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Tuna Strawberry sushi

Prepare Tuna Sushi with Strawberries like a 2 Star Chef

Today I present you the ingenious recipe for Sushi with Strawberry and Tuna (Maguro).

It is an original Maki creation by star chef Thomas Wilden, who runs the Sushibar yosushi in the market hall “Mercat de l’Olivar” in Palma de Mallorca.

Now let yourself be seduced to wonderful culinary art and enjoy the information and tips, today there is a very special bite and many culinary impressions that melt on the tongue…

Rabbit roast recipe picture

Prepare Rabbit Roast in two Variations, genuine Mallorquin, an original Spanish Recipe

The recipe Rabbit Roast, original from the Mallorquin Kitchen I present to you in this contribution.

It was 38°C in the shade when I happened to stroll past Jorge’s barbecue kitchen in S’Alqueria Blanca after my shopping at noon in July, and an incomparably delicious smell came towards me. Great, my stomach growl came back to my mind and I took a closer look.

Jorge turned chicken and rabbit at the openly fired, Spanish grill and braised under the grill in addition the potatoes. We both got into conversation and I was allowed to try some of the rabbit in advance. Wow, that was a pleasure!

Of course I wanted to know exactly how to prepare something so delicious. So I learned Jorge’s culinary rabbit secret, which I like to share with you here.

Blattspinat als Rahmspinat mit Kartoffeln und Kräuter angerichtet.

Spinach with Potatoes, simple Recipe for Lent

My recipe Spinach with Potatoes I show you in this post.

The popular Blubb vegetable comes today freshly cooked on the table. Even Popeye would leave the cans on the shelf.

As a vegetarian dish it goes well with Maundy Thursday, Good Friday and traditional Lent.

During the year, a simple Food Combining food creates balance.

The preparation I show you with many photos, you can cook the step by step simply by yourself.

Today we leave the frozen spinach in the supermarket and enjoy a freshly cooked meal. I wish you good luck, if you have any questions just use the comment function at the bottom of the page…

Speigelei mit Rahmspinat und Kartoffeln.

Eggs with Spinach Recipe, Fried Egg with Cream Spinach and Potatoes deliciously Prepare

I’ll show you my recipe eggs with spinach today. This is a classic of German cuisine: many of us know fried eggs with creamed spinach and potatoes as a traditional dish on Maundy Thursday and Good Friday. 

The preparation I show you with many step by step photos in addition the video fried egg perfect roast accompanies you while cooking. 

Now let yourself be tempted to cook, we leave the frozen spinach in the supermarket today and prepare everything fresh. I wish you a lot of fun reading, good luck and a good appetite!

Verlorene Eier mit Ratatouille Gemüse.

Poached Egg Recipe with Ratatouille Vegetables – Prepare Egg like a Star Chef – what is a blanched Egg?


Today I show you my recipe poached egg with ratatouille vegetables. You will find here a detailed step by step guide with many tips from the professional kitchen. 

Poached eggs are known as lost eggs. The egg is cooked without shell in vinegar water just below the boiling point, in the technical terminology of the chefs this is called “poaching”. In the article I describe why blanched eggs are a nepp.  

The combination of lost egg and ratatouille is wonderful, serve this dish for breakfast and brunch, this egg dish is a wonderful thing for Easter. 

breaded mushrooms with salad

Prepare Breaded Mushrooms on a colourful Leaf Salad

Today I’ll show you my recipe Breaded Mushrooms. The baked mushrooms are a wonderful dish and I serve them with colorful leaf salads and a delicious dip.

The preparation time is about 40 minutes, this mushroom dish is fun and an ideal vegetarian dinner.

You can also serve the crispy mushrooms on lettuce as a starter in a menu and make everyone happy.

I wish you good luck and a good appetite! Write me a comment at the end of the recipe, I’m happy!

Kohlrabisuppe im Kohlrabi serviert.

Kohlrabi Soup Recipe with Chef Profi Tips for Variations

In this post I show you my recipe Kohlrabi Soup. Kohlrabi is a wonderful vegetable and usually available all year round. The kohlrabi season for local produce is from April-June (kohlrabi from the greenhouse) and from May to November (field vegetable kohlrabi).

Kohlrabi has a sweet and nutty aroma and tastes less like cabbage.

Shopping tip: Buy kohlrabi with fresh leaves, which you can also put in a salad or use to prepare and decorate the soup. 

I wish you every success, I’ll tell you some good ideas for the kohlrabi soup and look forward to a delicious soup.

Strawberry risotto recipe picture. Fantastic risotto with strawberries to prepare yourself.

Strawberry Risotto Recipe, this Risotto with Strawberries tastes fantastic!

Today I show you an extraordinary recipe for Strawberry Risotto. It is a real eye-catcher that tastes great. This recipe has favourite recipe potential! 

The strawberry risotto preparation I will show you below step by step. In addition, there are tips on how to bring your strawberry risotto to the table in perfect taste and colour.

Be careful, this risotto takes less than 30 minutes and you will definitely need a Crème Brûlée burner to make it really easy!

I wish you all the best!

