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Pizza Prosciutto

Pizza Prosciutto – Ham Pizza

Today I’ll show you my recipe Pizza Prosciutto. You can prepare the popular mafia cake in different variations.

Cooked ham pizza or pizza with air-dried ham (crudo) and rocket, you have to make this decision yourself!

In this article I’ll show you how to prepare it step by step with lots of photos to whet your appetite.

Now quickly listen to the music, I like to hear Pavarotti when kneading dough, the dough is definitely getting better!

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Vegetable Pizza Recipe Picture

Vegetable Pizza – Pizza Verdure

Today I’ll show you my Vegetable Pizza recipe. This is “Mafiacake” – which does without meat and fish and is deliciously fragrant on your plate.

“La donna e mobile… “the wonderful aria by Giuseppe Verdi from the opera Rigoletto some Germans associate with the flat bread – thanks to the advertisement for finished pizzas. 

“La donna e mobile” means in German: “The lady is capricious – The lady is fickle”. Maybe it’s the frozen pizza with salami 😉

We both bake in any case something fresh and very tasty, which makes the lady happy again.

Now quickly the music on. We want to hear the incomparable Luciano Pavarotti sing and bake the pizza ourselves in your kitchen!

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Pizza recipes by german chef Thomas Sixt. Tips from the Italian kitchen for original pizza like in Italy. Good success!