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Portion eel fillets

Filleting of Eel

In this article I will show you step by step how to cut and fillet smoked eel. The smoked eel belongs to these “almost forgotten” specialties and is not to be found in the supermarket. This is mostly an indication for consumers with a distinct taste, so feel flattered!

I like to use smoked eel as a garnish in a soup, here the eel can develop its full flavour and delight the palate. I also like to cook eel soup, but be careful when guests come, not everyone appreciates eel as a delicacy.

Schwarzwurzeln schälen

Preparing black salsifies

I’ll show you how to prepare black salsifies here. The local “asparagus of the poor people” has season from October to May.

The wonderful root vegetable is also called winter asparagus and miner’s asparagus and tastes excellent in soups, stews and as a side dish with roasts and poultry.

The following article provides step-by-step instructions on how to prepare asparagus, plus links to other delicious varieties of black salsify.

I wish you good luck!

deep fried egg

How to prepare a deep fried Egg

Deep fried eggs are such a wonderful thing that I would like to show you.

The baked eggs get a crispy coating with flour, egg and breadcrumbs and are a feast for the eyes!

You can serve the crispy eggs with a salad or in a soup as a shining center. For guests I like to prepare the egg dish with mashed potatoes and serve an impressive, vegetarian and warm starter.

The following article shows you variations of the breading and ideas for great combinations. The step-by-step instructions will help you cook yourself. I wish you good luck!

Prepare mustard sauce

Béchamel, preparing the classic Sauce like a Chef

Now I would like to introduce you to my Béchamel Sauce recipe. This sauce is the basic sauce and all-purpose weapon in the kitchen and belongs with its innumerable variation possibilities to the basics of the art of cooking.

ATTENTION Show-off knowledge: 
Louis de Béchamel (1630-1703) is the eponym of the legendary sauce and was the Lord Chamberlain of Louis XIV. However, the history of the basic recipe is not clearly historically documented. The origin can also be derived from the sauce Mornay – developed in the kitchen of Count Philippe de Mornay. The Mornay sauce contains cheese as well as flour and butter.

Both of us don’t care, because whether à la Béchamel or à la Mornay both sauces taste tasty and that’s what matters

I would like to show you step by step how to prepare the classic. The sauce is a great addition to casseroles, soufflés or fillings. The most prominent example is the beloved lasagne.

Pfifferlinge frisch gesammelt

Wash and clean Chanterelles, so you bring Mushrooms without dirt into the Pan!

Mushrooms from nature usually come with luggage into the kitchen.

Sand, needles, moss and insects are unwelcome companions.

The type of fungus plays a subordinate role here. Tube mushrooms such as bay bolete and porcini mushrooms, lamellar mushrooms such as chanterelles and meadow mushrooms… all mushrooms naturally have a cuddly surface.

I have found that forest dwellers of all kinds are magically attracted to mushrooms. I think they actually meet under the umbrella!

Cooks don’t like to wash mushrooms so much, the cooking guild is a few as an exception: During washing, the hat journeymen lose their aroma.

It would be a full evening discussion to find out how much taste is lost in the wash. Or is it perhaps even the forest companions that make up the typical taste of mushroom dishes in the end?

A simple statement… If the mushrooms are very dirty, please wash them. If the dirt can be removed easily with a brush, then please do without washing.

Following the instructions in detail, have fun reading and bathing mushrooms!

Breaded schnitzel picture for article and instructions.

Bread the Schnitzel and prepare it perfectly

In this article I will show you How to Bread Schnitzel and prepare them perfectly. You will find a video and many step-by-step photos to the written explanations.

You can prepare pork schnitzel, chicken schnitzel, turkey schnitzel, venison schnitzel, venison schnitzel and for a real Viennese schnitzel a veal schnitzel in this way. I leave the choice of side dishes to you today, you will find some suggestions in the article. 

Good luck!

Rezept bild Spargel im Backofen, in der Alufolie zubereiten

Asparagus in the Oven, Asparagus in Alufoil like a Star Cook Prepare

I’ll show you my recipe for Asparagus in the Oven today. Inspired by the star chefs Hans Haas, Johann Lafer and Alfons Schuhbeck, I would like to present you a simple and extremely tasty asparagus dish.

The asparagus is cooked in aluminium foil in this preparation variant, this is aroma cuisine of the finest! 

You can use green or white asparagus for this preparation. A recipe for baked deep-fried asparagus can be found elsewhere. I wish you every success!

Washing Lamb’s Lettuce, what to consider, Cooking School

Washing lamb’s lettuce, cleaning and processing lamb’s lettuce correctly is shown in this article. Lamb’s lettuce in English is also known as corn salad. In Germany we have a lot of funny names for this lettuce: Field salad, vine salad, rapunzel, nuts, nissel salad, sheep’s mouth, mouse ear, bird’s lettuce. In this article I show the optimal preparation, washing and drying of lamb’s lettuce and corn salad.

