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klassischer hawaiitoast

Toast Hawaii, the ultimate Recipe for the 50’s Classic by the Chef

Here comes my recipe Hawaiitoast.¬†The still popular combination “sweet plus hearty with cheese baked on bread” comes from the German economic miracle years.

In 1955, actor and TV chef Clemens Wilmenrod, who had no cooking training at all, introduced the fast snack to German TV viewers. There were only 3 channels ūüėČ

Why Hawaii? Until the 50s Hawaii was the main producer of canned pineapples (Dole Food Company) and was then replaced by the Philippines and later Thailand.

Accordingly, Mr. Wilmenrod should have called his toast creation “Toast Philippines”.

Undisputedly, Hawaii sounds more melodic and you immediately have pictures of beautiful Hawaiian girls dancing hula in mind.

That’s a nice picture when preparing and enjoying the toast…

We both capture the thought and I send you hip-swinging into the kitchen. 

Aloha, I wish you good luck and a good appetite!

Erdbeermarmelade selber einkochen

Strawberry Jam Recipe, the fruity delicious Summer Fun brought into the Glass

My Strawberry Jam recipe will please you. Everyone loves the aromatic red fruits.

When the sun shines, when the strawberry fields invite you to pick them yourself, then the best time to get the sun in your glass is for an extension of the oh too short strawberry time.

So I set off and got the red berries straight from the field to show you how to cook jam.

Well, it’s true, I also wanted a delicious spread of bread. I succeeded in doing that and how, that’s what I show you here.

It follows my step by step instruction with many photos. I wish you good luck!

Fine apricot jam with lavender

Apricot Marmalade Recipe, the classic Variant of a fine Jam with Jelly Sugar

Here I show you my recipe Apricot Jam prepared in the classic way with preserving sugar. Since the fruits remain completely in the jam, it is an apricot jam. 

Apricot jam is a classic in Austria. But elsewhere, too, one loves the noble, sweet taste. The popularity comes from the fine balance of sweetness and acidity of the fruit, where you can taste the sun.

Cooked with jam sugar, the jam has a shelf life of more than one year, and sterility is a prerequisite for preparation. So you have a tasty spread for your breakfast table in stock for a long time. If not, then you’ll have to cook new jam and it’s great fun!

Here now the step by step instruction with many photos. I wish you good luck!

Die Corn Dogs mit Tomatenketchup und Soßen servieren.

Corn Dogs Recipe, Sausages in Corn Dough, American Sausages in Dressing Gown

Today I’ll show you my Corn Dogs recipe. Corn Dogs are a great finger food, perfect when guests are coming or a children’s birthday party is coming up.

Serve the Corn Dogs just as a first course at the barbecue. The sausages in the corn dough can be easily prepared and kept warm in the oven. You can also briefly place the fried sausages on the grill in the batter and conjure up a light smoky aroma. 

The dough-coated sausages are a well-known dish from the USA. In detail they are Corn Dogs sausages in a corn dough casing, fried in hot fat. The batter is a variation of our traditional wine or beer batter as we know it for baked vegetables.

Here are my tips for perfect Corn Dogs and the recipe with many step by step photos. Questions I answer via the comment function, wish you good luck!

Verlorene Eier mit Ratatouille Gem√ľse.

Poached Egg Recipe with Ratatouille Vegetables – Prepare Egg like a Star Chef – what is a blanched Egg?


Today I show you my recipe poached egg with ratatouille vegetables. You will find here a detailed step by step guide with many tips from the professional kitchen. 

Poached eggs are known as lost eggs. The egg is cooked without shell in vinegar water just below the boiling point, in the technical terminology of the chefs this is called “poaching”. In the article I describe why blanched eggs are a nepp. ¬†

The combination of lost egg and ratatouille is wonderful, serve this dish for breakfast and brunch, this egg dish is a wonderful thing for Easter. 

Tuna spread served with bread, vegetables and herbs.

Tuna spread with herbs and vegetables

Today I show you my recipe for tuna spread. I have prepared a fine spread variant for you, with plenty of vegetables, rich in vitamins and delicious.

You can also serve this bread topping as a tuna dip or tuna sauce to complement a dinner or buffet with friends. The bread spread is also perfect for grilling and BBQ and tastes even better on warm, crispy bread! 

The most common question about this recipe is “Should I use tuna in oil or tuna in water? I have tested both variations over and over again and recommend the tuna in oil.

