Asparagus Recipes

Asparagus is a delicacy medicine for the heart and kidneys. In the past, asparagus was even listed as a medicinal plant in the official pharmacopoeia and was available in every pharmacy. Today asparagus is often found as an ingredient in kidney and bladder teas. In addition to its wonderful appearance and taste, asparagus is simply a very healthy vegetable. Hieronymus Bock described the asparagus as “a lovely dish for the mouth”… Asparagus has been eaten for 5,000 years and it only came to us in the Middle Ages. When you go shopping for asparagus, please pay attention to its origin: Organic asparagus and domestic asparagus are preferable to cheap imported goods. I love the local asparagus, in the kitchen I then conjure asparagus roasted in the oven, asparagus steamed (in the taste intensively), asparagus soup and sour preserved asparagus – which harmonizes excellently with the salads of the season. The classic asparagus with hollandaise sauce delights me every year anew. I wish you good success with the following asparagus recipes from my kitchen. Let it taste you and your dearest! Here you find all recipes from the Bavarian Chef Thomas Sixt

Gilthead (Dorade) Recipe for the Oven

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In this recipe article I will show you how to prepare grilled giltheads with fantastic side dishes. Numerous pictures give you an optimal step by step guide to grilling giltheads in the oven.

Das Gericht ist in 45 Minuten zu schaffen und ich verspreche Dir ein außergewöhnliches Geschmackserlebnis. Dieses Fischgericht ist ein echtes Highlight der einfachen Küche und der mediterrane Einschlag lässt das Herz von Italien- und Frankreich-Fans höher schlagen. Auf geht´s zum Urlaubsfeeling in der eigenen Küche!

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Sauce Bernaise Recipe and other Recipes similar to Sauce Hollandaise

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The Bernaise sauce is a classic derivative of the Hollandaise sauce. The preparation of hollandaise sauce is explained in detail in the article Preparing hollandaise sauce, with cooking video. My geligsichere variant already has many fans!  In this article I deal with the sauce Bernaise and the other variations of the popular sauce Holandaise, which are less known. I wish you good luck!
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greetings from bavaria with this dish of beef salad with asparagus

Beef Salad with Leaf Salad and Asparagus, Recipe for Boiled Beef

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Beef salad recipe for your next great salad with beef. Step by step, I’ll show you a star chef variant that still simply succeeds and tastes great. With many tips on how to prepare it and the recipe you’ve tested, you’ll be able to put this dish on your plate in less than 40 minutes. Asparagus and cress make this salad a top highlight in the asparagus season. Try the recipe and let it taste good!

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sauce-hollandaise-recipe-picture-with salmon-and-asparagus

Sauce Hollandaise Recipe with Cooking Wiki and Video, Step by Step instructions, classic Preparation

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The preparation of a sauce Hollandaise I show in this article. The recipe Sauce Hollandaise accompanies you to your chef Hollandaise, the article describes sources of error and gives you all the tips of the great chefs. A cooking video accompanies you cooking yourself. A special and new method of preparation is shown – clotted sauce Hollandaise is now a thing of the past. Good luck and good appetite!

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