Washing Salad, Step by Step Instructions and Cooking School with Picture

Washing Salad, Step by Step Instructions and Cooking School

Handling leaf salads is relatively uncomplicated in itself. Those who prepare their salad well will always have some vitamins ready to hand in the fridge. Leaf salads are plucked bite-sized and washed thoroughly before preparation and marinating. Dry spinning is very important, as the salad marinade or dressing only sticks to the dry salad. Washed and spun dry salad can be kept in the refrigerator for 3-4 days. This step-by-step guide is dedicated to the optimal preparation of leaf salads.

roast duck breast in the pan with herbs and garlic

Frying Duck Breast, Step by Step Cooking School and Kitchen Story with Tips

The roasting of a duck breast is shown step by step in this article with many photos and tips. Who knows my blog and my Youtube videos, knows it long ago: For me there is nothing better than duck. Since my apprenticeship at Alfons Schuhbeck I love duck, prepared in any form. At the Saucier-Posten in the big Alfonskitchen I was allowed to fry ducks every day, to trigger them later and finally to prepare duck sauce. When the ducks are released in the late afternoon, there is always something delicious duck meat left for me. The preparation of a duck breast, at the photo a barbarian duck breast is to be seen, I show in this contribution in detail.

pomegranate is a aphrodising fruit © thomas sixt bavarian chef and food photographer food art artist

Aphrodisiac Food, Tips for Erotic Cuisine and your next Evening for Two

Aphrodisiac food, this article is dedicated to erotic cuisine and as a professional chef I present you some aphrodisiac food, spices and secret ingredients.

Unfortunately there is no guarantee for the effect of the ingredients, but a beautifully prepared dinner can open a wonderful evening.

I wish you good luck and a nice time with your dearest person!

Sauce Bernaise Recipe and other Recipes similar to Sauce Hollandaise

The Bernaise sauce is a classic derivative of the Hollandaise sauce. The preparation of hollandaise sauce is explained in detail in the article Preparing hollandaise sauce, with cooking video. My geligsichere variant already has many fans!  In this article I deal with the sauce Bernaise and the other variations of the popular sauce Holandaise, which are less known. I wish you good luck!

Prepare Sauce Hollandaise with Blender, save coagulated Sauce

Prepare or save hollandaise sauce with a hand blender! Of course you can try that, that’s why I wrote this article and explain here the sources of error when preparing a sauce hollandaise. Once the sauce hollandaise has coagulated – egg yolk and butter separate – professional tricks are needed to save the sauce. I have already described the preparation of the sauce Hollandaise elsewhere in my cookery blog. In the Kochwiki with Recipe Sauce Hollandaise I show you my surefire variant of the preparation of a classic sauce Hollandaise.

Sauce for Duck Breast

Sauce with duck breast and fast roasted duck leg? After I showed you the duck breast roast already in another place I supply you today still with some sauce tips to briefly roasted duck pieces. Sometimes I dream of the delicious duck à l’orange after Paul Bocuse and of the duck sauce with apple juice after Hans Haas from the Munich Tantris. The crispy duck breast is one of my favourite dishes, my sauce tips will help you with the sauce magic!

how to step peel peppers

Peeling Peppers, Step by Step Culinary School with Picture, the Instructions from the Professional

In this article I show you how to peel peppers with photos step by step. First the variant, as I learned from star chef Heinz Winkler, then other variants that work just as well. The skin of the pepper is considered indigestible, so peeling the pod is an important preparatory step in good cuisine. I wish you good luck, please share this article with your friends! Thank you!

Making French Fries yourself, the Chef Step by Step Cooking School

Today I show you step by step how to make your own French fries in my recipe for Homemade French Fries. Promised: These Super French fries are crispy brown and velvety inside.

In addition to the right type of potato, the even cutting of the potato sticks and the right frying fat are decisive for success. You will find all the information you need below.

I’ll tell you a French fries secret right at the beginning:
French fries made from raw potatoes have to be fried twice so that they turn brown. The first frying pass is called “blanching French fries” by chefs. Once the fries have completed the first, 3-5 minutes of free swimming in the frying fat, they should cool down for a few minutes. This allows the starch to escape during the second frying and the french fries become really brown and crispy.

Take a look at the step-by-step instructions with photos, then you can get to work right away.

I am happy if you succeed your French fries perfectly, share this contribution please on Facebook with your friends. Thanks a lot!

you can peel the blanched tomatoes after puting in ice-cold water

Skinning and Peeling Tomatoes, Culinary School with Step by Step Photos and Video – Tomaten-Concassée – Tomato cubes

Tomatoes skin and peel I show you in this article with photos and cooking video. There are certainly many methods to remove the skin from tomatoes, I would like to show you the professional, for cooks right variant, step by step. After skinning, you can remove the seeds from the tomatoes and process them into tomato cubes, the tomato concassée (from French tomatoes concassées).

Gluten-free Recipes and how gluten-free Nutrition works

You can find gluten-free recipes here on my cooking page. You can replace any recipe with gluten-free ingredients and prepare your dishes gluten-free.

In this article you will find all relevant information if you want to change your diet to gluten-free. 

I answer the question “what is gluten-free” in this article, and I have drawn up a list of gluten-free Cereals and Pseudo Grains and a list of foods containing gluten.

Who does not tolerate gluten does not need to stick his head in the sand, the change to a gluten-free diet is not difficult.

A gluten-free diet offers many advantages when properly implemented. Through the positive occupation with one’s own eating habits, nutrition can be controlled more consciously.

A gluten-free diet in combination with optimised eating behaviour and lots of vegetables can help you lose weight