The spread simply becomes creamier and tastes fuller and stronger with Tonno in oil.

I also recommend tuna from sustainable fisheries, look out for the seal on the packaging. You are doing something good for yourself and the planet!

In the recipe below I show you the preparation with many photos step by step. Let yourself be inspired and conjure up a great spread for yourself and your loved ones.

Rezept Bild French Toast.

French Toast Recipe with all the Chef’s Tips from German, Austrian and international Cuisine

Today I’ll show you my French toast recipe. In Germany we know the baked toast slices as poor knights.

The Swiss call the baked toast Fotzelschnitten… In Austria the sweet, filled white bread slices are called Pofesen.¬†These are many names for a fasting dish.

Prepare French toast for breakfast, serve the sweet slices as a main course during Lent.

French toast is a great cake substitute for coffee gossip. In gourmet restaurants French toast, prepared with brioche, has already been eaten as Desssert.

Here are my cooking tips for preparing fantastic French toast.

I wish you good luck and a good appetite!

Poached egg in a bowl served with basil, tomatoes and bread rolls.

Poached Egg in a small Bowl, the successful safe Sunday Egg with Basil

Today I show you my recipe poached egg in a bowl. Do you want to poach your eggs with confidence and ease? Then this is the right place for you.

The poached egg in the bowl I show here with basil. This time the egg does not poach in the vinegar water but at low temperature in the oven.

This professional cooking guide shows you how to prepare the SUPER-SUNDAY-BREAKFAST step by step. Good luck!

apricot jam article pic

Apricot Jam Recipe and how Jam makes it to the Wall at my Place

Today I present you my Apricot Jam recipe. Apricots are a welcome addition to my breakfast table. Apricot jam is a fine fruit spread without a long shelf life.

The sugaring of jam is a NoGo for me, because nowadays I don’t cook for a year or longer, but for the pleasure of the fruit and the homemade.

I only use raw cane sugar for my jam. I like this sugar because it comes to us unrefined.

My apricot jam, which is called apricot jam in Bavaria and Austria, can be kept in the refrigerator for about 6-8 weeks.

Let’s see how long the jam stays with you in the fridge, mine is mostly eaten after 2 weeks.

I wish you good success in cooking jam. Good luck!

Recipe picture for Cider Vinegar Drink - Cider Vinegar Honey Drink Breakfast for Better Digestion

Recipe Cider Vinegar Drink – Cider Vinegar Honey Drink Breakfast for Better Digestion

In this post I present you my recipe Apple Vinegar Drink with honey. Take some time and experience the advantages of a balanced diet.

Apple cider vinegar honey drink for breakfast, that sounds like diet and cure. But it gets even better: Apple cider vinegar stimulates digestion and regulates cholesterol levels.

You can read about the other, sometimes astonishing effects in this article. I even added on¬†the German page a short video. Just try the vinegar cure for a week, you will feel better for sure… Have fun!

Omelette with Tomatoes, Basil and Cheese - Recipe with Video Instructions

Omelette with Tomatoes, Basil and Cheese – Recipe with Video Instructions

My recipe Italian Omelette with Tomatoes, cheese and basil I show you in this post.

I like to prepare a delicious omelette with tomatoes for breakfast or brunch. I like the fragrant basil in combination with tomatoes very much.

This omelette with tomatoes, basil and cheese tastes especially delicious, I promise!

Experience the simplest omelette preparation that always succeeds. The cooking video accompanies you step by step through the omelette preparation process.

Good luck!

recipe picture Pimp your Liverwurst "German: Leberwurst" breadt: Recipe Liver Sausage bread with glazed apple pieces, spring onions and marjoram. With cooking video instruction :-)

Pimp your Liverwurst “German: Leberwurst” breadt: Recipe Liver Sausage bread with glazed apple pieces, spring onions and marjoram. With cooking video instruction :-)

For Radio Landeswelle Th√ľringen and Sina Peschke I pimped the Liver¬†Sausage Bread recipe¬†and refined it with glazed apples, spring onions and marjoram.

A good liver sausage bread is always good. For me, beautiful childhood memories are linked to the liver sausage bread. After all, my grandfather from Lower Bavaria always had a real farmer’s liver sausage in his house.