Recipe picture Spaghetti Pasta with asparagus

Pasta with Asparagus, preparing Spaghetti with Asparagus like a professional Chef, Recipe with many Tips

My recipe pasta with asparagus I present to you in this post. You can use green asparagus or white asparagus for this pasta dish. Both taste delicious. 

In Germany, the asparagus season begins in April and ends on St John’s Day, 24 June. St John’s Day is popularly known as Asparagus New Year’s Eve.

I wish you all the best in cooking yourself and lots of fun in the kitchen!

Rezept bild Spargel im Backofen, in der Alufolie zubereiten

Asparagus in the Oven, Asparagus in Alufoil like a Star Cook Prepare

I’ll show you my recipe for Asparagus in the Oven today. Inspired by the star chefs Hans Haas, Johann Lafer and Alfons Schuhbeck, I would like to present you a simple and extremely tasty asparagus dish.

The asparagus is cooked in aluminium foil in this preparation variant, this is aroma cuisine of the finest! 

You can use green or white asparagus for this preparation. A recipe for baked deep-fried asparagus can be found elsewhere. I wish you every success!

Baked Asparagus, deep-fried Asparagus

Today I would like to introduce you my Recipe for baked fried Asparagus. By baked asparagus I mean as a cook asparagus in a dough coat or breaded asparagus, it is crispy asparagus 🙂

You can use green or white asparagus for this preparation. In this article I will show you how to prepare asparagus in baking pastry and how to prepare asparagus in breadcrumbs.

You can find a recipe for asparagus in the oven (NOT baked) here! I wish you good luck!

Carpaccio vom Rinderfilet Rezept Bild

Carpaccio of Beef Fillet classic prepare and ideas for vegetarian Carpaccio

Today I present you my recipe Carpaccio. Carpaccio with fillet of beef? Vegetarian carpaccio? In this article I will show you relevant variations of this classic Italian starter.

Carpaccio of beef fillet was first served in Harry´s Bar in Venice in 1950. Find here all important tips for carpaccio preparation, ideas for dressing the carpaccio and discover vegetarian carpaccio variant. Have fun and good luck!

Lamb knuckle recipe picture of the braised lamb shank with side dishes

Recipe Lamb Shank, Stew Lamb Knuckle and serve with grandiose Side Dishes. Lamb Shank is the better Roast Lamb!

Today I’ll show you my recipe Lamb Shank. The knuckle of lamb is a popular stew and is very easy to cook.

I prepare the lamb knuckle gladly as roast lamb, each guest gets then a knuckle on the plate and is happy.

This makes considerably less work in the kitchen, so this recipe is ideal for the guest kitchen.

We like to enjoy the lamb at Easter, but as a typical and classic stew it fits perfectly into the cold season and at Christmas.

Wish you good luck, share this article with your friends!

Vitello Tonnato

Today I’ll show you my recipe for Vitello Tonnato. Vitello Tonnato is a classic and internationally renowned Italian recipe from Piedmont. The cooked veal is a great starter and popular as antipasti.

Warm you can serve this dish of the Italian kitchen as a main course. The dreamlike combination of noble, delicately sliced veal and a finely pureed garnish of tuna, anchovies and capers results in this great taste experience, which you may know from your holidays in Italy.

Today we want to treat ourselves to this at home 🙂 Let’s go: Look directly into the recipe if you are in a hurry…

wild garlic soup with inlay tofu and muesli coat

Wild Garlic Soup easy to prepare with Cooking Video, Recipe with Chef Tips for Foam Soup and Cream Soup

Today I present you my  recipe for Wild Garlic Soup. I like the wonderful soup with the light garlic taste very much.

The bear’s garlic is available from March to May. Bear’s garlic can be recognized by its garlic smell and that is the best differentiation between the “autumn timeless” and the “lily of the valley” – CAUTION, the latter are poisonous!

You can play it safe and grow your own wild garlic or buy it in a shop.

For me the colour is important for the bear’s garlic soup, the soup must be fresh and green and have a soft bear’s garlic taste.

The wild garlic soup video shows you the preparation step by step. 

Good success and a good appetite!

Roast lamb from the shoulder of the lamb served with side dishes, recipe picture by Thomas Sixt.

Step by step Preparation of Roast Lamb from a Shoulder of Lamb

The recipe Lamb Roast, braised lamb shoulder I show you in this post. This is a great recipe with lamb, ideal when guests want to come to dinner or you want to celebrate with your family.

My first tip: Lamb must be very hot on the plate, so please always warm the plates well and arrange the meat and sauce after the side dishes.

I wish you every success with this step by step guide and lots of fun in the kitchen. Please write me a comment!

Herb Soup for Spring - Maundy Thursday Soup with fried Egg

Herb Soup for Spring – Maundy Thursday Soup with fried Egg

My recipe for the Herb Soup or Maundy Thursday Soup I present to you today. In the article you’ll find lots of tips on how to prepare it.

From Maundy Thursday I have the herb soup for spring. When in March and April the first wild herbs appear on the meadow is the best time for this soup.

I collect the wild herbs the day before or in the afternoon, if possible. The fresher the herbs, the better.

If you would rather prepare a wild garlic soup, you can also find the corresponding recipes in my blog. Please try the recipe and share it with your friends, thank you!