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Autumn and Thanksgiving Recipes: Pumpkin RecipesChanterelles RecipesOverview Pumpkin Soup RecipesLow Carb RecipesVenison Recipes

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Recipes with cooking videoscooking school and cooking techniquesRecipes by topics and themes – Product recommendations for your kitchen

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Travelling and Cooking

Culinary travel reports with recipe

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Country Cuisine and regional Specialities

Country Cuisine OverviewGerman CuisineBavarian CuisineAsian RecipesUSA RecipesFrench CuisineMediterranean RecipesItalian RecipesIndian Recipes

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Food Recommendations by Time of Day

breakfast and brunch ideas – lunch – cake and sweets – dinner – midnight snack

Speed CookingIdeas for the fast Kitchen

Fast vegetable dishes – Fast meat dishes – Fast fish dishes – Fleet desserts

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Vegetarian recipesPotato salad recipesCasserole recipesPasta dishesSteak RecipesSchnitzelGoulashBurger recipesNoodle salad recipes

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Low CarbGluten Free Kitchen

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AppetizersTop Appetizers RecommendationsStarters with PrawnsStarters with FishAppetizers with MusselsAppetizers SoupsVegetarian AppetizersGluten Free AppetizersSalad Appetizers Menu

Salad Recipes

SoupsFish RecipesPasta and NoodlesRisotto

Meat and Poultry RecipesPopular Classics of Meat KitchenChicken RecipesMinced Meat RecipesTurkeyDuck, Duck Roast and Duck Leg RecipesGoose, Goose Leg and Goose Roast RecipesBeef RecipesVealPorkVenison RecipesSteak RecipesLambLiverGoulashSchnitzel

Side dishesVegetables side dishesGerman side dishesSide dishes saladSide dishes potato salad

Sauces and Broths Recipes – Cold sauces – Broths and stocks – Classic sauces


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Baking RecipesCupcakesMuffins RecipesStrawberry Cake RecipesCake RecipesStrudel RecipesBreadLink to all Backing recipes –┬áChristmas Cookies

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Seasonal Ingredients OverviewWild garlicAsparagusStrawberriesCherries RecipesChanterellesPumpkin Recipes

Saison Rezepte nach FesttagenFestivals and Occasions in the Annual Cycle

Easter RecipesChristmasGrill RecipesNew Year’s Eve Fondue

Recipes by Categories

Find recipes for your breakfast and brunch with friends here…

Great starters for your perfect dinner, wonderful soups all year round…

Simple and sophisticated fish dishes and seafood recipes…

Successful recipes for meat and poultry as with a star chef….

Traditional and newly interpreted chef pasta and pasta dishes, tasty professional chef risotto variations from Italy…

Vegetarian cooking recipes that are good for the soul, also find bread spread recipes when your friends come to visit…

Recipes for heavenly desserts and baking recipes and cake recipes for the family celebration or the coffee gossip in the afternoon and with tea.

Recipes from the professional chef and …look over the shoulder of the professional chef as he cooks.

Are you looking for unusual recipes to cook yourself? Then you’ll find great cooking ideas here. Chef Thomas Sixt accompanies you as a cook coach during the preparation in your kitchen.

You can send Thomas a cooking question at any time via the comment function and get a quick answer.

Professional Chef Know-how for your Kitchen

Chef Thomas shows you the best tricks from star cuisine and top gastronomy. All recipes contain lots of information and cooking knowledge from the professional. In the Kochwikis the cook teaches you the most important steps.

Thomas Sixt is a trained cook and has learned and worked with the most famous top chefs of our time. In cooking courses, Thomas Sixt has cooked together with 10,000 customers. As a cookbook author and food photographer, good food is his passion.

Here you will find cooking stories that teach you how to cook yourself with fun.

Learning from the best Chefs

Thomas likes to browse his cooking colleagues. Schuhbeck recipes, Jamie Oliver recipes, Johann Lafer recipes are great.

Here’s another addition, there’s another ingredient, cooking is creative and the professional chef will show you more ideas for the sophisticated guest kitchen.

Cooking with Cooking Videos

Recipes with cooking videos are practical and make you want to cook yourself. With many recipes by Thomas Sixt you will find cooking video instructions. Headcam Cooking: Thomas carries a camera on his head and is filmed from the cook’s point of view in real time. Look over the shoulders of the professional chef and conjure up a great dish for you and your loved ones.