aluminium Foil, Recipe with Kitchen Story and Videos, Tips for preparing the Side Dishes

The recipe Fish in Aluminium Foil in the oven shows you how to prepare fish in aluminium foil. It’s a practical and quick thing to do.

I know the recipe from my childhood and youth and I have refined and adapted it over time.

The advantage of this preparation is obvious: fish, vegetables and side dishes can be cooked directly in the oven.

There are two ways to prepare the fish: First with open aluminium foil – this is where the fish is fried. Secondly, with closed aluminium foil, the fish is actually braised and steamed.

In the cooking video “Preparing fish in aluminium foil” you can take a close look at everything.

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Fish Recipes category Picture

Fish Recipes and Seafood Recipes from German Chef Thomas Sixt.

Fish recipes and a little story… In Germany my generation grew up more or less with fish fingers and breaded plaice.

The Schlemmer-Filet à la Bordelaise was already the highlight of the local cuisine. The fish was mostly dry and cooked to death.

Most Germans believe that fish must always be completely cooked. I found the first freshly smoked trout from the smoking oven at the lake exciting. The taste of the warm trout is incredible… later the first fish bulettes haunted me, these are meatballs made of fish with many herbs and spices wonderfully soft and strong in taste.

Then came crispy fried pike-perch and smoked catfish. These were dishes I got to know at Alfons Schuhbeck. I was 16 years old and had big and wide open eyes and was fascinated by the taste of these dishes.

Jürgen Langenbacher cooked the smoked catfish on a fine potato puree with potato chips, a foamed dark butter sauce and blanched strips of leek.

It was a perfect dish: simple, handcrafted fantastically, tastefully intended for the gods.

At that time I was overwhelmed, the speed and rush in a star kitchen is brutal. The output is phenomenal. As a cook, this has shaped me, how I deal with fish, how I prepare fish myself and how I write a recipe.

Try my fish recipes, maybe I will be able to inspire you for the fantastic taste as well. Good success ….

Here you find all recipes from the Bavarian Chef Thomas Sixt 

Recipes for Fish and Seafood from German Chef Thomas Sixt

Fish recipes with picture, discover exciting, delicious and simple fish recipes with detailed professional chef instructions. Thomas Sixt shows you the best tips from star chefs and helps you prepare fish.

Prawns fresh on Ice at the market.

Fish and Seafood should always be fresh from the market. Fresh Seafood does not smell.

Fish Recipes Oven

The fish preparation in the oven is practical and popular. After all, the effort is small and yet a great fish dish can be conjured up. You can prepare fish fillets or whole fish in the oven. Notice, please: The oven must always be preheated to ensure that the fish is successful. Great recipes examples of this are fish in the aluminum foil and fish recipe for the oven. In general, these instructions explain the basic preparation, so that you can easily prepare different fish such as gilthead, sea bass, trout or char, depending on availability.

Fish Fillet Recipes

The preparation of fish fillets is practical and simple. You can fry a fish fillet, poach or fry the fish fillet. There is an optimal guide for you for every type of preparation and you will be able to cook with ease. You always prepare fish fillets well, remove the fish bones, so you end up with a perfect dish on the plate.

Simple Fish Recipes

Here in the cookery blog you will find simple fish recipes for every season and every occasion. Something extraordinary pleasing? Try poached cod in chanterelle stock or simply prepare fish in the oven. Both recipes are suitable for beginners and with the video tutorial a surefire guide is available for you. Simple means: few and good ingredients, optimized preparation, practical and quick on the plate.

Popular Fish Recipes

Popular recipes with fish are for example simple salmon noodles, the matjessalat to the new year or to the hangover breakfast, the salmon starter with Rösti when guests come and homemade fish finger food like Calamari fritti.  Then there are the other fish related dishes: Mussels in white wine, mussels with curry, the extremely fine and delicious salad with prawns and scallops on truffled mashed potatoes. Here you will find the real highlights of fish cuisine and can really feast with little effort.

Freshwater Fish – Sea Fish – Seafood – Shellfish and Crustaceans, Interesting facts about Fish Cooking Recipes and Preparation

Frsh Fish at the market.

Fish cooking begins with Fish shopping. Always buy fresh fish: you can recognize fresh fish by red gills, clear eyes, fresh fish does not smell…

The fish cook in the professional kitchen is called Possionier. Special dexterity is required for the preparation of fish. Fish protein begins to coagulate at just over 30 degrees Celsius, i.e. to cook. Fish must therefore always be prepared very gently and carefully, as otherwise the meat will disintegrate and is “at the end” in terms of both appearance and taste.

Fish preparation and fish recipes are a science in their own right, but if you pay attention to a few rules and use approved fish recipes as a guide, almost nothing can go wrong.

When frying fish fillets or whole fish, the pan must not be too hot or too cold. An overheated and smoking pan is the black first step in a fish dish. So heat the pan moderately, pour in a little oil and fry the dry spotted fish fillet with the skin side first, or put in the whole equally dry spotted fish and fry gently. A fish fillet is fried on the skin side for a relatively long time, on the visible upper side the slow cooking of the fish fillet becomes visible through the change of colour. The fish fillet is turned once shortly before serving, so that the fish fillet is cooked to the point and the skin remains crispy. The fish cuisine is by the way a good recipe to lose weight.

When grilling fish, the right temperature is an even greater success factor, depending on the charcoal used and the construction of the grill, temperatures of up to 300 degrees Celsius can occur. These temperatures are too high for some types of fish, such as plaice or sole, because they cook very quickly. Very often the tender ingredient disintegrates after a few minutes. This requires an indirect method of grilling, which means that the food is cooked on an aluminium foil on the side of the grill. Fish varieties such as salmon can withstand very high temperatures, but here, too, care should be taken. Fish cooking instructions and recipes must take into account the taste of the product and should emphasize the taste, not cover it.

When poaching, the fish fillet is usually placed without skin in a boiling vegetable wine broth, then the cook pulls the pot from the stove. The cooking of the liquid is thus interrupted and the food is slowly cooked below the boiling point. Depending on the size of the piece of fish, this process can go very quickly with small pieces of fish or take a few minutes with larger pieces of fish. Poached fish preparations are often combined with creamy sauces so that the taste of the fish finds support and perfection. A special example of this type of preparation is “Poached halibut on sauerkraut and champagne foam”.

Frying fish fillets and seafood is similar to frying: Please note the temperature of the oil. Due to the protective coating of dough or breadcrumbs, however, the ingredient is usually cooked relatively gently. In addition to the temperature of the oil, the time factor is decisive for deep-frying. Fried fish is also cooked relatively quickly and should not disintegrate but have a firm and then particularly tasty consistency. A recipe with baked oysters is a dish recommended for special occasions and for a buffet.

Adults sometimes have wrong thoughts and ideas about what children like to eat. During our trial cooking sessions, we discovered that children love to eat “fish”, and not just fish fingers. Thus we could notice an extreme interest in cod in the egg crust with potato salad with 5 year old Andreas, furthermore the fish soup with saffron tasted particularly well in particular the 6 year old Marie. Fish is particularly healthy and contains a lot of vitamin E in addition to essential fatty acids.

Fish products should either be frozen or bought absolutely fresh. For freshwater as well as saltwater or sea fish the same freshness characteristics always apply: clear eyes, bright red gills, intact and moist skin or scales, perfect and fresh smell. Only the zander is an exception, its eyes are always cloudy.

The fish recipes on this page invite you to a taste journey: plenty of herbs, exotic aromatics and of course some classics like the trout miller’s wife can be found.

If you have a question about a fish recipe, you can leave a comment directly at the respective recipe.