He liked to make his grandson a hearty Bavarian snack with it. Grandpa Loibl also made the recipe for Bavarian Roast Pork. Look at the roast meat, it tastes really delicious!

Back to the bread with liver sausage: You can prepare it especially fine as shown below. Today I would add a small quail’s egg and serve the liver sausage bread as a small intermediate course in a brunch menu to my guests and loved ones.

There is even a liver sausage video as ūüôā Step by step support. So nothing can go wrong anymore. Good luck!

recipe poached egg with fried potatoes

Poached Egg with fried and roast Potatoes for Breakfast and Brunch

The recipe Poached Egg with fried Potatoes I present to you today. It is a great dish for breakfast and brunch with friends or two.

The exciting egg dish can be prepared in less than 30 minutes. I like the egg with fried potatoes because the potatoes give it a crispy and hearty touch.

The combination of potatoes and the liquid, poached egg is simply delicious.

Please try it out quickly, share it with your friends on Facebook, thank you!

Pochiertes Ei auf Spinat und Wildkr√§uter, ein ideales Rezept f√ľr das Osterfest.

Poached Egg on Spinach with wild Herbs, a Breakfast to indulge in…

The recipe Poached Egg on Spinach I show you in this post. The poached egg is one of the classics of good cuisine and everyone should try it out.

Here the variant with spinach and wild herbs. The whole dish is prepared in less than 25 minutes and looks simply delicious. I like the dish because it is so simply beautiful.

It also doesn’t necessarily need a sauce if you leave the egg yolk liquid. Spinach and egg are on their honeymoon and delight our palate.

Please try it out, share it, pass it on – thank you very much!

Porridge with caramelised Banana and crunchy Basil, exciting Recipe for Breakfast and Brunch!

Porridge with caramelised Banana and crunchy Basil, exciting Recipe for Breakfast and Brunch!

My Porridge recipe is one of my favorite dishes for breakfast or brunch. On weekends I like to try out unusual dishes.

I like crispy, deep-fried herbs and so on a nice morning I combined porridge with caramelised banana and deep-fried basil.

It sounds complicated, but it’s very simple. To make you believe me, I’ve included the¬†Porridge video in this article. Step by step I show you the preparation and I am happy if you also try it out.

Beliebter Snack und Fingerfood f√ľr den Kindergeburtstag: W√ľrstchen im Bl√§tterteig bekannt unter dem Namen W√ľrstchen im Schlafrock.

Crispy Sausage packed in Puff Pastry – ideal Fingerfood

Today I’ll show you my recipe Sausage in a Dressing Gown. A classic is completely reinterpreted in this article.¬†Are you looking for a tasty finger food? Then you are exactly right!

The article contains tips and ideas about the dough coat: sausages in puff pastry, sausages in strudel dough, sausages in strudel dough or filo dough. ¬†More sure-fire ideas for sausages in a dressing gown…in a different way.

In the video sausages in a dressing gown I show you step by step everything summarized. So the sausage can taste even better in a crispy dough coat ūüôā

Good success – please share this recipe with your friends! Thanks a lot!

Fruit muesli recipe, granola with yoghurt and maple syrup

Fruit muesli recipe, granola with yoghurt and maple syrup

My Fruit Muesli recipe I show you today in the post. Here you will find suggestions for your own favourite muesli – plus a short cooking video with professional cooking tips. It will be creative and exciting.

A tasty muesli with fruits gives you a healthy turbo start into the day. This fills your stomach and satisfies your hunger until lunch break. You will then no longer need the roll from the canteen.

In the video Preparing fruit muesli I show you everything step by step.

Try to imitate me – good success…

recipes for breakfast, brunch recipes

Breakfast recipes from Bavarian Chef Thomas Sixt

How to prepare a great breakfast…

I like breakfast very much. Especially on weekends I enjoy it sometimes through the whole morning with different delicacies.

From time to time friends also come for brunch, so the recipes in this category are sometimes hearty. 

Since I don’t like to spend 40 minutes in the kitchen in the mornings, all recipes are either prepared quickly or with a little preparation the day before they can be easily implemented.

Why don’t you start the day with a cider vinegar honey drink? This drink will help you get tired and get your circulation going. The special and natural composition provides you with vitamin C, the drink soothes the cravings, strengthens the immune system and invigorates.

At the end of this page I have added some tips and a cooking video and show you how to make a fried egg. I wish you a great start into the day!

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