Recipes for Breakfast and Brunch

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Breakfast recipes from Bavarian Chef Thomas Sixt

Breakfast Recipes, here a little story about eating in the morning: I like breakfast very much. Especially on weekends I enjoy it sometimes through the whole morning with different delicacies.

From time to time friends also come for brunch, so the recipes in this category are sometimes hearty. 

Since I don’t like to spend 40 minutes in the kitchen in the mornings, all recipes are either prepared quickly or with a little preparation the day before they can be easily implemented.

Why don’t you start the day with a cider vinegar honey drink? This drink will help you get tired and get your circulation going. The special and natural composition provides you with vitamin C, the drink soothes the cravings, strengthens the immune system and invigorates.

At the end of this page I have added some tips and a cooking video and show you how to make a fried egg. I wish you a great start into the day!

Here you find all recipes from the Bavarian Chef Thomas Sixt 

Breakfast and Brunch Recipes

The perfect fried Egg for Breakfast

For the little cooking session I have prepared the cooking video “Preparing the fried egg” for you. With the fried egg, the egg yolk should be warm and the egg white should not be fried. I don’t use white pepper in the morning, it’s too “stinky” for me, I prefer some black spots (from black pepper) on the egg. I am also choosy when it comes to salt, I try an ur salt, a Himalayan salt, at least an unpurified and not industrially processed salt, this is healthier and contains more than 80 important minerals that keep you fit.  A well-prepared fried egg flatters the palate and prepares you for the other culinary delights of the day. Who hasn’t eaten a perfectly prepared fried egg yet, but talks about lobster and truffles, has at least missed something culinary so far.

Let’s do it! Start your day with a great breakfast idea, that brings joy of life into the day and strengthens you from the inside. Here you can find more recipes from German Chef Thomas Sixt by categories.